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MiningBuddyMitchellMindlessElectron. Last post by Overledger in Blockchain operating sys Tekunda Member Offline Activity: Ethlend bitcointalk a nice project speculation. Bitcoin hot new coins controversial top gilded wiki.

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Ashdrake Member Offline Activity: Best project in the crypto market with a very low market cap. Another coin for longterm is Siacoin for me. Last post by wgd in Re: Guys I'm telling you, get in now if you already haven't. February 02, ,

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Off-topic Bitcointalk topics that might be bitcointalk interest to bitcoiners. Im thinnking this year it will reach between dolllars. I think you can buy coins 2 million for a. It will go back up, never sell for a loss. AlexandrInt on Speculation 25, speculation, Last post by cryptomeo in test on Today at Qora — Coins .

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Coins bitcointalk speculation

January 14, , Look at Stronghands guys!! QSP - Interview soon, about to moon. Your top 5 on these exchanges for potential growth. Neblio, Red Pulse or Raiblocks?

What is the worst Altcoin of ? Hadron Cloud - Browser mining that's fair from the start. January 13, , All my money in 1 altcoin - Too risky? Easy x10 coin - MOIN. Who Wins and Who Loses? Myriadcoin — MYR -. There is no news, nothing posted to Reddit, and no updates on Bitcointalk that I could easily find. Pinkcoin — PINK -.

DigiByte — DGB -. They are bad about releasing news, though, and have 7 Billion coins. NuShares — NSR -. The communication is a little lacking. No posts in Reddit recently, and no news, such as what they are working on, available from their website. I just cannot tell from the information they provide what there is to look forward to, so unless you hear some news you probably don't need to hold this one long term.

There has to be some reason to own it right? Not that I can find. Siacoin — SC -. They have a vision, and passion, and this should take them a long way. I wish communication was better. There is a lot of buzz about Sia.

Many do not think it is a viable model, but if it pumps 10x you still get paid, and it is cheap at the moment. Now we are getting into the more expensive coins where. You start needing to make your calls on these based on a little more understanding of what they do and if the investment makes financial sense based on their model. Even if I recommend a BUY, you should do research yourself.

I have no idea where it is as you read this, so I cannot recommend a buy. They have good communications on new announcements in their own forum and active dev support on Bitcointalk. They are working on updates, and are passionate. Andriod mining sounds fun.

If they look like a good buy to you after some research, go for it. They have a wallet and a website and a few active games. If they do not abandon it C2 has a nice head start. Einsteinium — EMC2 -. When they were below 50sat a couple weeks ago this was a no-brainer. Now, you will need to make the decision on your own whether it is within your gambling budget.

Communication is not very active, but they are still on the map. Potcoin — POT -. Two months ago they made an announcement that they were working on a new App, though there are no obvious updates since.

The coin could be dead. I just cannot tell so I cannot recommend it. There is good communication and very active development. I still think it will go up more, but it is not the steal it was last week. I think it has some falling to do before it pumps again, but who knows. Low priced crypto-alts is a crazy place to be at the moment, so it is difficult for me to recommend a coin that is way off its lows and does not have support under it. Cryptonite — XCN -. They are very active and are communicating updates regularly.

They are working on something people are going to want and need in the future of crypto. I think they are due, and I think this is one of the few on this list that could be really big someday. A buy for me at this price. I heard a lot of positive things about ELIX in the german community, still very undervalued! Seems everyone are being optimistic with this coin and it's really making news in the market and seeing it have a excellent coin circulation. Starts Dec 11 Ends Jan If you like Elixir because of its good future, also checkout the following: I've been trying to tell people here about Elixir since the beginning back when it was only a few cents each.

Now it's almost a dollar. Even at that price it is still very undervalued. The devs on this project are some of the best devs in crypto. Consistently under promising and always over deliviring. They have come such a long way in only a few short months. Guys I'm telling you, get in now if you already haven't. Hopefully we can all make a few thousand from this coin.

Im thinnking this year it will reach between dolllars. Theere has to be something that will get into the realm of the ethereum, litecoin, and bitcoin prices.

Something with under a one hundred million supply that is an organized project. Is it ok to hold small amount on exchange for short time if I buy it? Or there are at the moment rewards that I can get only by holding in my wallet?

Hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Comes the new Webpage.. From current point of view and being in contact with both communities, ELIX seems to have the bigger potential. But even Oyster Pearl has potential to at least outperform the market and most of the other coins. Look like good project they have but how abput the compatitor which has been proven to be work very good like ethlend?

Ethlend now already have many customer. Borrowers and lenders there. What makes this token different? And ethlend also work decentralised which no one controled it even the developer. All the transactions run on smart contract. Reading all positive stuff for this.. Have to put some cash. I don't believe in it, but fuck it hah. The project has a good potential. Great team, nice map very interesting. Over the last month increased almost 10 times.

And now the total capitalization of 25 million. I think the growth opportunity is huge. May be the fastest growing project in The new website will be out tomorrow! IMO after that we will see a big price jump. Ckjnow on January 01, , I hope you followed my advice when I created the topic it was 0. That'sur juste the beginning of the road! Lending crypto will be the bog things in with fast and feeless crypto and privacy crypto. What is your prediction for the end of January with this coin?

It's climbing like a champ, and with a low market cap I expect big things about it. Could suffer some major dips when people cash out, though, but with a strong project like this, I wouldn't worry about it. And in my case, I won't cash out soon. Higher Altitude on January 02, , No idea at what time the website is going to be released, but I think this last peak is due in part because of it, because of the expectation it generates.

Maybe it'll give it another boost and then a dip will follow. Today's dip was probably people cashing out, I've seen that before when there's an announcement coming. In this case, the announcement was something that should push Elixir even further knowing the real people behind de project , so I don't quite understand why people cash out in this scenarios.

The good thing is that it gives us the opportunity to buy more coins at a cheaper value. With this new information, what are your predictions for Elixir for January, 6 months and one year? It looks like it has a bright future to me. Big correction today, now's the time to get in if you're thinking about buying. I can see this going x in the next few weeks.

You heard it here first. BMG86 on January 03, , Nobody expected such a huge grow I sold all my ELIX much cheapers, below 5k sato, it's now 11k sato. BlackMike on January 06, ,

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