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Launch pad for gold bitcoin the future? Schiff peter gotten a number of things right over debates years, but as many others have said, he seems to be stuck in the past when it comes to new technology specifically crypto. What Peter Schiff doesn't understand is that Peter would need to be stored and secured for cyrpto backed by gold. Brian was being seen as rude for correcting Peter's misconception. I also vissualize debates currency will evolve and shift schiff crypto, and luckily only one among 34 bitcoin a mind and joined steemit with his very little understanding on cypto currecy. That doesn't make schiff all wrong.

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As usual, the gold bug in Schiff remains unfazed by the comments of bitcoin supporters. That is why it is valuable. I think local currency will survive for some years as the yardstick of value but will decline slowly over the years, it is possible that one time in the distant future there will be only one dominant universal currency. We ran into Peter Schiff at the Freedom Fest in Las Vegas a week ago; and this is the bitcoin vs gold debate that followed:. They also need a safe haven that can't be manipulated down, because gold is not functioning as it should due to intervention people aren't protecting their wealth great with it so now they have an alternative to protect their wealth that isn't the bitch of bankers.

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A good, articulate back and forth. He will have to eat his words and do a peter if his business wants to survive IMO. I think bitcoin will get stronger and stronger even if people go for schiff coin. Bitcoin doesn't make him all wrong. Kelly counters arguing debates bitcoin has the same usefulness that gold has. Obviously, crypto is NOT fiat.

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Peter schiff bitcoin debates

🔴 Peter Schiff Argues w/ Bitcoin Activists in Heated Debate

The money his staff manages is one of many baskets. Their investment strategies are solid too. Spread your wealth around, listen to lots or different people with different perspectives, and embrace the diversity.

It protects you and what you have built. Damn i clicked on the wrong line and upvoted my own post which is annoying. I dont know how to get rid of it! Thank you for replying. The problem is the sector is doing so well, I really have to up the game of the other buckets to avoid sitting on the cyber sidelines. If it goes wrong at that amount someone is going to be wearing an orange coverall. I'm invested in many crypto coins, but they are bets. Gresham's Law states that bad money drives out good money.

Crypto works in reverse. The problem with Crypto is that good coins can be created to replace existing coins at any time. We never know when that may happen. Yes, invest in quality sound crypto coins, but you should also diversify your wealth into many different baskets. Anyone that has all their wealth tied up in crypto is taking a HUGE risk.

Yes, place your bets, hope for the best, and be a part of the future, but please Do not place all of your wealth in one basket. Spread your hard work around. Protect it by giving little pieces of it to different people and putting it in different places. I strongly suggest people to place quality bets on crypto and be involved, but I also suggest they be smart about it.

Don't put all your hard labor over your entire life into a single basket crypto. I worked with a guy who was a janitor, no offense to janitors either, and the man had lost his entire life's wealth in the stock market. He was a day trader, and he lost it all on bad bets.

You don't want to be the guy who's walked out from his janitor job for raging at a woman in the woman's bathroom. None of us know for sure what will happen. Stay out of debt, diversify your holdings, prepare for the worst, and listen to lots of people with lots of different opinions. That is the best way to prosper no matter what happens. I don't want my friends to be ruined.

I don't want them to lose all that they have worked so hard to gain either. Schiff isn't stuck in the past. I value that too. Just don't gamble with everything. Some of your wealth should be placed in more conservative baskets. Be careful to not lose it all. Don't trust anyone or anything with all your wealth either. He is obviously stuck in the past.. Max should have asked him what happens if they find an underwater gold deposit that has x more gold than has ever existed!

Yeah, that's Bix Weir's theory. That there is a VAST deposit of gold in the grand canyon. According to Bix the dollar collapses before the end of the year, J. I'm "anxiously" awaiting Bix's "live! I hear he's looking for an rv to use as a bugout vehicle. But if he doesn't find one in time Clif "I'm always this" High will be more than happy to give Bix a ride in his rv. Clif the nastro-ignoramus of the crypto apocalypse on the road to roota with RotoRoooter Bix Weir.

Can't wait for the tv series. There's a reason why so much of the world's gold is locked up in bank vaults or in Indian house holds.

We also get over 1, tones per year from scrap. For a commodity that the gold bugs would have you believe is in such strong demand as a commodity people sure do have a lot of it not being used for anything other than currency or "investment" and just like diamonds it is in everyone's best interests to tightly control the supply and keep this "precious" metal off the shelves.

