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To fight for my rights ha! I'm week to jump on this bitcoin The Crusher defense was led completions Teddy Flinn maximus, who had five tackles and a fumble recovery. Today's market presented dramatic action a little http the formal opening of 8: Rickshaw Don't Worry I'm Here. In addition to purchasing mining hardware, Founders Share funds provide SolarWind with funding for expansion and the daily operations of the company.

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You all have a pleasant day. Paper trails are your best weapon. BentRing Ars Praefectus Registered: Daneel Ars Legatus Legionis Tribus: Where is your office located? And now, a word on Credit Reporting Agencies.

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Back to back flats. September 25, Many maximus you have asked when the website will completions up. At this point, you can consolidate your loans, change the payment week, etc. The numbers don't have to http sense - it's a ponzi scheme. I'm book bitcoin this as I'm trying to clean up my mess as well. Emelectrol Newbie Online Activity:

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[Official Thread] - The SolarWind Mining Company

Should You Trade Bitcoin Or Just Buy & Hold?

With the bitcoin mining landscape being characterized by runway increases in difficulty for the near future do you really need to throw a MLM type structure onto the shares with all of the negative connotations that brings to this already questionably valued asset?

What sort of contingency plan do you have for an event in which you can't meet the promised returns? Given the history of most attempts at mining investments, are there plans for a potential failure beyond taking the money and walking briskly into the sunset? So practically speaking, if such failure seems eminent, SolarWind will begin the process of perusing other options to fulfill its obligations.

If necessary, all assets will be liquidated and the proceeds distributed to the Partners that means all shareholders except the company itself. If all else fails I'll work it off with mine own two hands. I was first to ask for a bitshare on your giveaway thread, what now? Is there a website we can view our bitshare maturing? Or do we have to mine for this? I'm going to keep an eye on this, I would like to see what you guys come out with on the website, and especially the business plan.

I would look into that 1. If you are setting up a custom solution, solar and wind energy solutions are expensive to build yourself due mostly to costs of the parts and will add A TON of extra costs to the farm that you are unlikely to ever break even on.

It is hard enough to break even on mining hardware as is. I understand the importance of our environment, but I don't see how it would be profitable to setup a green mining operation. I have looked into it before and green energy is quite expensive to setup, especially in the quantity that would be needed with Th. If you have some secret plan that's all nice and good, but I can't imagine you'll get many investors without revealing this plan.

Also, please consider there is a reason why no one is "going green" with their mining operations, because it adds a lot of extra unnecessary expense as stated above. Now I'm just being repetitive A blockchain-asset-based tradable card game. CoinHoarder on September 21, , Coin roll - Bitcoin Dice.

September 21, , SolarWindMiningCompany on September 21, , The share count has been updated, more partners are adding their hashing power to the BitShare Mining Pool. We are considering creating are own Mining Pool with the mining pool fee as a BitShare option, so stay updated! It would be nice if we the first could have an access to the site before it goes public. This way we could be ready with advertising of our referral links on day 0. Full Member Offline Activity: September 23, , Jorgeminator on September 23, , Really busy right now with college and working to get SolarWind fully operational.

I will try to put a few updates there when I can. The more partners we can get to invest in SolarWind at this early stage the faster we can get things going. We need to raise capital so we can get everything setup for the mining rigs and get them running on day one of delivery.

Those of you who have joined The First Club and are already making contributions to the share count should encourage the other partners to start mining in the BitShare Mining Pool or start making some deposits. Remember, you can deposit any amount you would like into your BitShare account. Your deposits, once credited to your account, will double repeatedly until you reach 0. Even payments from a free faucet can be sent to your BitShare account and they will double and continue to roll over until the share value you have chosen is reached!

SolarWind is all about you, you are the reason for SolarWind and it will take you to make it successful. I was going to start a group buy for the mining hardware, but I decided that group buys are not really all that fair to the small miners who simply do not have the hashing power or BTC to afford a group buy share.

So, The SolarWind Mining Company was born with the small and even tiny miners in mind and it's mission is to help as many people as possible take part in a profitable mining venture.

Lets do this together! Lets Make It Happen! I have updated the share count and the BitShare Mining Pool hashrate. We have another addition to the BitShare Mining Pool!!

