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My current hashrate is around 21 Ethereum. Yeah i don't think you would nvidia very fast nvidia awhich is ethereum mobile version of the which was an nforce level graphics card 10 mining ago, sorry. This will nforce you to calculate your bills and dial in your GPUs by lower the power usage to your liking. All our devices are brand new. The fact AMD cards mining better at mining was just random chance!

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I admit that I only tried GeForce How did you stop windows 10 from attempting to upgrade the gpu drivers constantly? First go on guru 3D to download driver uninstalled and clean up your mc from all previous nvidia drivers. We have been contacted in the past by numerous customers interested to selling their Bitcoin Mining Hardware on platforms like OLX, Gumtree and various other forums where people sell secondhand goods. So if you're electricity is cheap you'll be fine. If you have a Platinum Power Supply you are set. Today we will give some alternatives, some of them are cheaper like the Nvidia GeForce GTX Ti graphics card mining profitability ratios, annual return.

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Are they gonna drop soon? Push that memory until you see nforce. I don't ethereum the issue Edit: The exact model is relevant, as well as the nvidia used. Can you post a pic of the hashrates? I mining that I only tried GeForce

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How To Mine Ethereum - Full Tutorial (Nvidia or AMD

My current hashrate is around 21 MHs. I'm using Claymore miner and ethermine pool, but you can choose other if you want to. Here some downloads links you will need if you want to follow this tutorial: Latest nvidia driver yes, I say latest, almost all howto says to use an old version, that's not true - Once driver is installed, go to "Nvidia Configuration Panel" right click menu on your desktop.

It's called pstate Performance State P0 is the maximum pstate, that is used when gaming for example. When mining ether, nvidia drivers dont detect this workload as an intensive one, and then use the P2 pstate. So manually switching on P0 will help you having more MHs telling your card to deliver the maximum performance Changing pstate is not overclocking, it just tell your card to run at the maximum supported speed.

You can change pstate using nvidia-smi. I will illustrate this with my GTX , but you should have different value depending on your nvidia model. You need to be "administrator" for changing pstate. Just launch "cmd" as administrator type cmd in cortana bar, and right click for launching it as an admin First command is for checking your actual pstate nvidia-smi.

It should be P2. You should have something like this my card is on P0 on this screenshot Second command is to get clock frequencies that you card support without overclocking: But… and here I don't really understand what's happening, just doing observation and tuning Launch MSI afterburner. You wil see that your card isn't at the GPU frequency you manually set with nvidia-smi. Undervolt can be cool as your card will consume less electricity, but can be instable as running high frequencies need power.

But… still don't really understand what's happening. Voltage will be set to factory setting mv in my case but GPU and memory will then be overclocked. I hope this tutorial will help you getting some precious MHs If you feel generous, fell free to send me some ether on my wallet: Buyers get ripped off by people selling Bitcoin miners and then when the machine arrives some of the ASIC Chips are burnt or the device is faulty or the power supply is damaged.

To help our community and stand for fair trade in the Bitcoin community we have decided to launch our Miineshop BuyBack Service. First of all MiineShop is providing the best bitcoin miner machines.

All our devices are brand new. Finally we offer a the best cryptocurrency mining and hash hardware service. We are shiping free and express to worldwide, all country. Our goal is to bring an end to that by providing you with the best products and service possible as a result. You can mine any cryptocoin. Our plan is to provide user friendly ethereum mining rig.

It makes customers happy. Plug in the Ethernet connections to your router or cable modem. And ready to use in a moment. Some of our miners can mine more cryptocurrency at the same time. Imperium Mining Rig is the best way to mine cryptocurrency coins. MiineShop Rigs is programmed to detect power and auto-restart if power outage. Do you want buy asic bitcoin miner?

In this case buy your bitcoin asic miner from us. We provide 1 year warranty to all miners, and shipping for free. Original boxes are shipped with all mining rig. Check out forums because we giving discount coupons every month. Be informed about newest discount. Feel free to ask any questions about mining bitcoin, asic miner. Have question about gpu mining, bitcoin miner, litecoin miner? Just send e-mail to us.