You are so very, very close "thejohalfiles. I am on the distribution list. Here is my email address: If anyone wishes for a copy please just request. The challenge would be to keep the "blood' unspoiled since the blockchain can be turned against us. A great weapon always challenges both sides of the table. I agree, Blockchain in general is starting to accelerate at an exponential rate in the private sectors specifically which will introduce more and more of the pubic into the public blockchain.

Everything including stock markets are already getting ready to launch heir own platforms. Some well connected bankers are rushing to put together platforms which will allow people with large sums of money that haven't had an outlet previously to buy into cryptos. There will be volatility but after this summer I suspect we all should buckle up and prepare for liftoff. Good point, I agree. Schiff will lose out in crypto space or maybe he is secretly investing in bitcoin Do you use bots , and what is your opinion about bots?

I wish you more success and hope that we stay in touch. Yes, blockchain is already being used by governments around the world. The discussion however is about Bitcoin vs. Wow bravo, you guys need to go at it more often, you too are arguing about bitcoin but for some reason I think you too are on the same page.

I feel like Peter gets it, but he is just not willing to accept it. Please we need an on stage debate. I'll pay to see that. I'm grateful for the paradigm shift. Max is the MAN! Max actually knows the technology boom isn't a hot air balloon. This will form a new history, in human civilization, how creation can influence the way of contemplative human life on earth, such as internet, smatrphon, and others. Blockchains in the decisive and fundamental fields.

Globalized decentralization is a huge step. I hope we do something soon to incentivise building a decentralized grid. The possibility of the powers that be shutting off the grid in certain areas or in general is the only thing that has me worried about cryptos in general, the reliance on the grid.

Things like foodcoin can help make a difference in that industry. Hope the grid can be tackled sometime. Schiff is right though, Bitcoin has become speculation, that's what saddens me. I'm surprised by Keiser's stance against gold though! Back then, he was also supporting and pushing publicity for the emerging bitcoin that nobody heard about.

Now he seemed to have completely shifted to bitcoin. I agree with Schiff's statement around Schiff like a lot of people of his generation are unwilling to see the future. They can't see it. They can only see things from the point of view of the old broken systems.

Keiser used to talk so much shit about Bitcoin and crypto. It was funny seeing his attitude towards it change. Methinks you are talking out of your bottom? Provide one link for Max talking shit about bitcoin. Keiser said Bitcoin was too expensive and said Litecoin was the better option. Don't make me embarrass you with links. This shit is from years ago. People are allowed to change their opinions.

Nothing wrong about it. I just said it is funny. And I guess you answered my question that this account isn't actually Keiser? One user think Max deserves jail for market manipulation. More pump and dump? Keiser only started being more public about his desire to see Bitcoin succeed when all of his pump and dump schemes failed though I'm sure he still likely stole some people's money and his "predictions" were being revealed to be hot air.

This guy is interesting to watch but I sure as hell wouldn't be taking investing advice from him. He should keep adding benefit by interviewing people like this and bringing awareness to the network. But he should stay away from publicly promoting another alt coin, that's for sure. Y'all should power up more Steem to have more credibility in this community.

I respond with links of several instances where Keiser was pumping alts which by itself shows a distrust in Bitcoin or at least a desire to scam and I'm wasting your time. If you keep making "predictions" one of them is bound to be true. His targets were off for every single coin he tried to pump and dump on his followers. What he was doing was morally and ethically wrong.. Not sure why y'all blindly follow him. As I said, I have been involved in the crypto world since and remember the crap Keiser was spreading.

It is pretty hard to not make money from buying and holding crypto. Especially when you create the scamcoin and like to your followers to buy it before leaving thm with a pile a shit. All good though, I realize that most of these financial experts have no clue what they are talking about when it comes to crypto. Might be more suited as a comedian. So you've been "involved in the crypto world since " and yet only had a Steemit account for a month??

Max and Stacy have clearly been important players in promoting the crypto revolution so love them or hate them they are deserving of respect. As for recommending alts that turn out to go nowhere, who hasn't done that?? Everyone who's into crypto has had highs and lows in their predictions and you think this is "borderline illegal". I think blindly taking advice without doing your own research is borderline stupidity, take a bit of responsibility for your actions and stop blaming others for your own failings in life.

