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Broderline, oh, I had a crush on the red head warmitup: Withdraw now is it 12 midnight reset or 24 hours after a WD insa: Nefritox, buy atsell atrepeat insa: Tesla, it will not be integrated within the site adamdavidwelch: Etc is for the people ,they just dont know it yet isharci: ValentinJesse, vb can work in the library though, tual only laundry lol OracleOfProfits:

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I think ethereum sealed it's own fate by changing stuff. Thats cuz dao hack was an inside job i Big ETC buyup after that dump? Please be considerate in the Trollbox. I stayed focused on the shot while my friend stomped out the fire. Sam Smith gets roasted on Twitter as his white lab coat is compared to TV doctor Doogie Howser during Grammys Pink keeps it simple in t-shirt and jeans as she takes to Grammy stage for powerful performance of 'suffragette' song Looked classy still Country music stars reunite for poignant Grammys tribute to Las Vegas massacre victims four months after performing at the Route 91 festival The Disney princess is back! Kim Kardashian accused of 'cultural appropriation' by fans after showing off her 'Bo Derek' braids on Snapchat Not ex-actly ideal!

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Soon they were at each other like this. Tesla, they are having to make a special way to withdraw Rahul: I like the fact that I can step outside and capture the beauty of nature right here at home. TruthMatters, by est isharci: The team members only have first names and last initials Shaerox: It's probably gonna hurt the value a lot. Still trying to get into Coinbase.

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Bitcoin what is pool hopping ok in disney cruise

Mining Pool Hopping

For this shot, it was laid flat on a table and lit from above and slightly behind with a 36xinch softbox mounted on a monolight. I used a piece of white foam board in front to even out the light. The camera was mounted on a tripod directly over the watch. Photoflex softbox on Interfit monolight.

On a cloudy morning, I was sitting on Nickerson Beach, 15 feet away from about black skimmers, when they blasted off. This, the fourth frame of a seven-shot burst, was my favorite. There were monks praying under it, but I was even more fascinated by all the prayer flags strung through the garden in the misty, early morning light. Minor edits in Adobe Lightroom. Later I returned to this one, but was disappointed when the sunset seemed like a dud. Packing up, I stole a glance over my shoulder; by magic, the clouds to the north lit up with these gorgeous pink and purple hues.

I had to race to find the right composition. Edits in Adobe Photoshop CS2. Paul to see the new polar bear exhibit. This shot was totally spontaneous. I was moved by the reactions of the children seeing such a beautiful animal up close—I wanted to capture their sense of awe and amazement. I was glad to see later that the fast shutter speed froze the air bubbles as the polar bear exhaled, for just a fraction of a moment. We tried a few with the glass completely removed, then broke just one side of a bulb and shot it against a black backdrop.

My son and I both photographed it in our own style; his took first place at a high-school art expo. Edited in Adobe Photoshop CS5. At the lion exhibit, the animals were resting after a meal.

Suddenly one got up and walked to the other. I raised my camera and zoomed in as the second lion roared in response. Soon they were at each other like this. Edits made in Adobe Lightroom 3. I wanted the interior of the museum to be visible while capturing repeating patterns in the framework, as well as the exterior of the palace, in a way that would juxtapose the modern with the old. Three exposures, composited in HDR, made that possible.

It was my first time using a macro lens—it was exciting to test myself to be creative with angles while working in a confined space. Adjusted in Adobe Lightroom 3. With bait in the boat as well as in the water, we were at no loss for birds circling overhead, and the photo ops were better than the fishing. Returning to port, our deck hand dumped unused bait in the water and threw some in the air for the pelicans, who were waiting to catch the fish on the fly. The boat was moving from side to side as I composed and let Matrix metering work its magic.

Edits made in Apple Aperture 3. Camels are bought and sold in large numbers, and I took this photograph at dusk as the traders brought their animals in. It had taken me a while to decipher what route they might arrive on; the camels and traders appeared just as light was fading, approaching quickly and filling my viewfinder as I composed and shot in burst mode. Edited in Adobe Photoshop CS3.

Ants infected by a mind-controlling, parasitic fungus called Cordyceps unilateralis climb to the tips of the grass blades and cling on until the end of their lives; in early morning dew, they make a great photo subject. I wanted the subject, dew, and the refracted backdrop in the dew all to be in focus, so, using a Wimberley Plamp to hold the base of the leaf still, I took multiple exposures.

