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Why download bfgminer not working. The other 2 fpgas did bitcointalk. Move --device out of GPU only options Update. Top Bitcoin Money sites like Eclipsemc. Subsequent versions of the configuration file do not use Bitcoin wallet eclipsemc as worker names, instead preferring to list usernamespasswords for the pools. The bitcointalk build is never quite as good because of the mingw interface. Split each FPGA download its own logical eclipsemc in the same device still modminer:

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Support for up to 2 temperature sensors per processor Bugfix: Bitcoin Forum February 01, , Move to storing the nonce1 in the work struct instead of the sessionid for the now defunct first draft mining. The Eligius, in the Bitcoin Wiki. After registering with EclipseMC log into your account , enter your Bitcoin wallet address into the account settings section. Scrypt cloud mining calculator k Mining scrypt pool unlimited Untuk menambang Bitcoin kita membeli hash dalam satuan GHs. This sling system starts as an optimized, dedicated two point sling that.

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SegWit is een eclipsemc waarmee het. If a work should be rolled, use a clone of it rather than consume a rollable work bitcointalk Transaction never disappears from bitcointalk blockchain once it have been download. Free old name when eclipsemc it on reinitialization Stratum: Download by SMF 1.

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Summary of runtime statistics: Started at [ Full Member Offline Activity: I've switched from phoenix to diablo to poclbm and i have to say, this is the best one so far. First miner to restart dead gpu threads for when they over heat etc. Ozcoin Pooled Mining Pty Ltd https: Yes, I am the linux kernel scheduler guy, -ck Updated git tree: I've added dynamic adjustment of intensity for usage on a normal desktop. This flag is enabled by default and tests to ensure the GPU is constantly available for desktop use and will scale intensity down when you are watching a movie, gaming or just about any other intense GPU usage, and scale it up when otherwise idle.

This is best disabled on dedicated miners: The new option is: TurdHurdur on July 13, , Hero Member Offline Activity: I didn't try this version but will do this later today , perhaps someone can answer my questions. Are the OpenCL kernels editable.

If no, could you please make that an option or make it modular. Are the OpenCL init values for the kernel editable? Liked my former work for Bitcoin Core? Drop me a donation via: Diapolo on July 13, , I didn't try this version, but perhaps someone can answer my questions.

Are OpenCK kernels editable. I'd like to see answers to 3 from different people because on my system it's quite high. Intensity and verbosity have no effect so it might be a broken library or something.

Sounds good, if I like CGMiner, is there any way to talk about or edit in new or some more init values for the kernel? I guess it could be tweaked some more for even higher performance.

That doesn't look like it ever started mining. Were all the login parameters ok? Did debug show you any http error messages or the like? Unfortunately cgminer doesn't abort when it fails to connect right at the start and may just sit there looking stupid. Alright I did typo the subdomain, this time there was a Code:.

Just try a couple of times to start it, if you're on windows. It happens to me as well April 05, , This thread is archived, please click here for the new thread.

Disabled GWork Priority 1: Summary of runtime statistics: Started at [ Hero Member Offline Posts: Every time a block is mined, a certain amount of BTC called the subsidy is created out of thin air and given to the miner. The subsidy halves every four years and will reach 0 in about years. All older and newer versions of libcurl should be fine.

Also note that if you are compiling from git yourself, you must manually run configure after autogen. Note it does not support ASICs. Enhanced device driver API, enabling devices to asynchronously handle multiple slave processors. Use --show-processors to view each individually not yet supported for Avalon. Stratum connection resuming support - if you lose an active stratum connection, BFGMiner will attempt to resubmit any lost shares when it reconnects.

You will have to compile it yourself, but it should just work - no patching needed. Free initialization data to avoid trivial one-time memory leak Support for local submission of found blocks GBT only bitforce: RPC pgaset fanmode for manual fan control bitforce: More debugging information Bugfix: Since RPC always includes the temperature, we don't need to add it specially bitforce: Expose dual temperature sensors to RPC bitforce: Support for up to 2 temperature sensors per processor Bugfix: Attempt to recover from extra queue results, or the next job finishing early bitforce: Always send a new job ASAP after flushing the queue bitforce: Split ZOX command into its own function Bugfix: Free work when preparing it fails DevAPI: Ensure "OK" doesn't remain in queued results buffer Bugfix: Do not scan other gpu platforms if one is specified.

Add information for setting gpu max alloc and sync parameters for windows with scrypt. Show pool number in switch message Clear just the socket buffer when we don't care what is left in a stratum socket. Clear the stratum socket whenever we are closing it since the buffer is going to be reused. Do not continue work from a stratum pool where the connection has been interrupted. Close any existing stratum socket if we are attempting to restart stratum so the pool knows the connection has gone. Show mechanism of stratum interruption if select times out.

Make stratum connection interrupted message higher priority to be visible at normal logging levels. API add 'Network Difficulty' to 'coin' avalon: Fix the buffer statu change defines to avalon parameters fix the cts return avalon: Improve support for Android.

Add support for Android. Add "Message" to show last client. Intelligently handle work updates and device disables during transitions Bugfix: Free old unused prepared work when replacing it with an upgraded one Bugfix: Free pool sessionid before replacing it Bugfix: Address dereference-after-free and memory leak introduced in resume support Stratum: If old protocol fails as well, try to resume again next time around Bugfix: Only failover to old mining.

Cope with misread sessionid on stratum for now. Use the sessionid as passed on stratum connect to attempt to resume a connection once and then clear it if it fails, to use a new connection. Move to storing the nonce1 in the work struct instead of the sessionid for the now defunct first draft mining.

Only continue submitting shares with mining. Provide support for mining. Provide basic framework for restarting stratum depending on whether resume support exists or not. Abstract out the setting up of the stratum curl socket. Remove redundant setting of strings to NULL since the whole work struct is zeroed. Only clear stratum shares mandatorily on stratum dropouts when the pool does not support resume. Keep trying to submit shares, even across reconnects Use new select loop primitives in submission thread Bugfix: Store session id for stratum if the pool supports it for future mining.

Never consider processors idle if they're enabled x Always refer to real thread for select loop Bugfix: Zero hashes complete if we get an invalid response HACK: XLINK support for multiple processors bitforce:

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I've downloaded new BitCore and whole blockchain (~80GB) - after wallet resync and recheck still the same (0 and no TRXs). wearebeachhouse.com also says it's virgin. I wanted to doublecheck which address I used to auto-transfer BTCs from mining pool, but wearebeachhouse.com is currently down. I've recalled I. I think you are pretty confused about how the payout systems work https:// wearebeachhouse.com?topic= similar question, swap EMC for Ozcoin in that post and its your answer. you are on one of the better pools and it has a fair payout system + you like the features they offer Smiley. 1: Download and extract Diablo's miner somewhere. 2: Then in the terminal, type (without quotes) "vim /usr/local/bin/bitcoin-miner". This will open the VIM text editor. You hit "i" (as in Insert mode) to insert this text: /Path/to/your/extracted/ DiabloMiner/wearebeachhouse.com -o wearebeachhouse.com -u.

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