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They have products but don't want to sell them?? So, this is Hotmine X5 upgrade kit firmware Antminer S5, which consists of two hash boards and one controller board. May 17, Page 42 Bitcoin Books Result. I received an email from them recently. Price buyer was jammed up but has confirmed sale and secured escrow. Supporting the home miner community since - http:

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In next page click regular or free firmware nokia x5. Gridseed put the heat sinks on the outside, Bitmain on the inside. Thread will remain open for delivery and acceptance posts. Been done many times here before. This is a Refurbished GPU. Has anyone received a reply recently?

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Just firmware the urls you'll find below and we'll download file for you! Upgrade Kit X5 0. S3 is probably the most well-thought-out miner yet built by any company. I am still interested, and if we can work out a price overall price, including shipping, I will go for it. SLEI on Bitcoin 05,

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Firmware x5 01 bitcoin

(Review/Guide) Hotmine X5 upgrade kit for Antminer S1/S3/S5

Rebooting this from scratch. I am left to assume that the deal with Benny is DOA since he has not replied to multiple requests for status from myself and the escrow. Shipping will be coming from Hudson County New Jersey area.

Please check what the shipping charges would be to where you are to at least get an idea of what they will be. I spent a fair amount of time this week checking rates for some folks who were then shocked by what I told them.

I am not in the shipping business and make no profit on the delivery. These were, and remain, the cheapest S3's you will find here on BCT or anywhere else for that matter. Please do not PM or post itt asking me if they are negotiable, they are not! I noted in the OP that if someone was local and wanted to pick the units up that was OK.

That is still the case, however, please do not PM me with a brand new account and tell me that you want to pick the units up in person and pay in cash I will not even bother to respond to an invitation to mug me, or to show up with less, or whatever other silliness you can think of. Any in person delivery will only be considered AFTER payment for the devices has been received or secured by the trusted escrow that we agree upon.

Bottom line is that I am going to exercise extreme caution and err on the side of safety. I promise I'm not a douche! Sell me the S3's and ship them together with the PSUs in the same box to save on shipping? I am still interested, and if we can work out a good overall price, including shipping, I will go for it.

I just think that paying around dollars for shipping seems way high, and there has to be a way to get the prices down so we can make the sale. My new offer is as follows I would be possibly interested in buying the other 3 and 3 as well, shipped together as well just as the first order would, but I am still figuring a few things out, so for now I would like to do just the 2 and 2, then once I get the rest of the stuff figured out that I need to, if you still have the other 3, I would like them as well.

Let me know if this is acceptable to you. Original buyer was jammed up but has confirmed sale and secured escrow. Thread will remain open for delivery and acceptance posts.

Sign Up for Your Tokens Today! Your comment is well received and deserved. I apologize for stepping into your miner sale. Thanks for going through the trouble. There's something delicious about an Antminer running Bitfury chips I'm interested in the X6 upgrade but haven't been able to get their contact form to work.

Does anyone have an email for them? Hopefully they're really accepting orders. NotFuzzyWarm on April 10, , I have sent two or three mails about X6, is it ready for order but haven't got any answer. April 12, , Thank you for your feedback and interest.

Sorry that it is hard to reach us. Working hard to provide stable and well performing devices. We will provide all info and start accepting orders soon in April-May. You can left your orders on the website or PM me here so we can prepare our stocks. You can left your orders on the website or PM me here so we can prepare our stocks or ping me here. HagssFIN on April 12, , HagssFIN on April 10, , By the way, check out the first three posts in this thread and updates by me! I got the BB board in the mail, and the build is now ready.

Rabinovitch on April 18, , Please support sidehack with his new miner project Send to: HagssFIN on April 18, , HagssFIN on April 20, , SLEI on May 05, , I have sent many times "order" with contact form but I don't get any answers.

They have products but don't want to sell them?? Got a reply email for a X5. They said is ready to ship, ask me if I can pay in BTC. No price or others details. I asked if escrow service is acceptable. I'm not comfortable sending money out of the blue with no email reply or little.

They need to earn my trust first. Why would a company be so busy preparing working boards to not even take the time for pr. Who do they plan to sell to? If not here, good luck I say.

Seems to me it would be easy to create a couple prototypes and send them to a few for review, then open up orders and not deliver. Been done many times here before.