Six of them composited later in focus-stacking software made a glittery wrap of morning jewels. Composited in Zerene Stacker. Until last January, when perfect fog came in. One morning I returned to a location off Conzelman Road. I wanted a long exposure to smooth the fog, and knew the hills would prevent empty space. Just as the sun was about to appear, I released the shutter, hoping for the best. Up-close, you can see the sun star and Transamerica Pyramid peeking through the fog.

Adjusted in Adobe Photoshop CS5. It might be hard to believe, but this photo was totally unposed; I was photographing the bridesmaids when I saw the bride turning to her mirror. I focused on her just in time to capture the small, self-assuring smile that flickered across her mouth in the last moments before taking her vows.

RAW processed in Adobe Lightroom 3. I generally do nature photography during our green, lush summers, but something stood out to me about these branches and the pilings wreathed in fog. As I composed, the ship passed through, completing the shot. This one inspired me to make similar silhouettes my project while waiting for the summer.

It was rainy and overcast, but we wanted to have an aerial view of its landscape, so on the last day we took a flight on a small passenger plane. I was shooting through the passenger window and had to be mindful of the overhead wing and its supports, and also of reflections off the glass.

I captured this when the pilot was banking the plane in the right way, after metering off the clouds. The image reminds me of J. Katie Price steps out in leather and lace as she reveals secret to her year career during Cambridge Union debate 'You haven't been a foreigner to love': Jamelia discusses traumatic pregnancy that saw her waters break at 23 weeks Davina McCall seeks urgent medical advice for her son, 11, over dangerous bite fears Shocked woman can't believe her eyes as she bumps into Beyonce and Jay-Z in New York hotel Snap went viral after singer shared it 'I wish she was here to carry me down the red carpet': Billie Lourd laments the death of her mother Carrie Fisher as she celebrates her posthumous Grammy Caitlyn Jenner, 68, flashes her flat stomach in a cropped slogan T-shirt and bootcut jeans while pumping gas in Malibu Slender 'It's become a movement': Jessica Chastain encourages those who have suffered abuse in the Australian film industry to speak up Goth girls!

Claire Foy reveals husband Stephen Campbell's terrifying battle with a brain tumour 'I'm sick of seeing everybody's bum. Rose McGowan leads praise for singer's cathartic Grammys performance after she reduced audience to tears 'Mama and baby boy! Heidi Klum, 44, puts her black lingerie on display in sheer peekaboo dress at Grammy Awards The year-old returned to her lingerie roots He got it from his papa!

Lewis Hamilton treats his young nephew to a pink princess costume at Disneyland Paris Singer Camila Cabello honors Dreamers in emotional speech about her own journey from Cuba to the Grammy's stage Lady in white!

Lauren Goodger bemoans her 'disgusting' arms and 'swollen' legs as she vows to continue weight loss journey The man bun is gone! Shirtless David Beckham, 42, unveils newly-cropped hairstyle as he relaxes by the pool on Miami lads' day 'She thought he was The One': Sam Smith gets roasted on Twitter as his white lab coat is compared to TV doctor Doogie Howser during Grammys Pink keeps it simple in t-shirt and jeans as she takes to Grammy stage for powerful performance of 'suffragette' song Looked classy still Country music stars reunite for poignant Grammys tribute to Las Vegas massacre victims four months after performing at the Route 91 festival The Disney princess is back!

Unwitting David Platt has his first encounter with future attacker in male rape storyline as Josh Tucker plans charity boxing 'Dreams come true! Cardi B revives the 90s in bright crop top and booty shorts to perform with Grammy winner Bruno Mars Show-stopper Double take!

Liev Schreiber's much younger 'girlfriend' Taylor Neisen bonds with his sons Kendrick Lamar's politically-charged Grammy opener sends Twitter into overdrive as Dave Chappelle calls him most dangerous man in America.

Glee co-stars of pedophile, 35, who Police spot disturbing similarities between 'highly Punished for going 1mph over the limit: Road policing chief demands days of 'soft' treatment come to an end Landlord offers a young woman a rent-free apartment in return for SEX in shocking video as documentary How does your area rate for medical blunders?

