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It is interesting for sure. February 02, I browser this site for a bit, but I didn't get enough for this site to be worth it. About Dogecoin Kscoins was launched in August ofour mission was to get a big community and help people mine online with dogecoin effort. Are you a webmaster? I browser think you'll get many kh out of that. We are trying always to give new things to our community and develop our system day by mine.

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Are you a webmaster? Is it one of those crowdmining places? Luckily, you are already done with your project Nice strategy to go with doge as most other browser mining sites offering bitcoin or litcoin. Posted January 9, Posted January 7,

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Instead of traditional display ads, you add one line of javascript code and let your visitors mine cryptocurrency in the browser using their CPU power. This is a cool idea but with moondoge I can make 50 dogecoins a day mine so, if I understand your screenshot you browser even earn 1? Absolutely ridiculous and not even worth having the extra browsing window open for, if you wanna mine doge dogecoin go to faucets, it's a better option browser this for sure. Is it one of those crowdmining places? I think youd be better off mining with your dogecoin directly in some pool.

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Free Dogecoin mining from CPU/Browser with live Payment Proof

Is it a good way to make dogecoins or am I wasting my time and efforts in getting dogecoins that way? I don't think you'll get many kh out of that. Maybe if you would own a website with thousands of visitors that leave it open the entire day and put all the work they do to your workers it would gain you some coin, otherwise, you're better of with a cpu or gpu miner, or both at the same time ofcourse.

This is a very inefficient way of dogecoin mining. It does not take full advantage of your hardware. It is interesting for sure. But like beinggreen I only reach 1kh and that's like what I just find setting up my computer for mining super confusing. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. It just said put your dogecoin address and youre good to go.

Maybe someone do have wallet address and can verify if he indeed earn. There's no risk at all in trying but somehow I just don't have dogecoin wallet.

I wonder how much you get with this. I agree, I used to leave my computer on all day and night with a browser mining site as well, but I gave up on that because I was earning nothing. So I don't have much faith on that site really. I do not think that it will be really worth it to use the browser to mine some Dogecoins. One "might" earn more on using those Dogecoin faucets that give out coins per hour than this. Sorry for this newbie question but does that mean it worked? Or is that number the amount of dogecoins you already have as opposed to the number of dogecoins mined by the website?

This is kind of cool. But to be honest I would personally prefer just running a program like cgminer on my computer instead of my browser. I tend to stick with the tried and true. I tried this site for a bit, but I didn't get enough for this site to be worth it. I believe there is faster payouts on many of the dogecoin faucets out there. This site is not efficient enough to be taken seriously. I would prefer to stick to an actual program, but it looks good for beginners. The site is legit, but running on the average computer this would take about 24 hours just to earn 10 doge.

Glad to see this. Full Member Offline Activity: Laloutre24 on October 07, , It works for me. However, income is very low based on mining power i am promoting. I have tried some other sites and they are much more profitable. However, i have used your sites in the past an i was never disappointed.

I like the concept and ref system. I would love to continue using it, but i would recommend you to make some adjustments in order to attrack more people.

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wearebeachhouse.com Use your browser to passively mine dogecoin and receive mining rewards directly to your dogecoin wallet. Start now. AD: New bitcoin game. Your Dogecoin address. Send. Since /11/ Users. Total mining income. Doge. Total hashes solved. Top users. 4 Oct Features: Instant dogecoin mining, using your browser only (laptop, mobile, computer,wearebeachhouse.com) - Low minimum withdraw ( DOGE), You can withdraw profits after 1 minute of mining. - FaucetHub & Direct withdraw options supported instantly. - HTML Code for Webmasters to earn from visitors @ % Simple URLs. You will have simple URLs to mine your dogecoins directly through your browser. No further logins are required. Ad Code Insert Ad-Code anywhere on your site and let visitors do mining for you. Maximum Profits. We pay you for every hashes while you are mining. Do you own a website? Insert our.

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