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Sounds like a very interesting project. Hyuiguia Full Member Offline Activity: I hope it will grow. Token price grows naturally by the game rules. This one is gonna sweep us off our feet for sure.

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DEv if you are interested i can setup bounty thread! Waiting more information But I think this project's evolution seems very interesting to invest in it. Especially because it's backed by nvidia. Hello Dev Good luck with project development. Need more information about Nvidia. The content of the project is very empty. December 22, ,

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Supercomputer - a thing is needed and supercomputers can be made on it. Strong whitepaper, large team are ready to benefit a whole industry. And did I read this correctly scrypt algo? ParisStokes Newbie Offline Activity: Hello Dev Good luck with project development.

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[ANN][AIRDROP][ICO]HousePanda, 1st tokenized supercomputer incubated by NVIDIA

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I will follow it for sure. Please update more information about the project. Keep up your work. DroidR17A on December 02, , It would be sad if somebody set out to build the 17th most powerful supercomputer AND spent hours faking logo of an AI incubator - but it is true we've seen crazier things in crypto.

On which factors does the amount of airdropped tokens a participant can receive depend? Waiting for more updates How much will this token cost? Let's see if this will take off! HousePanda Unique idea to beat the market! Strong whitepaper, large team are ready to benefit a whole industry. I am excited for the success of the project.

I just hope and recommend that the dev will get more bounty campaigns and games. I am glad that I am part of this project. We are in the house. Thanks for being part of your project looks promising one.. I'll keep track on this one.. This is interesting and worthy of development project. I will support this project and im looking forward to the success of this project.

Good luck to the team of developers. Joined and wait for new information. The https url is not work so far. Is there any problem? Smart work, creative life This is will gonna moon soon! Especially because it's backed by nvidia. Wow this seems like a great airdrop! Take a look at their telegram.

Created a bot which can auto track your referral which is something although not new, but is appealing! For me this is a good project and I am very interested to participate and join in this project and I have referred many friends to make this project a success and success. I like likes suggestions and work programs with your opinion, you say business, and things say that at this price the tokens are not sold or by anyone, which means the price is unreasonable and irrelevant.

This coin has a lot of potential. I just hope that the community and developers will fully support this token. Then we'll look forward. Crysty on December 11, , Joined up in telegram and twitter, looking forward to more information in the future!

Good luck and keep us updated! That's an interesting bot you have there on your Telegram! It was even cooler when you can track your referrals and HTP. Keep it up devs! December 13, , This looks really great. I just joined the telegram then what's next?

I so exiting with this project. So simple to do but lately, The amount earned from refferal the number is getting smaller. Sunil on December 15, , Crypto is your chance to escape the hamster wheel. Don't fuck it up. I hope to test the service as soon as possible. I don't see any telegram group? Or did I missed it? What's the total supply of this coin? Ralph on December 17, , Danydee on December 15, , How many round of airdrop? Can we find out about the number of participants and their names?

Hi team, I followed and tweeted in twitter, but didn't received the claim, how i will get the claim? Will participate in airdrop. Why not upload more information about you in this ANN? There's very few details about the ICO. The only thing I've seen so far is about the airdrop. Please the HousePanda team should do the needful and release all necessary information. I'm definitely keeping an eye on this one.

Are you already in advance talks with reputable exchanges? I like that as it gives advantage to early participants. I really like the concept of this project. There is no Telegram Group yet? Thanks for the opportunity. December 22, , So the bot told me I have all these coins. How do I get them in my wallet? I hope it will succeed. I have a small investment. But I have a question: Great job devs and am wishing you success. December 23, , Do you have aims to list this on popular exchanges?

If so what will be target ones? Cryptoking on December 23, , This ones looking good! Will invest and hope it succeeds. Glad to be a part of this. I'm very enthusiast about this project! Will participate to the airdrop and thank you so much for your hard work! AI Supercomputers have a great future for sure. Is first round Airdrop participants can participate in 2nd round Airdrop also? I still remember that I joined this projects airdrop, when is the distribution of the airdrop?

Is there russian speaking topic about Your project? Wow a early christmas bounty! Sounds like a very interesting project. I'll be definitely keeping an eye on it! Is it mandatory to wear a signature? Nice to meet you! Hello friends, I have seen the project and it is very good, I am following up, I do not know if they have launch phases?

Also, who defines how the bot works? Is there a list of participants? I thing it should be extremely popular and successful. I will study to participate in this project. Who is providing the computing power and how do they get rewarded? Best of luck with the project people! Thanks dev, but i think its better if you'e make a friendly post that make people easy to understanding..

But still i feel happy with your project.. Fully transparent smart contract jackpot game. Token price grows naturally by the game rules. Automatically resell your tokens or get revenue cut! Happy to being part of this ICO. Supercomputer really need for next era. Jan, 27 - ICO: February 02, , Renegade Full Member Offline Activity: ParisStokes Newbie Offline Activity: Localhost42 Newbie Offline Activity: Mezmon Member Offline Activity: Alterberg Member Offline Activity: BreadandButter Member Offline Activity: Pon13 Full Member Offline Activity: Cyebit Newbie Offline Activity: Libabit Member Offline Activity: Dmitro Full Member Offline Activity: Creeptolady Member Offline Activity: Suckhoelaodong Member Offline Activity: Kubston Newbie Offline Activity: Amajaa Member Offline Activity: And what is your roadmap for the rest of the year to make this a great investment?

Last question how many developers do you have and what's your team look like and will they bail in a week after dumping the coins or stay long term? Thank you for your answers in advance! Hero Member Offline Activity: I was checking on the coin in YoBit, but i can't found any info about Panda coin. Where is the Panda windows wallet so I can move some Panda coins off the exchange?

PandaMania on June 10, , Full Member Offline Activity: I was looking any information about some bounty campaign in the first post, but it seems like there is nothing like it there. Will there any bounty available sir? Follow Panda on Twitter https: Wasn't this -wolong-'s scam coin he made at some point? Anyways, nice to see some progress.

This coin used be alot of fun in the times. Do you plan on reworking on the old wallet, and maybe adding some new graphics? Sign Up for Your Tokens Today!

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Pandacoin is a first ever cryptocoin with block reward decreasing every day! So the emission of coins will be gradual and exchange price growth stable (in long term). Algo: Scrypt Max coins: 21 Coins per block: starting from , decreasing a little every 24 houres. Block time: minutes. [ANN] PANDA The Panda Coin. New Thread: wearebeachhouse.com? topic=new#new. Please try to keep this one clean . Panda coin already exists wearebeachhouse.com There are also two nyancat coins and other cat coins not to speak of. [ANN] EthereumDARK-ETHD | For REAL investors ONLY | PoS | Bounties | Anonomity. ☆5% To ensure block chain runs smooth (After all distributions are handed out, we will decide as a community on what to do with these coins) ☆10 % For Vietnamese wearebeachhouse.com?topic=

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