Btw, KeiserReport happened to have their account created on the same day mine was. Does that somehow change the validity of the users points? In 50 days I have become a top 50 witness, written and released several open source projects, release a ruby STEEM gem, partnered with MinnowSupport and personally wrote a bot platform to help manage their bots for the community, started a full RPC node for the network, and joined onto BuildTeam as a developer for minnowbooster, steemsports, steemvoter, and more that are not yet public.

People should be able to have open discussions and not have to agree. The point of educated debate is to further ones knowledge by considering facts presented of multiple sources. Max didn't just "recommend alts". He actively schemed to come up with MaxCoin and Quark nonsense. You can disagree with my opinion and presentation of evidence because that is your decision.

No one said you had to agree. Thanks for the laughs though. Maybe get out your mummys basement stop pulling your tally whacker and have some face to face conversations, once you been smacked in the mouth a few times you might grow up.

Just attempt to resort to insult when your point has been invalidated. Trust me, makes you seem very credible. Shared on twitter and resteemed. This I can guarantee. Great interview as always. We've got to have you back on Keiser Report soon! Would love to come back on your show as long as I can plug Steemit and Steem ; ;. I cannot thank you and Stacy enough for giving me some great exposure after being on your show last year. I didn't see it that way. Do you have all your wealth in one basket?

I hope, for your sake, you do not. Nope, far from it. I Just think Peter is going to be proven massively wrong, you could already say he has been considering Bitcoin has been going strong for about 8 years now. Certainly not "tulip mania" haha. Then don't listen to him regarding crypto. I do not agree with him sbout it, but he has made me money through other solid strategies. In other words, he is wrong about one thing. That doesn't make him all wrong. Why throw out everything?

I would also say he's been wrong about the price of gold because for as long as I've been listening to him he's been saying it's about to go up massively, which is convenient because thats what he happens to be selling. Sooner or later it will go up and he will claim he was right all along. Don't get me wrong I don't think he's a total idiot, just that he stands to gain financially if gold succeeds and Bitcoin fails and I think that shows in what he says in interviews.

Gold is being suppressed of course. I don't care what the price of gold is though. All I care is what it buys. It will always buy a lot.

There are a lot of factors in play. Gold, obviously, is much much more stable, given the fact that it has been around for nearly as long as humanity, making it a perfect storage of value. It has inherent value and that same value is recognized by just about every single person in the world. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is volatile, but is continuously growing, making it much better suited for investment. Currently, not everyone is aware of it, not everyone believes in it, and not everyone would accept it, but it has the advantage of being capable of being transferred electronically.

They cater to different needs. They're both going to be around for a long ass while, and are not in direct competition with each other. Interesting quote from Keiser: They've never been so high in their hundred years history.

Typical quote from Schiff: The most obvious comparison to me is that gold is recognised and accepted everywhere as precious metal. It is scarce, physical and has long-term decades, years, not months value that is almost certain not to depreciate much, almost certain to appreciate.

It is used chiefly as a hedge against volatility. Bitcoin is digital, not yet scarce. Having been around less than 10 years, one can only speculate about its long-term viability as a commodity, never mind its original purpose as a currency. They are pricing in dollars or euros. Gold had a long history of intrinsic value before it was money. People desired it for its properties, and it was very scarce, so it had a lot of value because its unique properties were hard to come by.

Nobody knew what bitcoin was five or ten years ago. It has no value other than the fact that maybe you can use it to exchange it for something else. Kelly counters arguing that bitcoin has the same usefulness that gold has. There are hundreds of others. Because somebody came up with Facebook.

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A real must watch. We ran into Peter Schiff at the Freedom Fest in Las Vegas a week ago; and this is the bitcoin vs by keiserreport. having summoned /u/evoorhees to be one of the first people back in the day to do that debate with Peter and a great job at it I might add I would love to hear the master that is Voorhees rise from Camp Crystal lake to debate Peter again. I do however think Peter has been around the correct people to explain. Google trends Buy Gold vs Buy Bitcoin: wearebeachhouse.com?q= bitcoin#q=buy%20bitcoin%2C%20buy%20gold%2C%20buy%20silver&date= today%m&cmpt=q. TTBit: Peter Schiff incorrectly believes that the product known as "bitcoin" is over. With colored coins / Mastercoin, a company can buy a .

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