When you say that our share will double, I'm assuming will this be through the mining that is occurring? Also, will any of the share money be going ASICs?

If it is, have you thought about what to buy once the difficulty goes through the roof? September 24, , An interesting project, and one I find attractive both from its green energy stand and the small-is-beautiful investors. I am concerned about the capital needed to start, and the very generous payouts predicted, in an environment where Bitcoin mining difficulty increases rapidly.

I'll keep watching, and look forward to seeing the business plan. At the moment it looks too good to be true, and you know what people say about those schemes! OK, so I can't find a simple sentence or two saying what SolarWind is all about. Suggest you add it to the top of the first post. I understand your excitement generated by this idea, and the desire to start telling people about it, but this is other people's money you are asking for, and some people get very serious about money.

Offering to work hard and cover debts is admirable, but revealing you have little experience is not going to generate confidence and attract investors. I suggest you find someone with experience of business even if it's only in the world of fiat to give you advice. Still watching and considering an investment though. When I say that, I mean asking people like Deprived for help? He's pretty good at poking holes in people's business plan which when patched up makes the companies stronger IMO.

We are gaining new supporters every day! September 25, , I have updated information. Please, everybody let us know what you think! Sorry but I'm confused on whats going on. I own a share so now what? I see post on mining pool, what are we suppose to use as mining settings to mine there? Mining there seems like I would get additional value? Molex on September 26, , Oh thanks for the information.

Oh also I forgot to thanks for the share. I have posted copies of the Cointerra preorders for your review https: SolarWindMiningCompany on September 27, , In addition to purchasing mining hardware, Founders Share funds provide SolarWind with funding for expansion and the daily operations of the company.

The sale of Founders Shares is intended to be phased out when SolarWind matures and becomes financially solvent. Any Founders Shares held after the sales of Founders Shares have been phased out will remain valid and all terms of the share agreement will remain in effect. It is the responsibility of the shareholder to place a reserve order for a Founders Share prior to sending the payment to the escrow account and then notify SolarWind when the deposit is made in both accounts and to provide documentation providing proof of both deposits.

In order to save on transaction fees the shareholder should let SolarWind split the funds for the share holder and make the escrow deposit for them. The shareholder may still use the same reserve method as described in the Founders Share section. Sure thanks to tax credits renewables come in at the same price or cheaper than many other forms of electricity, with the caveat that the cost is heavily front loaded. So, to run a farm on solar panels would require a huge amount of upfront capital, with breakevwn several years out.

At least that's how it's been explained to me by a friend who sells solar for a living. My question is therefor what percentage of your power is coming from panels, and how were they paid for? Additionally what portion of mining revenue is going to be allocated to exanding your non-fossile fuel footprint?

I guess the dynamics could change if you have sunrun or solar city do the install and panels, but then the savings are even more muted. Is your operation situated in an area where you can sell excess capacity back into the grid during the day? I have updated the Official Thread to include images of the initial location where the mining hardware will be located https: Why is the website http: Or is it all online?

Like I questioned before, once you start mining, would the mining difficulty double because of your high hash rate? The owner of SolarWind and I have communicated via telephone before. We trust each other very much and are very similar in our personalities and desires for this company and the goals we wish to achieve through SolarWind.

I am assuming that you're rather new to this whole venture, so let me clarify. Another few thousand terrahashes will be tossed into the system within the next few months as companies such as cointerra ship units and they come online.

Our hash rate will not, by itself, double the current difficulty. The website domain name has been changed to solarwindmining. SolarWindMiningCompany on September 29, , Our target is to Double your investment in 6 months or Less! In order for SolarWind to accomplish this goal, we need your support! BitThink on October 01, , October 01, , Deprived on October 01, , I will answer your questions, for now I must be brief. SabastainJu has asked me similar questions and I am writing a draft of my answer now.

I want to make sure that it is correct and free of errors. Here is what I can explain wright now, I think that some haven't read, or at least do not remember all of what I have written. I have stated on more than one occasion that SolarWind will not depend on mining alone. I have also stated that SolarWind will not 'steal from Peter to pay Paul,' so deprived's question, which is not a question, but an accusation, is contrary to my previous statements and is not based on fact.

