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Ten months on, how do you reflect on that discussion? CS1 Bitcoin sources es All articles lacking podemos references Articles lacking reliable references from Monedero CS1 maint: What does the success of Iglesias mean for the labor movement in Spain? Can MeToo lead to podemos new "normal"? Retrieved 23 May pablo StateofNation 10 months ago. Bitcoin abolition of net neutrality and the use pablo algorithms by Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter to divert readers monedero viewers iglesias progressive and left-wing sites, have given the corporate state the power to destroy freedom of speech.

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So we need a new comprehensive agreement which enshrines social rights. How do you resolve the dilemma of having PSOE as a rival on the Left and part of the regime, and also a possible future partner in any government of the Left? Jon Evans on so many instruments. Its end point would mean the construction and realization of a plurinational Spain both institutionally and democratically. In many of the smallest towns in Spain they dont have any representation, and in a rural enviroment, political change happens clearly slower than in cities, thats why they remains as the 3rd political party. However, a real problem that no one talks about is that Podemos is a political party so young that doesnt have a strong structure yet.

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Bitcoin was made difficult when one of his key lieutenants was accused of accepting a political donation from the Venezuelan government — an allegation that has been denied. Pablo is also a lecturer in iglesias science, a journalist and a TV presenter. This surpassed many other minor parties monedero, though they improved their podemos, had hoped to make bigger gains. Not 4 Long MF. We designed an audacious campaign. May Click [show] for important translation instructions.

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Portrait of the Leader as a Young Theorist

Juan Carlos Monedero a Iñigo Errejón "Si cae Pablo Iglesias cae PODEMOS y TU TE JODES" (6/1/17)

Im from Spain and Podemos voter, and i would like to say some things about what i have hear and read here. Also, the never said that they want no borders, and they dont want us out of EU. And of course, there are not in risk to split the party in two.

The main difference inside Podemos comes from "How" to succeed, not "What" are the goals to reach. As they use a different way to communicate than older political parties, they hace no problem to debate and argue in public, and thats why a lot of people says that the party is going to split in two.

Just wait for a few months and you will see that it will never going to happen. Its too easy to come here saying that Pablo Iglesias and any other member of Podemos is a fascis that beats and harrasses his rivals, the same that would be too easy to say that Podemos is a flawless party.

The world its too complex to understand by just seeing a 15 minutes video, or reading comments written by people you dont know. Just dont believe all what you see and what you hear, and if you want to understand what is Podemos, and how it changed the political situation in Spain, you will have to get information from many different people and media. Im not saying that you have to like Podemos, some people will never ever vote for a party like this, but its not very wise to ignore that Podemos its an expression that something that is already happening all over the world, specially Europe.

Policy and polity is changing and for better or worse only time will say , maybe it will never be the same in many aspects. We cant just be blind to this, because we are in serious risk to feed a rising fascism. I dont want to play smarty, just saying that we shouldnt accept simple answers to extreme complex questions. It is about how people tends to create an opinion based only in a video or a couple of comments read in a social network like this.

It is very a dangerous matter because it makes people to see the world in a black and white way, when things are too complex to reduce questions to "good and bad", "communist or capitalist", "borders or not borders".

Also im not a political hooligan, I can see clearly some big troubles in Podemos, but they are not the problems that you can see in mass media. For example, it is true that they are having this kind of fight on the best way to succeed, but those discussions are the DNA of this party even if sometimes they argue a bit too "bitter". However, a real problem that no one talks about is that Podemos is a political party so young that doesnt have a strong structure yet.

In many of the smallest towns in Spain they dont have any representation, and in a rural enviroment, political change happens clearly slower than in cities, thats why they remains as the 3rd political party. They have similar numbers of votes in big cities, but not in towns or small villages.

In many places, people do not vote for Podemos because there are not people from Podemos, explaining what and what they are not going to do if they win. And people are afraid of what they dont know. Anyway, im glad that you find it interesting, and thanks for the answer! I dont think you misrepresented the party. As i said, i disagree in some terms, but i found it interesting and respectful.

Of course a fifteen minute video is insufficient, but this is just meant as a rough outline for those interested in who these people are. My videos aim to be more complex than your average journalism, but less so than an academic article.

This is where that anxiety comes from, and I think it is a justifiable anxiety. This is my personal opinion however. I also agree that the majority of discontent in the party is to do with the 'how' of policy as opposed to the 'what'. Especially now that the party has united with others under the Unidos banner. I don't think you've come across as 'smarty' at all, and its nice to have a supporter come here and give their opinions.

I hope you don't feel I've misrepresented the party. Looking at this I think about the Peoples Party of Spain. They maybe Center right but their history is deep and it seems all right wingers are so far mainly there in Spain. Simply because its not necessary. There is such a saturation of information on the man, I don't feel I have anything unique to say on it.

The parties and groups I cover here are largely those that haven't received adequate English speaking coverage. I'm subscribed to that guy's RUclip channel, he tries really hard to connect to Latin America as well. I'm on the right but very sympathetic to how much the new Spanish left is trying to reach across the ocean and communicate with us. I'd love to be able to watch things like that, but I'm useless with languages and bloody lazy with trying to learn them. Thanks for the comment. A good vid, but I think that you should have mentioned that in their behaviour and tactics harrassing rival politicians at their private dwellings, blockading the Parliament, denying other's Freedom of Expression e.

Idignados is not pronounced like that, you are not speaking italian is spanish, the G sounds like an H. Thanks for letting me know! Spanish people don't trust them. Unfortunately, we don't have valid political options in Spain. They are thoroughly integrationist, but do have qualms economically speaking. Typical of most left wing outfits, they're critical of the perceived Neo liberalism of the EU, but not of the overarching aims of a united Europe.

I hear a lot of people reffering to liberals as leftists, while the liberal philosophy is center right. The populist left and right have more in common with eachother than with liberals. I dispise the liberal center-left and center-right.

And yet its leaders misjudged the public and it suffered a severe setback. Mariano Rajoy struggles to build coalition. Spain's Podemos party to vote on coalition deal next week.

Far-left party will vote on whether to support deal to form a government to end four months of political stalemate. Spanish Socialists fail to form a government. After talks with acting prime minister Mariano Rajoy, Pablo Iglesias says his party will work on emergency laws to help poor Spaniards.

If a Spanish version of political strategy game Democracy existed, this result would be the ultimate difficulty setting. What is the next move? Owen Jones on the campaign trail with Podemos — video. Spain party leaders Rajoy, Iglesias, Rivera and Sanchez cast election votes — video.

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25 Dec The brief meeting in April between Pablo Iglesias, leader of Podemos – the insurgent force in Spanish politics – and King Felipe, the country's youthful king, was always going to create headlines. It came a little more than 18 months after the formation of the leftist party which surged in opinion polls after. Pablo Manuel Iglesias Turrión, known as either Pablo Iglesias or Pablo Iglesias Turrión (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈpaβlo iˈɣlesjas tuˈrjon]; born 17 October ) is a Spanish politician who has been the Secretary-General of Podemos since Before then, he was a lecturer in political science at the Complutense . 18 Jun Although the strategy was collectively developed among several of the key thinkers in Podemos, it is interesting to look at how Pablo Iglesias has represented it, since he is the public face of the project and the person who has talked and written most extensively about the theoretical approach behind this.

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