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Xcoin XCO 0 Comments. Launched January cryptsy If it stays there until August 4, it may be taken off the list bitcointalk the dead. Wolongcoin Coin 0 Comments. Kudos KDS 0 Comments. Apparently it had rich launched at that time.

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Claiming to have something people want is the first step in both introducing a valuable innovation and in promoting a scam. Truckcoin TRK 0 Comments. But to my great regret, not everything will be as we need or want. AltCurrency Member Offline Activity: Made by a dad as a birthday present for his daughter. Infinity pay IPY 0 Comments. A Block Explorer is an open source web tool that allows you to view information about the blocks, addresses, and transactions created by CASH.

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Latest stable version of Bitcoin Core: The Cryptsy report is a hilarious spoof of American rightwing politics. All votes must bitcointalk new votes registered after this post sorry to all previous rich we just need to bitcointalk us more votes. So what was this, a play to appeal to pro-gambling political cranks who cryptsy to compare Obama rich Bin Laden? Coin don't think I remember any action having anything to do with coin goal ever taking place.

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Rich coin bitcointalk cryptsy

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Forexcoin FRX 0 Comments. Now I want to see if the fourchan crowd actively attacked it. They would, you know. FourtyTwoCoin 42 0 Comments. Foxcoin FOX 0 Comments. Franko FRK 0 Comments. Franko is a shitcoin LTC clone I made to scam people. It took me about 30 minutes to make and made me a tidy sum of money. It was my first scam. Not my best scam but the first of many. Through making FRK I understood how to scam people and How'd that work out for ya?

Freedomcoin FDC 0 Comments. Freicoin FRC 0 Comments. Unlike Bitcoin, Freicoin has a demurrage fee that ensures its circulation and bearers of the currency pay this fee automatically. This demurrage fee was proposed by Silvio Gesell to eliminate the privileged position held by money compared w Frictionlesscoin FLC 0 Comments. Frozencoin FZ 0 Comments. Frycoin FRY 0 Comments. Furrycoin FUR 0 Comments. All plans cancelled and team shut down because no developer wanted to work with them.

Gaelcoin GAC 0 Comments. Galaxycoin GLX 0 Comments. A fast NVC clone with constant reward for 8 years. Galleon GLN 0 Comments. Galtcoin GLT 0 Comments. Gamecoin GME 0 Comments. The source code was forked from BTC v0. Gamerscoin GMC 0 Comments. Gasolinecoin DZL 0 Comments. Gatescoin GTC 0 Comments. Gaycoin GAY 0 Comments. Genesiscoin GNS 0 Comments. Geocoins GEO 0 Comments. Ghostcoin GHC 0 Comments. Gil GIL 0 Comments. Globalboost BST 0 Comments.

Globe GLB 0 Comments. Godcoin GOD 0 Comments. Gold Bars 0 Comments. Goldcoin GLD 0 Comments. Till date, it has not even been listed on Coinmarketcap. Gollumcoin GLM 0 Comments. Goxcoin GOX 0 Comments. Grain GRA 0 Comments. Grandcoin GDC 0 Comments. Granitecoin GRN 0 Comments. Graphene GRP 0 Comments. This was promoted as being to support the Greek economy. Was the software even available in Greek?

Did the developers live there? Or is this another case of somebody with no connection claiming to be a rescuer? Observed trading with ma Groincoin GXG 0 Comments. Growthcoin GRW 0 Comments. Guncoin GUN 0 Comments.

H2Ocoin H20 0 Comments. This would be more impressive if the trades involved more than a sawbuck, but it's still interesting. Heavycoin HVC 0 Comments. Download dead, blockchain dead, no nodes to connect to. Heisenberg HEX 0 Comments. Helixcoin HXC 0 Comments. Hellcoin HLC 0 Comments. Highfivecoin H5C 0 Comments. Hirocoin uses X11 and the best security available to secure our users and future. Hobbitcoin HBC 0 Comments. A relaunch of HongKongCoin. Hotcoin HOT 0 Comments. Huatecoin HUC 0 Comments.

Huitong HTC 0 Comments. Huskycoin HC 0 Comments. Icoin ICN 0 Comments. After ICO developer had minimal contact with investors via social media, roll on a few months and he's not been heard from at all for well over a month across all social media channels. Promotion has ceased and the iDice beta website is a b Infinity pay IPY 0 Comments. After the release, they dumped the coin by selling it all. Infinium-8 INF8 0 Comments. Informationcoin ITC 0 Comments.

Inkcoin INK 0 Comments. Instapay IPC 0 Comments. It published paid reviews in well known crypto news site such as this: Despite numerous technical advantages, it was never widely adopted. Created by Homer Komatsu. It was an initiative by some guy on Facebook, at about Italycoin ITC 0 Comments. Jennycoin JNY 0 Comments. Jerkycoin JKY 0 Comments. Apparently there have been at least two JesusCoin creations. At least one was created via coingen. Something about a camel passing through the eye of a nee Jewels JWL 0 Comments.

Website not updated since April. Left messages on 2 emails and we form. A coin created for the fans of the band Insane Clown Posse. Launched Jan 13 The client was malware; it contained a wallet stealer and remote desktop. Kakacoin KKC 0 Comments. Mark Karpeles is the former CEO of Gox, and widely hated by many people who, in aggregate, lost nearly a billion dollars worth of assets in both Bitcoins lost by his exchange and bitcoins devalued by the shaken markets caused by the losses Kencoin KCN 0 Comments.

Never listed the coin on any exchange and hence no calue at all. Knoxcoin KNX 0 Comments. It was shutdown by the brazilian police on September 21, Kudos KDS 0 Comments. Kushcoin KHC 0 Comments. Made by a dad as a birthday present for his daughter. No support, no development, no business model.

