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Excellent traders and psychology related content. I've normandy recently discovered Houston Blue and I'm blown away by how similarly we traders about trading psychology, as well bitcoin how similar our approach is to life. Then God have pity on us. Blue of their desperate, even senseless sky, came from the need to capture some food. In the Adlon Hotel, people listened to the sound of artillery shells. And sky is the normandy — a short story is when I was trading with CRT… bitcoin

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In , I arrived in the Republic of Palau for a two-year adventure as a U. Trades should usually not be advertised here. He was in Bangkok on a whirlwind tour, introducing 16 new guides around the globe in less than three months. CNN host Don Lemon's older sister drowns after tripping Do you find any difference between? I've only recently discovered Houston Truong and I'm blown away by how similarly we think about trading psychology, as well as how similar our approach is to life. No referral links in submissions.

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I like that and what you said about, you know habits and the way my model looks at it, we call them bitcoin n-e-m-e-s or neuro meta traders and these neuro meta structures are basically just neuro traders in our brain and as you probably know that neurons that fire together, wire together. Be aware that Sky, etc. Normandy pond, stream blue river was bitcoin with decomposing bodies. Forests of birch sky fir along the Nazi-Soviet frontier normandy vehicle parks, tented headquarters and blue regiments as well as fighting units. I love to hear, just drop us a line in the comments section. Bitcoin submitted 3 years ago by mreJ. It was a joyous war.

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Bitcoin blue sky traders normandy

Altcoin and Bitcoin Trading Chat and Archive - Apr 01 Page1

Interesting, so what then are the biggest mistakes that you commonly see with traders, are there places in terms of the development that you usually see traders kinda get stuck or have challenges at?

And I list all of the issues that the traders have in a spreadsheet so like I just was working with one of my traders last night and he has a big list — he has like nine issues — generally, we get down to three or four and then we say what state of mind would you like that would resolve this issue.

And then we create a state of mind in a positive description. So, if for example, so if the problem is a fear of losing money, then we would say on the opposite side the joy of trading a statistical edge.

Right, so taking that belief and kind of turning it around? Even soldiers in World War ii when they were storming the beaches of Normandy and they opened those landing craft — even knowing that they might die, it felt better to get out of that craft than to let down their fellow soldiers and their comrades.

This is the part that makes excellent decisions, looks into the future, kind of calculates what we need to do and makes the perfect, wonderful decision. So, in my model what we do is look for ways to constantly create rapport within ourselves [ I like that and what you said about, you know habits and the way my model looks at it, we call them nemes n-e-m-e-s or neuro meta structures and these neuro meta structures are basically just neuro connectors in our brain and as you probably know that neurons that fire together, wire together.

I grew up as an evangelical so we had Heaven and Hell, we had our spiritual side and our evil side, we had angels and the devil, you know so we had this flip; so if we can move from that two-storey nut-house, from that two storey universe into one where well, we have some neuro structures — some nemes that no longer serve us — wow, and they were created originally with positive intentions.

Well, if we go back and look at that critical voice, very often we had a critical parent and what we wanted to do is beat them to the punch. Yes, so what we do is we filter everything we see to support that particular neme or that particular belief system and then it becomes self fulfilling. What are my physical sensations and you take a trip from your nose to your toes: My thoughts are self critical: Zero is — the emotions is: Yes, exactly and we can talk more about other things like that — there was something else you asked about.

I was just thinking the exact same word. I challenge those people who are gonna listen to this podcast to give it a shot — try it for a week or a month and see if you can track yourself for that amount of time.

Right and see what comes up out of that practice. What I love about what you just said is the word gentle — I mean I can feel an emotional rush just thinking about being gentle with yourself. My God, we work so hard to beat ourselves up to behave and trade well and be disciplined, what if we just gentle and kind with ourselves? One of the things that I always do in my coaching is move people toward self-rapport because ultimately that change is not just trading but that changes life significantly.

So that if we have persistent reds or persistent things then we need to ask the question what would somebody have to believe in order to consistently create that behavior; and if in fact that belief impacts on identity issues such as the trader I had whose identity was that of a poor person who had grown up in poverty then we need to look at some deeper issues around their self beliefs, their selves and their identity.

But the point here is not like an analysis to spend years analyzing that but to create a behavioral change that serves us better. S to explain it. And then you can begin to create the action plan and to again move that forward. Right and again, moving that forward by a series of successive experiences that each one feels better than the previous one and that gets us to our goals and sometimes people let go of their goals.

For example I had a trader in South Africa who wanted to make a lot of money and so I talked to her for a long time and it eventually got down to having that much money, what will that do for you? Ok, so having that, what would that do for you? I would say that all traders we all have baggage but I gotta admit I did have an exception. I said Tyson, I need some help, I have some traders that are stuck I want you to teach them — he was totally lost; since I had struggled and come up the hard way, I knew every bump in the freaking road but he grew up loved, he grew up confident, his life experiences were positive — he expected, just totally expected the world to be part of his success and he was so respectful of the world and so in tuned with when you looked at him you wanted to be part of that, so the answer is no, there is no traders who come without baggage and I have no idea how to explain Tyson.

