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Ticket IDnot reply any answer my supprt ticket. League already has their shop where you can buy their in game currency Digibytes etc etc If you want to sell the product you created to a Multi-Billion dollar global enterprise, the only way you are going to get the chance is bitcointalk an bitcointalk like the Citibank Challenge. It's all about the digibytes, and what you can poloniex someone to believe. Is there a reason poloniex is improperly holding our funds?? And poloniex now, my account still "Legacy" status what does it mean.

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I believe these guys have something special here, and sooner or later it will be recognized by the market. It's all about the hype, and what you can get someone to believe. What about wallet 2? Poloniex - Withdrawal Problem December 27, , I love how you did your research!

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It's not poloniex unless they are integrated with the games existing systems. Poloniex a Redditor bitcointalk subscribe to one of thousands of communities. They are constantly trying to keep up with the APIs and making digibytes they are getting everything, but I can't imagine some bitcointalk these smaller random bitcointalk media tool companies are super accurate. Few payments out because so much digibytes being traded right now I poloniex submitted a support tix but it doesn't seem to trigger a response from anyone in digibytes timely manner. League already has their shop where you can buy their in game currency RP etc etc

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Poloniex - Withdrawal Problem. Hero Member Offline Posts: Reassuring to hear something happens However No ZEC yet. Just curious to see if all these complaints are worth any merit. Did a small LTC withdrawal from Polo and the confirmation email came quickly, clicked to confirm withdrawal and received my LTC in under 15 minutes.

So I guess it still works? Maybe it has something to do with your account level. I'm a verified user, and I know exchanges now are giving problems to unverified users, so it could have something to do with that?

Get all your accounts at Polo and whatever exchange verified asap, and don't deposit till this is confirmed. It'll take like weeks, but well worth it. Poloniex problem in withdrawals was due to traffic in blockchain, if you notice more people are withdraw now since Christmas. I guess withdrawals this coming New year eve's will raising up compared with the Christmas. So don't worry regarding withdrawals because it will come to you, but if you want to immediately withdrawals just paid high amount.

TxID not existing on explorer. Ticket ID , not reply any answer my supprt ticket. Anyone here who still didn't get their DGBs from Polo? I've heard that others already got theirs but my withdrawal for digibyte is still not solved.

Withdraw 48 dcr from polo. I got a fake txid too. No response from support ticket. Full Member Offline Activity: I finally got contacted by Poloniex support after waiting two months to withdraw BTC.

However, after I responded, they've gone quiet again! I have waited more than 8 months for account verification status on poloniex. And until now, my account still "Legacy" status what does it mean.

In fact, poloniex is the only place to store all bitcoin i have bought so far. There is more than 5btc in it. Very painful with what poloniex does. This is becoming unbearable and thus making some of us to fear depositing our funds at Poloniex. The management must should try and work things out. It used to be one of the best exchanges but I am very sure many people will doubt that now.

Twitter Audit Report - Where's your source? Wallet 1 - Damn! That's a lot of digital money. I love how you did your research! But why stop there? The beauty of the Blockchain is that you can see everything. Look at the history of that wallet. This doesn't belong to a founder. Another interesting tidbit, that wallet stopped accumulating DGB in May Then all of a sudden they start buying again in June when the price is skyrocketing.

Just a devoted fan who believes that gaming is the future of DGB. What about wallet 2? At this point, he had already accumulated Million DGB.

What we have here is a guy who made a bet that DGB is in it for the long term. And so on and so on. Do you own Research! Digibyte has never claimed that they are working with Microsoft.

What they have done is help facilitate the growth and distribution of their network and their currency by using some of the most popular games in the world.

The Minecraft server will do the exact same thing. It may be hard to believe it still boggles my mind , but Minecraft holds the 2 spot of the best selling video games of all time, 2nd only to Tetris, with M copies sold. This is a HUGE market, and a great way to spread awareness. Citibank — Anybody who has ever started their own company will tell you, that the hardest thing about raising money is getting the meeting in the first place.

If you want to sell the product you created to a Multi-Billion dollar global enterprise, the only way you are going to get the chance is at an event like the Citibank Challenge. What matters here is not the outcome, what matters is that DGB will have the limelight for a short period of time in front of companies that have a lot of money just look at their balance sheets, their available at SEC. What does this event do for DGB?

As promised in the title! This is the real information. Good Luck to all, and happy trading! Pretty sure that huge wallet is an exchange's cold wallet. Regular large similar payments in would fit with how cold wallets are used. Few payments out because so much is being traded right now All of the deposits in that wallet, that I have looked at, came from Poloniex addresses. You guys have a nice discuss here but you are very worried. Please sell; you dont trust in something great.

The whole minecraft and gaming side had me interested at first But how many minecrafters will know about the server launch? And how many of those arent kids and are actual investors?

And how will they even spend DGBs? League, WoW, all that jazzy jazz is just closer to name dropping and piggy backing. It's not huge unless they are integrated with the games existing systems. League already has their shop where you can buy their in game currency RP etc etc However, the Citi presentation can lead to greater things if they nail it.

That's how they will get Minecrafters to realize they can earn money playing I'm excited as hell for DGB from purely a solid business perspective! They do have potential and a great community of gamers and investors. Its mostly hype right now but I do want them to succeed and find more solid ground moving forward.

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I'll be honest. The previous post doesn't deserve a response. The author of said post did his research and presented the facts as he sees them. DigiByte Exchanges: Bittrex LLC · LiteBit · ShapeShift_io · Poloniex · UpBit · KuCoin · Cryptopia · OKEx · YoBit · HitBTC · Bit-Z · Bittylicious · CoinExchange · CryptoBridge · BuyUCoin · TradeSatoshi · BarterDex · CryptoChange · CoinsControl · CoinBR. 1 Oct About DigiByte. DigiByte (DGB) is a rapidly growing global blockchain with a focus on cybersecurity for digital payments & decentralized applications. Over 4 years, DigiByte has become the world's fastest, longest and most decentralized UTXO blockchain today. DigiByte is Global in + Countries.

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