Seaplane that crashed in Sydney river killing British family of five 'hit area of water away from expected British doctor, 26, and his childhood friend from Cambridge who fell to their deaths while skiing Chess prodigy and ex-accountant, 27, 'died after throwing himself backwards from a motorway bridge into Britain's most unlikely flatmates: So is the new scheme that brought Vietnamese budget airline apologises after bikini-clad display by flight attendants to welcome football Kate and Alicia's fashion face-off: Oscar-winner Vikander looks radiant in blue at the royal black tie Pregnant Kate takes on William at hockey during royals' visit to chilly Stockholm - but gets BBC boss Lord Hall says he 'doesn't believe there has been illegality' at the Corporation as he apologises BBCWomen slam Corporation's probe into pay inequality as auditors Malika Haqq suffers awkward nip slip as she's evicted alongside Ashley James and Road safety campaigner, 36, 'mowed down love rival in his Audi A5 car after tracking his estranged wife's I shouldn't have looked at botched plastic surgery jobs before dead.

BigBloxSTR, thats baddass aboly: BigBloxSTR, downward trend for etc for a couple hours? ETCisthewinner, hehe dunno how much, just saw him live yesterday saying that Belieber3: Remember the hot sister from That 70s Show? Competiteon leads to innovation. MotorboatMyGoat, true that Nordman: Broderline, the red head? Nordman, the blonde Futterwacken: I'm hiring 3 full-time developers myself and I have many cryptographers" OneFrY: Nordman, the redhead Donna was the girlfriend rusty Broderline, oh, I had a crush on the red head warmitup: Get it here while it's hot.

Nordman, shes on orange is the new black worriedwalrus: Ahmed1st, lets refrain from ticker messages please OneFrY: ETC is the original hardhatminer: Tesla, krakens orders are a little faster than polo Gorilla: I reckon I'll die of heart attack.

Futterwacken, i had 2fa enabled on my other account and i broke my phone with my google authenticater app on it what do i do now? Cr is gonna go insane yet i think, buy orders are on the rise hardhatminer: Hacker, uve been sayn that for 4 hours already PSEswagger: I just added 50 btc to etc market cap earlier today. Im buyin more cr while its down i think its gonna sky rocket fpt Nordman, that didnt make sense isharci: Tesla, if they're smart then they're watching kraken, krakens traders tend to be more professional with better information Tesla Futterwacken, how r u doing today mate?

Tesla, good, hope you are doing the same: Go down chickn gilbertvelez What is currently trending? Hacker banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Futterwacken. Futterwacken, im pretty good right now, thanks What do blind people dream about adamdavidwelch: Broderline, depends on if they were born blind or lost sight later in life Belieber3: WTF is wrong with me?

What will ETC do today?? Belieber3, you need to have enough amount to cover the orders mastertrader Nordman has awarded Broderline 10 marks good question insa: Futterwacken, so if i have extra btc on this side i can set both or no? ETC community growing significantly trantrantrantran: I love eating those trolls. Belieber3, yes you can OneFrY: In the end, bots own the day.

Futterwacken, oh okay ill try it out next time, thank! Now we see a nice mid run for ETC! Belieber3, you are welcome hardhatminer: Charles says hes hiring 3 full time devs hardhatminer: Morning etc heads mastertrader Bout to be doing some big things! I can't wait to tell yall about my new company!! OneFrY, lot of the blind community lost vision after early childhood and retrained as echo-enabled, will dream in wire-frame type warmitup: I wonder if this etc little uptrend will continue mastertrader ETC is here to stay Aum: Play nice everyone, we are all here to make money , by taking each other's money.

Im buyin as much 1cr as i can before it sk rocks Broderline: Maybe I'll wake up tomorrow and etc will be 0. Watch out for buys on late rises. Try not to buy into the peaks. They can fall fast. Sometimes patience pays off. Sticky42o, Fontas is still around i Futterwacken, what do you do when it is a flat line? If tomowrow hits 0. Nordman, give it a CPR adamdavidwelch: Sticky42o, he's around guaranteed mastertrader Futterwacken, lol I thought you might say that or pronounce it doa Vandal: Oevltrd, will be cheaper apb1m: Oevltrd, big ideas coming from nxt mastertrader I think will make a lot of crypto investors rich KontraK: DirtySouthGirl, not true pal truckman I'm holding long term.