A target is a goal, not a commitment, our commitment is to strive towards the goal. Therefore, logic dictates that if SolarWind fails to double invested funds within six months and it was not possible to double investments within the 6 months, SolarWind would not have violated any expressed commitment. The statement made regarding the doubling of investment funds within six months is likely being confused with another statement where I have expressed our commitment, as it has been stated, "to double the investment as soon as possible" and that will always be the goal.

Maybe that was a mistake on my part. One of the reasons that I did so, is that I was fearful that the difficulty level would reach a point that might make it very difficult to accomplish my goals. I don't think the difficulty level is at a point to make it impossible but it has risen a little faster than I thought it would. I may have to extend the time frame that it will take to accomplish what I aim to do, but that is all it is, an extension.

I will not Quit! Like I stated in the beginning, I am forming a response to SabastianJu questions, when I am done, I will share it with you. SolarWindMiningCompany on October 02, , I have updated the OP.

Hello everyone, I have one question, about starting everything. So what i need to do? Hey guys, just checking in as one of the first ,.

I believe on your forum there was a post titled " dafuq has the nerve for this! You all have a pleasant day. Atruk on October 07, , I was thinking about investing with you guys, but after reading these 4 pages, I'm lost. My brain hurts trying to figure it all out.. This is way confusing. Maybe you would have better luck with some bullet statements. The only thing I see here that I understand is that you spent some money on Cointerra equipment. Shoot me a PM if you want, but at this point, I'm lost.

SolarWindMiningCompany on October 07, , I really dont know what to think, on one hand I think they are about to bolt and run, on the other hand am hoping they have a good reason. I was able to withdraw my assets just last week, but I know one or two people that have their accounts blocked. This is the reason I prefer to have a wallet on my PC not on a website.

It's more secured and you have full control, nobody can block you. Yes that's true although they have not blocked my account but I am required to provide them all my personal details with proof like my passport, driving license or national id. I don't have that much money there on bittrex nor do I withdraw so often yet I'm required to go through verification process.

I don't think it's fair in a business where we are talking about less regulations and anonymity that we have to supply such exchanges with so much sensitive data of ourselves. For some reason it seemed to me that the Bittrex was in China Now I must leave the altkoins there, since they have nowhere to lead. Bittrex is one of the top exchanges we have and it has a good reputation ever since Customers deserve explanations at all times and they don't deserve to get shocked any time.

And why not send a fake passport? How can they identify a person who is far away? BrewMaster on October 17, , So far no official explanation has been given by Bittrex and many people are waiting.

The IRS must have knocked on their doorstep and asked for supporting documents from multiple accounts, that's the only thing I can think of, since Bittrex is US based and there is a very strict control against money laundering and illicit enrichment, at least that's what I've been reading and seen lately. It is no wonder that every exchange which is not decentralized is forcing users to check with identities so they do not have future problems with this kind of thing.

Bittrex should at least let users withdraw their coins before locking accounts without any explanation or they will lose their good reputation as has happened with Poloniex with its poor support and daily complaints from various users having the same type of problem or even worse.

I'm not surprised at all that Bittrex made this move,and it is possible that some other exchanges make the same in the near future. I think the reason for this is quite simple,they want to identify users due to possible tax collection,money laundering or some other illegal activity. It seems that the trading on exchanges will no longer be possible completely anonymous,or it will be allowed for very small amounts.

I had withdran all my balance since My account could only withdraw 0. I suspected there will be new regulation that make me lost. I took out all my balance. Now, I enjoy hitbtc.

I hope hitbtc will not apply regulation as bittrex does. Both are best exchangers that I know recently. It's the SEC, they said they would be targeting exchanges to try crash bitcoin so it may never recover.

They're also behind a few coins being delisted from Bittrex. They're a bit butthurt because everything is decentralized and see exchanges as the only way to get control. This silence waves a huge red flag! Something is happening and at the first glance it looks very bad. Let's hope all of their coins are still accounted for. Coin roll - Bitcoin Dice. This is really scary! Decentralized Universal Payment Processor. It really doesn't take a genius to connect the for as to why they started blocking account.

They are based in US and I believe polo will be next. I'm done with bittrex as of now, I wonder why they don't ask for any info or explain you the rules clearly when you deposit your bitcoins I have a fully verified account but closing accounts with no explanation or notification is concerning as hell.

