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We will progress in forum project step by step. In the s, the company designed the first window with integrated alarm and security fence. Official Development News and Information. Forum Feedback Suggestions for how bitcointalk forum looks and feels. DavidHume on Sun 05, Economy Monetary value of Dash and current value towards merchants.

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Daemon and QT Wallet Guides. Barthen is also managing director of Narciss and Taurus, a German marketing agency. Satan Member Offline Activity: The tile is mounted on rotating tubes, which follow the apparent motion of the sun to generate electricity throughout the whole day. Masternode Questions and Help. Economics All roads lead to darkcoin.

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Sun on August 05, Solarbankers on August 09, August 04, General Discussion General Forum about Dash 2, 33, Masternode Questions and Help. Jost is an international entrepreneur and expert bitcointalk solar market, market economy and corporate business.

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Actually that is what I am doing at the moment with my solar panels. Why is your idea better and game changer? Thank you for your question.

The purpose of our project is to create a network where people can trade electricity like a digital commodity. In our network, the electricity is traded in an open market and the price is regulated by the local supply and demand.

You, as a seller, set the price of electricity and people decide whether to buy from you or from someone else. Currently, you are selling your electricity to the grid, specifically to the utility company, which sets the price and makes most of the profit.

With our SunChain network, the profit that the utility company is currently securing will be redistributed to our members. Hope that answered your question. If not, happy to explain further. We are creating a unique, global yet decentralized energy system where consumers use our technology to produce clean energy in their homes for daily consumption or trading in local marketplaces.

Our international team has over ten years of experience in the solar industry and is dedicated to providing clients with cutting-edge solutions combining the latest blockchain and solar technologies. Alfred has been active as an international entrepreneur for more than 25 years. As an entrepreneur, after leaving the banking industry in the early s, Alfred became closely involved in the large-scale privatisation and reconstruction programmes pursued by Germany in the recently integrated formerly communist eastern part of the country.

In , Alfred acquired the spare parts-division of IFA, a large car and truck manufacturer in Ludwigsfelde, Germany, with over employees, managing the worldwide supply of repair parts for various truck types in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz and Thyssen. After entering the solar industry in , Alfred worked closely with the Ministry of Economy and Labour in the German state of Saxony to develop a rescue plan for Qimonda.

Thus over the years, Alfred has developed a multidimensional and inter-sectoral approach to management and product development which constantly seeks to integrate cutting-edge innovations in telecommunications, solar energy, marketing, and finance. As a researcher he has helped various technologies make their way from the lab to the market.

Carlo has authored or co-authored more than ten research papers on photovoltaics and optical materials and has taken part in various research projects at world-renowned institutions, including MIT, Masdar Institute, Cambridge University, and Boston University. The total supply of SunCoin is ,, tokens. During the ICO, tokens will be sold in successive tranches of equal size but increasing price per token.

The ICO sale may be summarized by the following overview: Full Member Offline Activity: New coins with a unique concept, does not plan on bounty?

And how much the price of this coin when ICO? Solar Bankers, on the other hand, gives everyone the opportunity to produce clean, renewable energy in their homes, buildings or lands and to trade it with their neighbors in a free market.

In addition, our proprietary solar technology is part of the equation. Solar Bankers developed a series of energy generating devices solar module, solar tile, solar window etc that you can purchase at a convenient price with SunCoins.

More specifically, SunCoin derives its value from the way in which its provides access to a number of services that go beyond the mere liquidity benefits of a standard cryptocurrency or the single commodity backing of other coins. Owners of SunCoin will be able to: Lastly, SunCoin, as a cryptocurrency in its own right, represents a far more efficient and secure alternative to existing digital currencies because it is based on a new generation of blockchain technology that involves a revolutionary consensus algorithm, ultra-fast transactions with no fees, and a multi-layered security structure.

Prices are listed in the first post and here: Follow the steps in the link to receive SunCoins! We will progress in our project step by step. For the testing phase, we have an agreement with the Chinese government to test our Network in the island of Weizhou. The entire island will be cabled with our system and people will be able to trade their electricity. In addition, we are partnering with HongDong, the second biggest construction company in China, to produce energy generating building facades for the Chinese market.

More information will be added here and in the website in the following days. ETCethereum on August 04, , Idea is good, but it's hard to realize. Good luck to your team. DavidHume on August 05, , Hi, It looks like a promising concept, however I have a few concerns. The success of SunCoin appears to rely on a number of energy generating products you have on offer e. BelfastEngineering on August 05, , A very brilliant plan, an innovation that I really love and I love to join a campaign with solarbanker.

Powered by SMF 1. February 02, , While studying on coinmarketcap. If you understand Chinese I'll suggest you do some investigation yourself. Hero Member Offline Posts: Are you trying to sabotage Tron in their path to success?

I don't think such huge investment will fall into scam because this coin has solid team and their community is huge just visit their Telegram and Twitter media. If you're accusing them as such then make detailed information and not just a hoax like Tiny Winnie Little statement from a newbie. Seems you're so desperate on taking down Tron. The game they are playing is quite easy to understand: Full Member Offline Activity: A coin that suddenly and dramatically increases in price, jumping into the top 10 altcoins with basically no warning, is a sign for me that someone should be investigating it more closely.

Either it's got a huge value to bring to the table and the whole world suddenly realised that , or it's a scam being propped up by price manipulation. I wouldn't be surprised if it's the latter, but my translation skills aren't good enough to reach a solid conclusion when reading the linked articles. Why would trust a newbie account claiming a coin is a scam? The Throne has a very good presentation, a large number of supporters, a powerful room.

Full Member Online Activity: Am I the only one who randomly woke up to TRX in their wallet one day? Don't see how it's a scam personally. To be honest I don't know neither I care much. Honestly I have never heard of tron and it could easily be just big pump as like every coin is pumping because people want quick buck out of this game. Thank you at least for pointing out here it made me wonder at least to take closer look at tron and see if it's really that special or it is just pure scam as you say.

Anyway when this is posted with newbie about scam it raises more concerns like you want to sabotage them idk. Everyone, make your own decision. Never let anyone think for you. Each person decides to recognize and evaluate it. But I do not think I'm scam. In the future it will grow even further.

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Has anyone seen sun-mining or, has an account with them and getting paid?? General word of advice: Stay away from cloud mining. These kind of mining contracts are overpriced and you're very likely to lose money compared to simply buying BTC. The only way to actually make a profit in cloud mining is. Check out my thoughts on Sun Mining, I would love to hear your thoughts as well! wearebeachhouse.com?v=7-NoeDkMCvU. Ive seen the site and its just an another scam since its a Cloud mining site which do know that most of them are just ponzi schemes and the thing here is that those returns. Best case scenario even if they are not a scam, not a ponzi scheme, this is not a good investment. Sustainably sourced energy is still very expensive compared to traditional sources, and if they have a big mine powered with only solar or wind energy then it would mean the maintennance fees you pay are.

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