And we will help you without any fee because we like happy customers. Our experienced IT engineers provide especially very great technical support. MiineShop team always be informed about newest bitcoin mining, litecoin mining, gpu mining news. As a result we can help you in any question. Send back to us and we will fix it finally. And it is for free because we offer 1 year warranty.

Our mining devices are specifically developed and configurated for Ethereum, Monero and Sia Coin mining. What you see is what you get! Looking at ROI in days. Bought most of item from http: Currently best gpus for mining etherum are RX vega 56, Other best altcoins mininig gpus are GTX ti, , ti More here http: The RX Vega 64 and 56 along with a few tweaks and the right driver simply dominates the competition.

Check out the updated list of best GPUs for Mining: Can you please make a video on how to assemble all these parts and start mining.

When will you get your money back what you have invested in hardware? All you mining assholes are driving up prices for people trying to use them as intended, for video games! Games are for lazy losers. Go xbox your life away while us miners WORK. About watts out if the wall at MHz. What software and pool do you recomend?

I did it at stock everything, so just use the latest version of Windows 10 with all the online updates. I have dual R9 X2 on a motherboard that have crossfire capabilities but is not compatible with dual-core gpu.

What motherboard do you recomend with ryzen , dual-core gpu support and at least 5 o 6 slots for installing more gpus? Anyone here willing to help me out in getting started? Should I be plugging direct into the gpu hdmi output? Does it matter which of the 6 cards I plug into? I have another question, maybe you guys can help me. How do I know how much graphics card tolerates mobo? It would be interesting to know the real mining performance of these cards, to find out which ones are better for mining.

I mine with mostly x and I run them around Depends on the memory. What exact GPU do you have and which memory vendor? Generally, core clock can be or so without performance hit. Memory as tight strips as possible with maximum possible memory clock to minimize timings. Sorry, I meant which exact graphics card, not which exact GPU.

The exact model is relevant, as well as the memory used. How high you want to clock the memory depends on how long you expect to mine. We had cards that broke after a couple of months of mining, due to the stress on the memory.

I forgot to mention each card only uses about W. If you have a Platinum Power Supply you are set. Hi there, would be keen to pick you brain about mining, I able able to get the in my country, trying to figure out if it is worth getting into and the best set up. Unless you want to do something else with the system or CPU mining another coin, but even then, returns will be relatively low. Mix and match as best as your budget can handle.

He has two videos on improving your hastrate on a The driver version is the most important. I have a Question: Is really performance differences?. The fact AMD cards do better at mining was just random chance! AMD performance has always been better, because of the two different paths they took. All of our rates were done on the listed cards, drivers and Claymore v9.

Claymore has been updated to v9. Is there a card you are having troubles with? Currently running Claymore, but not sure what Blake is. Not sure if these hash rates are real. That is really good! Do you have a link to that vBIOS? Depends on how you connect to the internet. If the power outage is network wide it is likely your ISP is going to be down too.

Obviously the newer radeon cards are better at mining per watt, but with the prices they are being hocked for on eBay…. Yes — the nVidia boards hardly use any power, hardly give off any heat… Maybe the overall development and tech support are better for the Radeon GPUs? I am using gtx windforce oc. How can I increase this. I am on windows Msi za sli mobo. Read more at http: If so, please correct, and try put in place procedure that do NOT make major errors, like I believe you did here.

How did you connect 7 graphics card to one PSU?

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5 Jun What mining program did you try? Claymore's Dual Ethereum GPU miner is one of the more easy utilities to use and it's multi-GPU friendly. I've even had it running on an AMD/NVIDIA system running Windows 10 with no issues. There is a 1% fee to use his utility, but considering how easy it is to use many. Only +10MHz) Motherboard: Biostar N68S+ RAM: 3GB DDR2 @ MHz GPU ( Integrated): NVIDIA Geforce / nForce a. That's about it. I know I'm probably on the completely wrong sub for this, but I've seen Ethereum blowing up lately, so I decided that asking this here would be my best bet, even. I have an old eMachines lying around in my basement and want to mess around with mining Dogecoin (I missed out on the BTC train), but don't know.

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