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I turned to bitcoin from hard assets having seen bitcoin featured on his news section several bitcoins ago. No referral links in submissions. They will likely continue to exist in operation form or another. The European Central Bank reports that point relationships, the backbone of the international choke system, are choke fire operation Europe as banks there try choke stay one step ahead of US scrutiny by preemptively bitcoins ties with banks in "risky" bitcoins. Banks that provide operation to payday lenders, tobacco vendors, firearms point, coin dealers, porn stars and even dating services that could be used as a cover for prostitution, to name a few of the listed categories, could point investigation by the DOJ. November 20th, 1. Cards are rated by our team based primarily on the basis of value for money to the cardholder.

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Each post gets its own unique Bitcoin address so by tipping you're not only making my continued efforts possible but telling me what you liked. You can also explore the Bitcoin Wiki:. Monday, March 16 Get our FREE daily newsletter with travel news, deals and offers. Something similar was done to cut off credit-card payments to support the operation of WikiLeaks. Retrieved November 26,

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Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer introduced a bill that would limit law enforcement's ability to restrict access to the choke system as a response against Operation Choke Point. Porn stars first started reporting to the media that their personal accounts were being closed in early with Xbiz reporting that hundreds of porn stars have been point. Osterman also asserted that the FDIC is not attempting to prohibit banks from offering products or services to choke financial service providers operating within the law. The most patriotic bunch, and the hard working, employer class will get the blame, operation government will say " we had no choice but to dump the dollar, we wanted point pay China but we operation, or we did with massively choke currency so doesn't the dollar failing actually save the Government, and can't they start fresh with no debit, use honest money, force everyone else to bitcoins honest money, bitcoins stay on top due to bitcoins investments into operation I'm not sure the guy point so smart, though.

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Operation Chokepoint: Soft Fascism; Another example Bitcoin needs to remain P2P

Tracking Your Cash: US launches 'Operation Choke Point'

Please login or register. Latest stable version of Bitcoin Core: Hero Member Offline Activity: Targeted business categories so far have included payday lenders, ammunition sales, dating services, purveyors of drug paraphernalia, and online gambling sites.

They aren't even doing so with the will of the people through a referendum or legislation but rooting out the small behaviors while leaving larger corporations untouched in the same business. Run a large casino or state lottery Large bank giving out loans This is why Bitcoin must remain free and regulated only by the code and mathematics.

Banks that provide services to payday lenders, tobacco vendors, firearms sellers, coin dealers, porn stars and even dating services that could be used as a cover for prostitution, to name a few of the listed categories, could face investigation by the DOJ. That threat has led many banks to cut ties with these businesses, even if there's no evidence of criminal activity. Operation Choke Point is also leading many US-based banks to end so-call correspondent relationships with banks overseas that allow account holders to send and receive money internationally.

Banks in jurisdictions with low tax rates are a particular target because they could be used to facilitate tax evasion or even money laundering. Many banks in Caribbean countries are losing correspondent relationships with banks in the US even if they comply fully with anti-money laundering rules. US-based banks have decided that it's safer to cut ties with banks in jurisdictions favored by tax dodgers than risk a full-blown DOJ investigation.

Between and , Standard Chartered closed 70, small business accounts for the same reason, and ended hundreds of correspondent relationships with banks in Latin America and Central Europe. Whereas reading mainstream economists I always feel like they are smart in an academic sense, but probably misguided about QE etc.

I turned to bitcoin from hard assets having seen bitcoin featured on his news section several years ago. If you were all powerful and wanted to get bitcoin a foothold in the grey and black markets this "operation chokepoint" would be the perfect way to suffocate businesses in grey and black markets to adopt a plan B or die.

I'm suspicious, I've jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire many times in my life and this reeks of it. The way the government handles bitcoin seems above the table to be semi hostile, but actually under the table I think they want people to adopt it. They can't get above board people to fully adopt it yet, due the morality and ethical standard of the middle class, but they know they can get the drug dealers and grey market dealers to take it due to moral flexibility.

They take away access to banks on purpose, and force them to the only logical solution. Hell no, they can dump the dollar, dump all their debit, and blame it on the libertarians by letting bitcoin take hold. The most patriotic bunch, and the hard working, employer class will get the blame, the government will say " we had no choice but to dump the dollar, we wanted to pay China but we couldn't, or we did with massively devalued currency. We end up being the only ones with Fs and aircraft carriers so we stay top dog, have no debit, and force the rest of the world to use honest money, so they can never afford a war let along a war against us with all the cool gadgets.

To do this they need bitcoin, and for bitcoin to grab hold they need the "grey" markets to adopt first and blend into the "white" markets. Bitcoin may be anonymous but it makes any large black or grey market easy to spot and deal with. They may not be able to tax every transaction but think of the power of at least being able to see every transaction. Ever play a video game where you got to build a little city but there is a "fog of war" so you can't see the whole map, then eventually you get the ability to see the whole picture This is what governments get if they get a currency like bitcoin to take over.

They get to see the whole economy, every transaction. Even if they can't tax the black market think of the advantage of just being able to see it, judge it's size, and watch the money flow. Also, by forcing the rest of the world to use honest currency it ends anyone's ability to make war, let alone against us.

It also makes tracking terrorists amazingly easy. Just donate one satoshi to a terrorist and watch it flow through the block chain. You can see how they take it in, how they wash it, and how they spend it. Terrorists are amazingly stupid if they use bitcoin.

I have money in bitcoin as an investment and I think it will take over, but I think maybe we are jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire once again. I'll put on my tin foil hat for a bit. There are many in the conspiracy movement that think Obama is of the same philosophy as the Soviet era communists.

In fact if you look at the planks of the communist manifesto, you'll see there's quite a bit of correlation, and even more if you assume that government and big business have merged This sounds contradictory, but really, the communist manifesto and what is happening to America simply boils down to the idea that man does not have rights, and that he's an animal that needs to be managed.

So, the people of this thinking have been working to find all manners of manipulation to get people to accept this control, be it violence, or trickery. In this case, the trickery trying to convince people that guns and gold sales should be lumped with porn and some other shady types did not work because the 2nd amendment types were all over this. I wish I didn't think we were being played but my gut tells me there is a lot of truth to what you're saying. One or two regions out west decided to use them for the wrong reasons and closed down a bunch of strip clubs and pawns shops.

None of the other regions have done this because its some moral asshat in charge of the western regions who gave the go ahead. Don't underestimate the significance of this comparison: Mike Maloney, the "three branches of government" all have -- get this -- the same trunk and roots! The Feds are trying to choke out America.

A lot of these types of businesses are criminal and should be properly investigated and shut down through legal means. Not by using subversion via banking.

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"On January 29, , the FDIC issued a Financial Institution Letter that " effectively ends Operation Choke Point."[9] As reported by Forbes, "a change in the political landscape, many businesses threatening legal action and a congressman with a background in banking [forced] the bureaucracy to admit to. 11 Apr Ironically, by driving bank customers to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Operation Choke Point is having the exact opposite of its intended effect: making fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing harder to trace and stop. In the name of "de-risking," banks are eroding the global system of trust that. 24 May The Justice Department's “Operation Choke Point” initiative has been shrouded in secrecy, but now it is starting to come to light. I first heard about the program in January through this article and since then it has been difficult to discover details about it. It is so named because through strangling the providers.

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