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I wonder how much regret this guy feels every single day when he sees gawminers thing. Who's going to try enforcing it? His bitcointalk was forcibly barred from access to any other possibly more robocoin forms of law enforcement. That story was published on or about May 23, Bitcointalk a mining pool doesn't publish gawminers shares, you don't know what your robocoin payout is. You can't just lie about what you're selling and then point to the fine print when you're called on it. Robocoin May 15,

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Check out his other work here. Go through to the bitcointalk forums in the altcoin. If we needed another reason to see how shady those guys are. It is PoS, but yes, people are still 'mining' it. Please login or register. Trace the problem to its origin instead of focusing on the symptom.

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Actually have personal experience with this, was present when a certain bitcoin company was served by the SEC. BillyBobZorton on June 04, Casualty List June bitcointalk, A major payment processor already supports Dogecoin payments. Tl; dr its necessary but not robocoin. Full Member Offline Activity: If gawminers in one of his past scams, http:

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[OPEN] Robocoin BTC ATM Operating Services -available in US and Internationally!

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Did he piss them away or send the bitcoins to a tax haven? Did he keep good records of who bought Hashlets? I have no clue, but the chances of a payout will depend on it. He moved to Texas, a. The Deadbeat State, where he will likely be able to keep a lot of assets, even with judgements against him. Also, the vast majority of potential lawsuits from his fraud victims has been taken care of via the fake "GAWsuit" led by D. The time to strike while the iron is hot is long gone.

Probably the biggest financial liability he has from this fraud scheme, really. Your whole statement is predicated on the fact that they have 'signed' away their right to claim. Who wrote the statement? Who's going to try enforcing it? I am not a lawyer and neither are you. Any documentation will help when it comes time to join a recovery action, if there is one. Keep your card statements and anything else you may have.

Since non-government actions against him are prohibited by government, there's not exactly much choice. Please consider the difference between regulation which could be seen as punishing honest people with preemtive fines and involuntary work and enforcement which punishes the guilty and unfortunately the accidentally accused.

Especially consider it in the context of the illegally of vigilante action. Tl; dr its necessary but not ideal. Business registration could be seen as punishing honest people just like KYC laws punish businesses who don't engage in crimes.

There is no difference, some Bitcoiners just want to pick and choose when it is convenient. In my state business registration cost bucks and takes about 30 min online. And btw its optional.

Go ahead and operate under your own name if you want. If you are seriously comparing that to KYC, bitlicense or the other things we think abt when the word "regulation" appears you're just trolling. People that use the word "statist" are the first to run to mommy when things go wrong.

They are a whole new breed of stupid. The scammed are setting up new scams to recoup their losses, and the scammed from that scam are setting up ponzis. I remember buying a few of these. I ended up getting most of my money back from their payouts and by selling most of them back.

Even then I still lost a few bucks. It's funny, once signs pointed to ponzi, I did a chargeback request to my CC company and they said it was a legitimate company and business model! I remember seeing on that GAW forum people talking about taking out loans and second mortgages to buy more "cloud mining power.

I do still think cloud mining could be run legitamitely and no one knows of Homero and Co. He could have corrected it and chose to keep collecting money instead. Good, I was was lucky in that I went against my track record and cashed out of GAW right before it went to shit, never bought into the paycoin crap, but i was at least intrigued.

I hope those who didn't might get something back. Strange, every person I have ever read on either here or bitcointalk who got out of paycoin always got out "just in time". On the other hand, how embarrassing would it be to have to admit that you fell for that crap and lost a shitload of money? Maybe its because most people don't want to post about how they lost money, so you only hear about those mostly who made money. I'm not trying to claim I am a market genius who picked the perfect time to cash out and every move I make is right.

I've made lots of bad moves, but this one I came out on top. Don't remember paycoin tattoos but I DO remember Hashlet tattoos.

Maybe that's what I'm thinking of. I wonder how much regret this guy feels every single day when he sees that thing. That's a shitload of money but it's really hard for me to feel bad for his "victims". They were all driven by greed, just like Garza. The only difference between him and his victims is that he had the driev and will to commit fraud to meet his greed. Garza has been scamming for a long time, crypto was just his most recent scam.

Hopefully this one will put him in prison for a couple decades but I won't be surprised if the slimy fuck sleazes his way out of consequences. If interested in one of his past scams, http: The offer made no economic sense whatsoever. So how is this unlike ISP's who promise you unlimited internet, blah blah then cap you. There are A LOT of companies that offer you X amount but reality have Y, hoping to jog the numbers hoping not everyone maxes out their real cap.

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Gox 2 Bitinstant 3 Silk Road 4 Bex. Hero Member Offline Posts: Hero Member Offline Activity: The list is huge, it would be cool to see an altcoin thread like this also. Scamalert on June 03, , Donator Hero Member Offline Activity: You don't have the scam betting site betsofbitco. This list is the Bitcoin 'Casualty List'. I think it should include people too.

Both Ross Ulbrict and Charlie Shrem belong on the list. They are definitely bona fide casualties of the Bitcoin project as both are now sleeping in a tiny cement cell with big fat steel bars everynight. TKeenan on June 04, , If you are a Full Member, Sr. There are so many altcoins and most are shitcoins.

Here can quickly look them up, if they offer any innovation. Coin Name Clone Scam? Coin Charts All Coins and Currencies in one place. Here you can find the historical prices for coins.

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Have not heard much lately about Robocoin and was wondering if the implementation of their wallet for instant withdraw was running smooth? Did a quick search and nothing really came up. Robocoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of Robocoins is carried out collectively by the network. Robocoin is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls Robocoin and everyone can take part! Coin name. Robocoin Seals with Clubs (SwC) ShareXcoin. Sheep Marketplace Silk Road SilkRoad#2. Take My Bitcoins The Bitcoin Show Tradehill wearebeachhouse.com Vekja 9) GaW miners 10) SilkRoad#2 11) Butterfly Labs 12) CoinTerra 13) Mining ASICS Technologies (MAT) 14) Mintpal 15) ASICminer 16) Bitcoin

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