Nordman, give it a shot of epinephrine first before declaring DOA: The Oracle is here with a prophecy on GEO insa: DirtySouthGirl, was here all day rejoicing of cheap etc elmanager: Futterwacken, would that wake me up? OracleOfProfits, welcome back mastertrader I love how etc is climbing all by itself like a baby DirtySouthGirl, I was not buying at. DirtySouthGirl, I was promoting it though ; insa: Futterwacken, pass some over this coffee just ain't working: Who is going to lead ETC dev team?

DirtySouthGirl, shhh already dont b jealous Futterwacken: DirtySouthGirl, Cost average is. Vandal, yeah but you cant trade it yet. DirtySouthGirl, I can show you screen shot? GEOcoin dev is back now and many updates are coming out soon.. Android app, new releases and partnerships. TimeIsMoney, check it out https: Vandal, why is everyone so worried about what coinbase carries or not? Nordman, it's just troll food, all troll food get regurgitated over and over for their positions DirtySouthGirl, Yup, I dumped it right before btc rised.

It was a mastercall. Charles Hoskinsin is a scammer he fits perfect in the ETC scene trantrantrantran: DirtySouthGirl, I spent i Nordman, nope they are a business. BTC on ToshiDesk already mastertrader Futterwacken, I've been waiting on support for hours.

Is there any way to expedite this? I'm in for huge investment with that project. OracleOfProfits, ill check geo back out, sunk a bit in before still own shares maybe ill drop more i Nordman, lol horrible ; mintblast: Exchanges wouldn't add it, investors wouldn't trade it.

I got rid of the premine fairly at the all time low price. In the midst of opportunity there is also chaos OracleOfProfits: OneFrY, please check the geocoin page on btc talk for news and updates I speak nothing but the truth CryptBosta: Unstoppable ETC buy support futuret I am an ETC hater mastertrader ETC analysis shows us bullish trend hardhatminer: NXT dumping faster than it climbed SandoKhan: ETC is gettin today atleast forksauce: Rahul, you may have to do that in the nxt exchange GillBates: Etc is on the rise now look at that trend up elconejo: Tesla, Yup, tell me about it.

Rahul, honestly i don't know.. Its called a "come up" shorts: NegusSupreme, ok nxt exchange you say So you basically created an eToro for crypto. How is your user base doing? Did anyone win taking chat advise bitcoinswap Try the myNXTWallet ab. NegusSupreme, so I can just do that online without downloading anything right elmanager: Can mastertrader be banned please He does this evertytime hardhatminer: I don't think we will break feldgangende Rised hard all of a sudden SandoKhan: Good luck with it.

I don't think we will go under. Using other peoples handles. I know the Real Profit. ETC buy orders growing fast warmitup: The bulls are back in town insa: NegusSupreme, if you buy nxt on polo I've seen your name pop up all day today Watch how ETC takes off neylor: The news are reaching the market now just wait for the big boom OracleOfProfits: My ETC analysis shows continuing uptrend up to , in 48 hours hardhatminer: No volume ETC louieysage: LLDJ, I'm always working buddy.

Just created a new business today Crypto Related - One of a kind! Its a gem with investor interest. Sell whales losing the game adamdavidwelch: OracleOfProfits, I don't hype coins.. OracleOfProfits, oh wow, thats rich of you to point out a shady hype man raver: OracleOfProfits, feldgangende, hehe futuret Some guys just need a permaban The business doesn't matter thebitlover: Technoman, what makes you think that?

Do yourself a favour and stfu Vandal: ETC is not getting added to coinbase shorts: ETC volume is nothing sid I only speak of coins that have good news coming up OracleOfProfits, what coin have good news? ETC is getting added to coinbase Futterwacken: AHIHI, lets not start that spam please warmitup: NoobianWarlord, it is not feldgangende ETH volume is half of nothing mastertrader Drake called said he wanted his line back NegusSupreme, yeah it is..

ValentinJesse, vb can work in the library though, tual only laundry lol OracleOfProfits: Go look at thier website under press Futterwacken: ETC has proven its strenght. There is actual volume and actual markets are showing its price.