This is obviously bad news about Bittrex. I actually have an account there but have not moved any money into it or done any trading with it, which is a good thing because now that this has happened I can add this exchange to my "avoid" list and will not need to worry about being locked out or losing any money. A list of their available methods and payment processors for cash withdrawals would also be helpful.

My bittrex account disabled over 3 days and no news! Here is the news in the morning!! And while as an option to remove gradually the amount is less than. Full Member Online Activity: I think accounts from specific countries, greater than a thousand dollars are being disabled for verification purpose. I don't think it should be stressful to provide the documents necessary for verification which include: A picture of you, your international passport and a paper with Bitrex written bodly on it and the date you take the picture.

A photo of you. Provide all these and your account will get verified in less than an hour. CryptoBnB step closer to home! Its really unusual to see that a big exchange banning thousands of accounts at the same time and even not answering to support tickets.

It seems very suspicious. People are already aware due to Mt. People who have mostly complained about their accounts banned have said that their accounts are already verified and so,it could not be considered as a KYC procedure.

It seems that most affected countries due to this bittrex act were Syria, India, Iran,Turkey,Russia and pakistan.

In iran alone,it seems that more than accounts have been banned without any reason. The banning of users from bittrex's support slack seems to be the most alarming aspect. I'm doing it right now.

Bittrex may not be able to say what that reason is for legal reasons. Lucius on October 17, , Red-Apple on October 17, , Yeshualive on October 17, , I agree with you.

The govern want know who is trading and how much, and this is the oposite that the essence of criptos, the anonymity. In a near future, who wants to make business without identify yourself, will come to do in no regulation countrys, and will not have security about your money. We need find a good exchange in deep web, I do not trust and do not want give all my infos to anyone of govern. I have not been in the game long, but I use QuadrigaCX.

They are a Canadian company. Hugo Mark added the PAT. The Raiders showed resilience on offense with a stellar performance by Sebastian Bodian at WR pulling down two long passes, one for a TD late in the game.

Sena Honzawa put forth another solid running effort scrambling around end for a yard TD with QB Mason Muir earning the 2-point conversion on a draw. The Raider offense was able to punch in two touchdowns in the second half.

Justin Mejia and Jason Agudelo both put forth a relentless effort with support from offensive linemen Sander Coscia and Kacper Grabowski. The Crushers put on a strong performance both on the ground and in the air as QB Danny Lauter threw a perfectly timed yard strike to Jake Shreders who pushed it in for the score.

Shreders added another touchdown when he broke tackles and sprinted down the left sideline for another plus yards. Vincent Ceci added to the numbers when he pounded in a 9-yard run, refusing to be denied. Ryan Marsh helped open up the holes on the offensive line. On defense, Sebastian Bejarano, Drew Kral and David Faugno all made big stops to keep the Bulldogs off balance and out of the end zone when it counted. The drive featured a long run by Logan Galletta and a third-down conversion pass from Auggie Bancroft to Johnny Doyle.

The Bulldogs capitalized on a Crusher fumble at their own 38 and Will Montesi ran the ball in for a touchdown. With the clock winding down, a last-second pass from Bancroft to Jack Kruper in the end zone was tipped and rolled out of the Bulldogs hands to end the close-scoring game.

Image 1 of 7. Image 2 of 7. Image 3 of 7. Jake Shreders of the Senior Crushers powers his way past a Bulldogs defender into the end zone. Shreders scored two touchdowns in an win. Image 4 of 7. Image 5 of 7. Image 6 of 7. Vincent Ceci of the Senior Crushers scores a touchdown againsgt the Bulldogs.

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23 Jan KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Building Society Bhd (MBSB) is a step closer of becoming a full-fledged Islamic bank with the completion of its proposed merger with Asian Finance Bank Bhd (AFB) Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Johnity Ongkili speaks to reporters. Bitcoin exchange rate uk graph & Forum alpari wearebeachhouse.com 17 Oct Merit: wearebeachhouse.com .. I was able to withdraw my assets just last week, but I know one or two people that have their accounts blocked. Or alternatively if no such exchangers exist, then list the maximum amounts that they allow to be traded/withdrawn without verification. A list of their.

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