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Hello, I could for sure take bit coin as payment. Bitcoin subscribe unsubscribereaders 11, users here now Bitcoin is the currency of bitcoin Internet: Also, it looks like the server runs on Doge, not BTC. I am not a Minecraft player, but I think it would be cool, if you could physically mine for Minecraft on that server. Whether you want a lot of features, or something cheap, we have you covered. The server has been running for 4 years already!

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High performance, reliable Minecraft server hosting for all types of Minecraft servers. How do I play Minecraft? There is also a survival server for those seeking the original minecraft. Powered by SMF 1. Aternos is the world's largest free Minecraft server host. Use and earn bitcoin inside the game July 31, , Find the best Minecraft servers on Minecraft Multiplayer.

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We would be more than happy to sell our services for Bitcoins, Basically we would give you an address, and you would send the payment and then confirm the TxID, then we wait 6 confirms. I play on there and it's really fun, but also it's pretty dead! How do Server play Minecraft? Bitcoin to lost wallet? Minecraft run a server that allows you to purchase diamonds from bitcoin for btc or whatever you prefer. Like you, I server to modify my startup script when necessary. Is it just from minecraft trades and such?

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My server minecraft bitcoin


Their forum doesn't work. The owner does respond pretty quick for questions. I logon once a day usually. You like my post? Hero Member Offline Posts: Mixing reinvented for your privacy Chip Mixer. Minecraft is one of my favorite games. I actually run a Minecraft server, but never thought to incorporate bitcoins. I know I don't have a balance large enough to reward my players in bitcoins, but this is definitely a server I'll have to look into when I get home this evening from work.

Care to help a brother out? They just increased the bounty for each block that is destroyed! Come play minecraft with me! If your going to be playing minecraft anyways, why not make bitcoin? The point is not to get rich. I don't anyone without a scam is going to get rich with any bitcoin game.

Especially when the amount I would need to mine just to make that super high entry fee would basically mean mining like k blocks a day lol? Above poster says it was a toxic community. Mauser on July 11, , Feb 25th, Mar 25th, Ryan Dugan on July 11, , PassThePopcorn on July 09, , This should be under this section https: Would they need to change their play style to earn money with this? I am not a Minecraft player, but I think it would be cool, if you could physically mine for Bitcoin on that server.

Destroying something to get to the hidden bitcoins. Herbert on July 21, , I would like to hear from people who have been earning using this system. It is hard to understand how the game could make money from giving it away. There has to be some catch or something. Please give us all some reports. If playing this would really earn me some bitcoin?? How many you can earned from that game is well worth the time it has spent probably the game great for children to learn about bitcoin.

While this seems to be a worthwhile adventure, I mean earning bitcoin doing what I basically do on other servers, wouldn't this be something that violates Microjang's EULA? You can merge your accounts by clicking here.

Curse Help Register Sign In. Hi there, I was just wondering if there are any companies which actually offer bitcoin as a payment method. I have only found one company which I'm looking into and have contacted however I was wondering if there are any other companies?

I would settle for weekly payments of course, because of bitcoin currency changing often, however if you do offer month by month payments that would be better. I would prefer recognized and already established companies, therefore I know they are trustworthy, good and reliable.

If you don't know what bitcoin is check this out:

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Hi, I am here to tell you all that I have created a new minecraft server that uses bitcoin as its currency. I will also try to give out small. limit my search to r/bitquest. use the following BitQuest is an ongoing project to create a public Minecraft Server with a bitcoin-based economy. This subreddit is for unrelated to BitQuest. If it's another Bitcoin/Altcoin/Gamecoin server we'll be happy to promote it in our sidebar, but please contact the moderators first. Many of you out there must be confused on how players can earn money from playing on a Minecraft server? The entire server revolves around bitcoins! This server is hosted by a crappy host with only 3gb, please help support for my btc faction server: 13NAB4XXn2eQ4cyjc2wLANbSJ9XTifRv4x.

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