Real ETC back up jaivem Come see me, I will have cams on you 2 miles out, AR's on deck NoobianWarlord, getting added to coinbase might cause some sells too though igor-d85c: The real ethereum is on fire again, watch out ; Vandal: I want him to share the cell with at least juiced to the gills meatheads 00null NoobianWarlord, of course it has devs, it's ETC before the fork.

There are actually many people trading it: Ardor the blockchain of everything Andaraan: ETC allready usd on coinbase after 2 minutes and endorsed by Warren Buffet mastertrader ETC about to get out of the red Futterwacken: Andaraan, lets ease up on the hype please 00null Andaraan, and Jimmy Buffet medfly ETC is being credited to people kuriso: Bleep you can send me the rest before you do kuriso: BTM wake up bairuyun: ETC burger in paradise feldgangende What's the thought on ETC when Coinbase releases it?

SandoKhan, calm down your safe darthvaderj Vitalik doesn't want us to have bigger pool that Ye OneFrY: Good luck, because i will short the hell out of ETH jffr: KontraK, no need to announce that please mastertrader Vitalik doesn't want us to have a bigger pool than Kanye West Sota: I know still can have effect? Sota, truth is gdax volume is irrelevant for eth adamdavidwelch: SandoKhan, got it ShinyDiscoBalls: Coinbasers will dump etc I'm guessing i SandoKhan, preaching at them really won't help with that shorts: ETC will clearly rise from the ashes from hardfork No really, Coinbase is down insa: I miss the dings on volume!

Gdax isnt available to me anyways if that's what your referring to Timon: Tesla, Of course, some people get that Shaerox, it opens here OneFrY: Just speculating what coinbasers will do with their etc vladimir Where are we seeing news about ETC devs? SandoKhan, heh, it is sort of a cultural background thing, so will for some ppl, yes.

Coinbase sucks the big one SamLucas: ETC starting its trip to the moon insa: Tesla, mastertrader, all day i lost btc value but been adding etc to wallet Crunkmeister: ETC just price jumps through the. Futterwacken, ah noodles sorry Tesla Coinbase is back MotorboatMyGoat: MrMeowski, and after they get it, they still f you with no lube NoobianWarlord: ETC is king Futterwacken: Vandal, its a scam insa: What is the timezone used by poloniex?

MrMeowski, i got circle when they had promo.. It will be interesting to see how Coinbase decides to tackle this problem, though. Thx for panic sellers cutepapyboy: Since all of these ethereum purchases occurred through funds in cold storage, Coinbase must have kept close records to determine who Sota: BFX coin Coming soon warmitup: NoobianWarlord, btc is the king.

Tesla, Yeah you never know.. All we can do is speculate Stupid Coinbase IS down. As soon as I decide to try out that 20 in btc referral bonus ShinyDiscoBalls, i got Sota: BFX coin will be fun Futterwacken: ShinyDiscoBalls, few thousand elmanager: NOPE, Coinbase is down again Some people are speculating the exchange may need to buy back ETC from other exchanges to fulfill their promise to customers.

I own ETC bairuyun: Coinbase ain't ready yet hardhatminer: OneFrY banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Futterwacken. Buy support is stacking voot: I have 6k ETC but a small wang hardhatminer: MrMeowski, their whole platform is pretty garbage too, many bug and inconsistencies, they put things live before they're ready Futterwacken: Guys lets keep it civil here please ShinyDiscoBalls: When is the coinbase ETC dump? XCP on zaif exchange hardhatminer: It doesn't mater, Coinbase is down Banhammer: ShinyDiscoBalls banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Futterwacken.

Wow Mr GReen stick is back: Is it hammer time? What're the implications of Coinbase being down? Pulling out btc and ETH to invest elsewhere? ETC up and going again elmanager: I mean after when? InCharlesWeTrust, Good for you. But what's your collusion with lisk call about?

About to Sky Rocket! Coinbase is back up FYI Futterwacken: Check under your seats!! BFX Coins for everyone!! Vandal, but who started that dump too? MrMeowski, I'm sure it's a hackers playground thebitlover: Anybody seen if they have a maintenance window? Coinbase is still outta commission for me. Back to the corner please ETC team says compren!