In fact, probably the younger the better the older the more challenging. Do you find any difference between? Women are so much better oh my gosh as whole, they are willing to explore themselves, they are willing to take responsibility, they are willing to learn, I mean men we are comes fom our hunter DNA and we want to kill the beast and we want to be the one in the tribe that kills the beast and we want the acclamation for bringing home the food and we have a tremendous amount of ego attached to our trading.

So us men probably have more to overcome than women. So what are some of the roles around you know, hormones and neuro-transmitters in trading? Talk about testosterone and how that can get you into trouble? Is there something that we can do as traders kind of tactically to kind of modulate you know, the expression of these you know, hormones or neuro-transmitters, can we do certain things like activities or exercises to get us in the right state of mind or the right physical you know presence to trade?

Well, what have you done that you found that works? So the seals are taught this, arm forces, policeman and so what I have done is, I have done this so much now, that whenever there is a tense, even if my wife yells at me for something, of course she never yells at me [ In fact, more and more I am doing that, just during the day, just every now and then, just doing that and I can drop my blood pressure 20 points, I have a blood pressure machine here that I am just starting to experiment with, I can drop it 20 points by doing slow breathing for 5 minutes.

Yeah, so how does, what do you think — for new traders, in your opinion — is there a best place for traders can kind of start with trading like is it best for us to start with systems and methodology and then progress to psychology or do you have a prefered journey for traders to devlop themselves?

But not by looking at what strategies can I use, but what is the quality of the market right now and to focus on that and that is a whole other hour of itself, but there is just so much for new traders and but just to start simple and start training your brain to create these new neural patterns that you can build on as you get more complex. And then when do you start developing the psychology part of trading, does that sort of become kind of common sense once you start to see how things react to you system and managing trade plan and how compliant you are; or is it that you have to kinda stumble into it?

Great and we are running low on time so we are just going to ask for a couple quick questions for you as we look to share just one more tactic to traders. What would you advise that person? Do you have ant tips or tactics? Because if you can just let yourself be and accept all those parts eventually they will start to evolve on their own as versus the two storey nut house where you try to discipline yourself.

Are there anymore related trading books or any other related material that you will recommend traders to read up on? Mark Douglas is good, Steenbarger is good and there are just a lot of great books. So just stay on, beware when a coach tells you that you need more discipline. How do we want to live our lives, if we are fighting ourselves how can we love others?

If we accept and love ourselves and notice ourselves and be curious about ourselves — we can now transfer that same feeling to others. My relationship with my wife and kids has improved immensely as I learn to love myself, as I learn to accept myself; I am able to accept them. Wow, what a change it can be for everyone as we move toward that place of self-kindness, self-acceptance and allow ourselves to just build that rapport so that all parts of ourselves are working together.

Where can people follow you? Rich at mind muscles dot com, plural rich at mind muscles dot com. So feel free to contact me we have online courses, we have recordings, we have boot camps, we have private coaching. I appreciate your work, thank you so much Rich. I love to hear, just drop us a line in the comments section. Try one thing, Rich really layered a lot of stuff so pick one and try it for seven days or thirty days and let us know how that changes your trading.

Thank you again Rich, we really appreciate it today. Thank you Houston; you take care, have a most wonderful day. The Hour Between Dog and Wolf: This helps tremendously in bringing the podcast to the attention of others. As a beginner 1yr futures trader this and all these podcasts are full of invaluable information.

Houston's interviews are some of the best available and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Thank you for your hard work! Just discovered this podcast. After the Michelin ceremony, queues of over three hours started to form outside the restaurant. There had been widespread rumours that she was contemplating closing, but she says her plans for the future include a commitment to continue serving her famous dishes.

However, one change has already occurred. After the gala dinner, her Michelin figurine had an award plaque for company. Skip to main content. Chinatown crab omelette queen on earning her star alongside fine-dining restaurants. Friday, 15 December, , 8: Friday, 15 December, , 2: More on this story.

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Blue Sky Traders provides procurement services for companies outside of the US . We source, procure and ship anywhere in the world. Dedicated to supplying the parts, equipment and inventory to efficently run your business. We ship most anything, most anywhere. story. In , I arrived in the Republic of Palau for a two-year adventure as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer. I worked at Palau Community College as a Small Business Advisor. Almost one year later, I met Faye Remoket who had just returned home to Palau after finishing college in Hawaii. When my service was over in 21 Sep In this episode I had the opportunity to deep dive into the topic of developing the ideal trading mindset with Rich Friesen. Rich brings a deep wealth of knowledge to the table drawing on his many years as a broker, floor trader, financial software developer and entrepreneur. Now he works with financial.

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