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This hamradiocoin definitely Very Exciting. What's has caused the previous sudden spikes is the coin being listed on a new exchange. Please bitcointalk or register. January 07, ANN Monitor System http: Wait for interface to syscoin, and quit 3.

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May 23, , BitcoinNational on December 04, , Marinecoin on December 07, , Marty19 on July 03, , April 19, ,

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The hamradiocoin blockchains have recently been updated: Download, unzip and run newest version of client. February 22, Spoetnik on Bitcointalk 03,syscoin February 26,

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BitcoinNational on December 04, , StaisyBit on December 06, , Important update - 6th Dec. I put below a brief example with numbers of how users share fees: BLK Number of users: Spidersbox on December 05, , Spidersbox on December 01, , Looks like Mastermining is re-syncing his wallet.

Noticed a few minutes ago a block on the chain for about 22 BTB had transactions - maybe another pool payout?? Dont hold anything on Cryptsy. I had cryptsy folks on skype to talk regularly, now they ignore everyone I know.

So something is fishy going on and cryptsy is going dead. Spoetnik's Top20 Quote from: Spoetnik on December 03, , So, you can get a BITZ reward by staking for at least 14 days. At end of the 14 days then post a screenshot of your balance and some recent transaction history to get the additional reward.

You've for nothing to loose and you will support a new and innovate service. CryptoDatabase on March 21, , Here is a simple list of coins cataloged on Crypto Database.

December 09, , Stellar network tech Quote from: EvaStellar on December 08, , For anyone interested in the Lightning Network proposal, here's one way it could be implemented, using Stellar. RUBY alert Quote from: I had begun invest the rubycoin when it was the first released day. I WARN everyone not to buy the coin. KhalDrago on December 07, , It should be removed from coinmarketcap just like banxshares. All users paid by the total number of content they created, spamming trash content will be deleted, payouts when Updated some requested info about Marinecoin in the first post, will work on the look and feel further.

Hero Member Offline Activity: Marinecoin on December 07, , Betting on esports with crypto's and steam items has never been easier. DailyModo on December 07, , You just don't get it.

Presenting Marinecoin Dev's very own Lambo http: Powered by SMF 1. February 01, , Playboyize Newbie Offline Activity: December 05, , VonTurunen Newbie Offline Activity: December 06, , Gigastrength Newbie Offline Activity: December 07, ,

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If you are an association of amateur radio operators, or you're planning a interesting DXpedition do not hesitate to contact us. The premining was maintained for distribution to the amateur radio community HamRadioCoin, or HAM, is a project dedicated to creating an alternative way to spread the word. The situation of syscoin is very weird because BTC is very high (about $), but syscoin's price continue to grow! What's happened, some news? I think that this coin have a good project and may reach $! Who is agree with me? What do you think about it?. Vericoin Einsteinium EMC2. FlyCoin. Hyper AudioCoin. Sembro Token TagCoin WildBeastCoin BBQCoin. Crave GameCredits HamRadio Coin Clam CapreDiem CHNCoin PiggyCoin SativaCoin. Droidz V2 Droidz V3 SysCoin ZetaCoin. Anti Bitcoin AnarchistsPrime DarkNet MaryJaneCoin PayCON.

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