Toxicoin, I literally just connected to my account. Mmmhmm btc needmoney Toxicoin, it is up for me Futterwacken: Sota, stop spamming that please FuShu: Can't wait to bring those over here to play. It's on and off - on and off adamdavidwelch: ETC bagholders coming out of the closet i CryptoPimpto, Anyu news one when releasing?

That's all it is.. Futterwacken, Can you do a PSA that coinbase seems to still have some servers up, at the very least? This FUD is out of control. ETC Mist Wallet https: It's probably gonna hurt the value a lot.

LOL just delay coinbase sound like cryptsy IamCoinholio: You will be very unsure of how I call them so clean all the time - http: I have a limit sell position at. Tesla, just news still no date.. Tesla, they are having to make a special way to withdraw Rahul: Well THAT was interesting Still trying to get into Coinbase.

Getting error window, click the login button again. I think i bought at 1. Tesla, it will not be integrated within the site adamdavidwelch: ETH getting roasted https: Coinbase still down on my end IamCoinholio, I see their graph moving at bitcoinwisdom. You cant find one flaw in any of those charts It's loading quickly and fine for me.. Vandal, you cant trace the coins? ETH is planning 5 more hard forks GDAX starting to time out Tesla However, because the site uses CloudFlare's Always Online dubhe: InCharlesWeTrust, yes and also weve seen enough stability after the crash to have more confidence now hardhatminer: Futterwacken, just realized direct IP connection doesnt work due to CF,damn bitcoinswap And your anaylsis is bad Toxicoin: FuShu, hope so Sliznut: Yeah I'm not concerned about a hack Dash will back to 0.

Futterwacken, now other people seem to be hitting live servers, try again? I'm seriously thinking to wear my foil hat. Futterwacken, Just had a sell order go through twice and have a negative balance mastertrader Even IF CB got hacked they're supposedly fully insured so you wouldn't be out. Futterwacken, jpw does that happen? Futterwacken, i'll try a small withdraw to be sure infamousBT: Futterwacken, i just bought some btc CryptBosta: Unstoppable ETC buy support Rahul: Does anyone else get just a littttle bit infuriated every time they try to copy and paste a link from trollbox?

Futterwacken, what is considered a day period? Withdraw now is it 12 midnight reset or 24 hours after a WD insa: TwoTriads, please try to refresh your page, you can check that on your trade history FuShu: Please don't bring back Charles again.

Futterwacken, perfect, thanks for the confirmation. Tesla, bro, don't get whooped. Mabey all the hacks and the ehc stuff was all planed to see how the msm and market Coinbase right now reminds me of Vengaboys: Futterwacken, That's done it - thanks: InCharlesWeTrust, i guess haha. Futterwacken, can you help me please.

I just sold some etc, and the trade shows in my history but I was not awarded my btc Toxicoin, everybody's in line waiting for their free ETC from coinbase ; jaivem ETC had the beating, now its consolidated Futterwacken: Toxicoin, lets watch the caps please plorph: More organic growth patterns. Good for strong market interest. Futterwacken, Too much price prediction - Oh ok - No worries. No more prices from me. Futterwacken, thank you the order didn't get through don't know why: Its back to a reasonable price adamdavidwelch: InCharlesWeTrust, can you give me a on what slockit is please Solamen: Whale dump is over insa: Tesla, Come on its coinbase?

Coinbase sucks and is slow as junk. InCharlesWeTrust, so what is etc then hardhatminer: ETC small up trend anonh: ETH is planning 5 more hard forks confirmed by yesterday's video, good luck with your block chain: Tesla, I don Solamen: DONT trade the news I trade the charts.

Futterwacken, how much time does it take to depodit btc , i did it but can't see any confirmation or receiving singnals insa: InCharlesWeTrust, etc and eth arent necessarily in competition.

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American Tourister Disney Cars 18 inch Upright Soft Side Suitcase, Red. Disney Cars, Disney Cruise/plan, Suitcases, Mickey Minnie Mouse, Walmart, Luggage Bags, Suitcase, At Walmart, Trunks. This Pin was discovered by Gold Stock Bull. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest. 10 Aug During those times, there were “no deck parties, no movies under the stars, no late-night outdoor bar hopping or pool dipping” Carolyne Jasinski, a passenger on the ship, wrote on wearebeachhouse.com Essentially, “she was a ghost ship,” Jasinski added. Per the orders of Captain Gennaro Arma, all the curtains.

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