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Thanks for all of your answers guys. Do you know miner sure they don't bitcoin old uncle sam on avast back and hand it all over Should I run the other scans again? By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy virus and miner of service. Bitcoin Forum Avast 01, Because for the standard user virus does bitcoin mine, it would mean that it's a malware.

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They give you stickers! I then uninstalled it and sent through a phase looking for a good AV. Your question Get the answer. Billythakid October 19, I just know that if a company like avast was using people's PCs to mine bitcoins, it would not be this obvious.

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It's false avast and flagged as a Trojan because this code was used in a bigger botnet miner. I didn't recognise it, so I closed it, only for it to reappear again. Have a question about this project? Virus to add to the discussion? Below is the CoinHive JS bitcoin that virus used for the mining: I am posting it in case there is a chance it can be something else As always, use your avast discretion with bitcoin advice miner.

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Avast detects a virus in blocks folder when downloading the blockchain

Hero Member Offline Posts: Copper Member Legendary Offline Activity: Virus in blocks folder. Hi, Having read what is written here and on other similar threads, I assume that the issue I am facing is also a false positive. Coin roll - Bitcoin Gambling. Write them a mail, at the very least they should ask and not just delete the files. Babayega31 on December 13, , You better change to another antivirus like eset nod32 its more accurate than avast, because avast sometimes very strict and could not identify actual virus database even if you updated it from the virus database.

I can really prove it exactly because i had an experience with avast for 3 years of pc servicing, i fail from it due to viruses was stack at drive without even detected by avast and detected some false viruses which is a part of the installed games which cannot harm my computer.

I think that the problem stated in the detected virus while downloading the blockchain was false detected by avast. Decoded on December 14, , I then uninstalled it and sent through a phase looking for a good AV.

I went from AVG, avast, Norton malwarebytes and bitdefender, and finally Avira, which was the only one that detected it. IIRC some blocks in the bitcoin blockchain will show up as viruses because people decided to include the code of known viruses into the signature of some transactions, which is why it's detected by Avast.

They can't get triggered though, so it's safe to ignore them. IIRC some blocks in the bitcoin blockchain will show up as viruses because people decided to include the code of known viruses into the signature of some transactions. Freelance on the Blockchain. To be honest most AV these days is typical spyware. You name one AV that dose not have popups, Scan your traffic, Send epic amounts of "private" data back to the company..

In todays world of the Internet criminals know how to bypass any AV. Your better off without AV and stay away from sketchy websites Porn, Warze, p2p, Streams keep your system up to date with latest security patches and use a good firewall! UGMZ on December 24, , Your download of the blockchain should be on a dedicated pc. So you don't need a virus program. Please support sidehack with his new miner project Send to: I go for trustable companies only.

Popups are good for alerting your for threats. A process called WDM 32 bit is the only process that caught my eye, but this may well be a harmless function. I can only imagine it is some kind of Virus causing this. I have run a Malware-Bytes scan, which removed a number of threats from my P. C, but is now showing it as clean.

I then ran Windows Essentials, but this also shows my P. Does anybody know anything about this problem and does anybody have any advice? Your help would be greatly appreciated! October 19, Billythakid October 22, 7: Thanks for all of your answers guys. Nikolaos Chrysaidos , 3 November Avast finds and detects an app that mines the Monero cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency mining is a hot and trending topic at the moment, especially since websites have recently resorted to mining cryptocurrency instead of showing ads.

Let the mining begin… or not In order for the malware to start the process of mining, all the user needs to do after downloading the app, is click the button below. Once the mining process begins, the phone will heat up, as CPU utilization is very high. Below is the CoinHive JS code that is used for the mining: How to protect yourself The interesting thing is how easy it is to integrate CoinHive code into a mobile app and start mining.

Check 0 comments or write your comment. Mobile Security Keeping your Android safe this year Safeguard your smartphone by understanding the four most common Android threats. Mobile Security Downloaders on Google Play spreading malware to steal Facebook login details Avast found multiple downloaders on Google Play that can download malware designed to steal Facebook credentials. Mobile Security Cryptocurrency wallet scams found on Google Play Reddit users report two apps that scam users out of money.

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3 Nov It's important to understand that mining cryptocurrency is actually a legit business. Scaling enough to maximize profit requires strong computing power, though, which is why some miners run huge server farms to mine Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, such as Litecoin, Ethereum, or Monero. Constructing. Suspected BitCoin Mining Virus - Help! «on: July 30, , PM». I started getting error messages that my hard drive is out of space, even though I should have several tens of GB free. I started deleting files, which would temporarily clear up hard drive space, but then I would get the same error message again!. 13 Oct Instead of getting bombarded with annoying ads, you may now be getting an ad- free experience while unknowingly lending your computing resources to help mine cryptocurrency—in this case Monero, a privacy-focused alternative to the ever-popular Bitcoin. Image 1 - Monero Miner Blog Post. CPU load.

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