I hope that's not the case and cool for the ones that received them but come on we want something to be true so bad and they may be feeding off of you for that. Have even send support hamburger money for many meals and still waiting. Some kind civil war or Russian occupation going on in Ukraina so don't know how they can built miners there but at least anyone haven't asked any BTC for miners yet.

Only miles to Kiev so easy to make roadtrip and claim scam money back if target is known, I have seen many war zones in my life. The warzone in Ukraine is far more in east than where Kiev is located. I think Hotmine is located in Kiev, since that is where my shipment was sent from. We based in Kiev and it is very far from war zone. By the way, Kiev is very beautiful city Next week we will get few dozens free not prebooked X6 upgrade kits and will contact with all who wrote us in PM or here.

Please let me know if this acceptable for you and you want buy X6 upgrade kit in NYC. May 17, , I wonder if there's anything that would fit a Gridseed G-Blade. Boards are mm x 90mm x20mm. The price and the wattage both seem kind of high, I was looking for something more like 50 watts per board less chips. The G-Blade's getting old too, and there were a lot made I think.

Some pictures of a single original board at https: Only upgrade kits I have seen are Hotmine upgrade kits X5 and X6 and then there is sidehack 's retrofit project with Bitfury 16nm chips in development. Right, I haven't seen pictures of the insides of the Antminers but they seem about the same.

Two boards mounted to heatsinks with a fan at the end blowing through them. The Gridseed boards are more self-contained: Gridseed put the heat sinks on the outside, Bitmain on the inside. Otherwise it's not much more than a Gekko 2pac for 15? Apparently Gridseed only made the 5-chip and chip then retired or something. X5 upgrade is still in my wish list but summer almost here and I can't manage more heat for next 3 months. Working on building the first X6 right now, I got 5 kits from Alex last week.

Give me a few hours hopefully I'll have it up and hashing. Eagleone on May 31, , SO these are real and soon to be sold in the US I believe I have an interesting and new group of people to sell miners too that are not being reached by any of the resellers on this forum.

I'm always going to distribute things I use myself. Thanks all for your positivity and support http: Please support sidehack with his miner projects Send to: Why not say the S3s are better? S3 is probably the most well-thought-out miner yet built by any company. Simple, reliable, solid, quiet.

Everything everything these days is not. Also, I've still got a whole stack of S5 beaglebones right now and will probably have a whole stack more for anyone who gets one of these kits. June 04, , The S3 has a completely different grade of aluminum machining. Maybe meaningless in the long run but the fins are going to be a tad bid quieter. I should mention these puppies take 4amp fans on both sides if you want to run them wide open. Ive moved it into my house for the evening and turned it down aggressively so it's hashing around 5.

This is already third case in which I have to replace the original fan with a new one I have a total amount of three of these power supplies. If that's like the one that came with S7-LN miners, I had two or three with crap fans out of a dozen or so. Can these boards be used in a antminer C1? Because its now useless for mining on any coin Would be nice if i can give it some new function. I've had so good time with the Hotmine X5 so far that I decided to make an order for one more kit.

Let's see if they have these babies available. HagssFIN on August 27, , Sorry, but I'm located in Finland, so that is a no-go. But I do recommend contacting Hotmine and making your own order.

I have not yet received an answer from Hotmine but I will update here. I got forward with the order and another kit is on the way soon.

HagssFIN on September 05, , I'm surprised none of you have considered their heater-miners:

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5 Apr So, this is Hotmine X5 upgrade kit for Antminer S5, which consists of two hash boards and one controller board. Manufacturer: . If you have a empty micro SD card you want to do following things after which you have a working Hotmine firmware: 1. .. Quote from: VTdude12 on April 07, , PM. 18 Jan Also known as[edit]. Nokia X RM mobile phone / mobilephone firmware / ROM datapack / datapackage file share download links; Nokia X5 01 RM cellular phone / cellphone software / flash data package pack files fileshare download link. 6 Jan SOLD* WTS Antminer S3 x5 Batch 1 CHEAPEST PRICE ON BCT. January 05, , PM. #1. I have five batch 1 S3's for sale. vitals Firmware - all at 10/24 firmware. Have never been bricked by bad firmware releases from Bitmain No X's except for one x on one device. 12 day averages for all.

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