Lebowskis LBW 0 Comments. It used to be listed on Cryptsy RIP , and then it was an exit scam. I own a lot of it Darn, I was hoping someone would use that name for something that didn't wind up on this list Lemoncoin LMC 0 Comments.

Lightvelocitycoin LVC 0 Comments. Limecoin LC 0 Comments. Livecoin LVC 0 Comments. Lolcoin LOL 0 Comments. Something named "Lovecoin" was created via Coingen. As with most coingen coins, there are people who claim this isn't the one that was made via coingen. It might be, or it might not. Lucky7coin LK7 0 Comments. Contained a backdoor that lead to the theft of 13,BTC from Cryptsy.

Created by maths a maniac who wanted to see the world burn. Lycancoin LYC 0 Comments. Machinecoin MAC 0 Comments. Don't confuse this with Magicoin. Maplecoin MPL 0 Comments. Used to be glorious, worth more than almighty BitCoin, but then winter came. Mass coin was just a plain scam runed by the Mycelium brand they collet the money and never deliver anything but a lame chrome extension supposedly built to monetize ads in a browser, like MT tokens of the cowdsale of Mycellium shares they Mediterraneancoin MED 0 Comments.

Megcoin MEG 0 Comments. Named for the plot device in the 'Dune' series by Frank Herbert. Released on the scificointalk forum 30 minutes before release on bitcointalk, which led to som Memecoin MEM 0 Comments.

Also was heavily premined by freetrade who has now moved on to other projects. Metiscoin MTS 0 Comments. No updates in many years on FB page, website has no content. Milancoin MLC 0 Comments. Millionairecoin MIL 0 Comments. Minerals MIN 0 Comments. Abandoned by original dev, later abandoned by adopting team, no known active nodes. Mjollnircoin MNR 0 Comments.

Moirai MOI 0 Comments. Its dead because the ICO was a scam, still have cool coins though. Molecule MOL 0 Comments. Moneyenom MYM 0 Comments. This was a crowdsale of shares by Mycelium Wallet, they ran away with the funds and never answer anything before just fade away with 3 Millions worth of Bitcoin. Muniti MUN 0 Comments. Muniti is launched March 29 It went on exchanges within days, before its market cap had risen above the level of being a dead coin.

The launcher is 'radi' who, for a refreshing change of pace, does NOT have his email address hidd Mutcoin MUT 0 Comments. Naanayam NYM 0 Comments. Nakacoin NKC 0 Comments. Nanotoken NAN 0 Comments. Nbcoin NBC 0 Comments. Evidently a pure IPO scam. Nigger NGR 0 Comments. The coin was created with as a simple pump and dumb scheme.

The idea was to create a offensive coin and spread it to news outlets. People outraged by the name of the coin would discuss it fur Was intended to be a fast and scalable codebase written in NodeJS.

Project started by Barwizi from Bitcointalk. Started off good but in the end disappeared with funds that were supposedly to be invested into projects creating income for NRS shareholders.

Barwizi seems to be working for Crypterium now so Noodlyappendagecoin NDL 0 Comments. Nucoin NUC 0 Comments. Nutcoin NUT 0 Comments. So what was this, a play to appeal to pro-gambling political cranks who wanted to compare Obama with Bin Laden? In America, you can use the name of a 'public figure' such as a politician, without permission -- but if you mention a certain Mouse, you'll get sued into oblivion. So this is something people were allowed to do, but I don't think it helpe Ocoin OSC 0 Comments.

Octonox OTX 0 Comments. Coin was a scam from the beginning and last less the a month after ico on livecoin. I remember this, it was an attempt to create a cryptocurrency for the vertical market of crude-oil shipping and dealing - but made absolutely zero penetration into that market. Omnicoin OMC 0 Comments. Created by the HackForums. There was a 'onecoin' created via Coingen. But this coin apparently launched before coingen.

One Coin OC 0 Comments. Ruja Ignatova created it. Multi billion dollar Ponzi scam. Pretneded to have a blockchain and cryptocurrency called 'OneCoin' which was all lies. No existing blockchain and no genuine cryptocurrency. Not on an exchange. Created as a ponzi s Onioncoin ONI 0 Comments.

Onlinegamingcoin OGC 0 Comments. Orbitcoin ORB 0 Comments. Launched Feb 21 The client was malware; it contained a remote desktop exploit. Ottomancoin OTC 0 Comments. Paccoin PAC 0 Comments. There have been at least three different Pandacoins. Pangucoin PGC 0 Comments. Patriotcoin USA 0 Comments.

Paycoin PYC 0 Comments. Peacecoin PEC 0 Comments. Peoplecoin PPL 0 Comments. Phcoin PHC 0 Comments. Phicoin PHI 0 Comments. Not known to have traded on open markets on any other date. The trading symbol is now used by something called 'Photon'. Pikacoin PIK 0 Comments. Piniumcoin PNC 0 Comments. Piratecoin PIR 0 Comments. They accepted payment in PXL for pixels of advertising on their webpage. They called it a "million dollar webpage", regardless of the fact that the same advertising exposure could be elsewhere purchased for pennies.

As of 28 April th Platinum Bars 0 Comments. Platinumcoin PT 0 Comments. Playtoken PLT 0 Comments. Pokercoin POK 0 Comments. Popcoin POP 0 Comments. Do not confuse this with popularcoin, a later cryptocurrency also called Popcoin and also traded under the symbol POP. Poundcoin PUK 0 Comments.

Powercoin POW 0 Comments. Preminecoin PMC 0 Comments. Procoin PCN 0 Comments. Prospercoin PRC 0 Comments. Protoshares PTS 0 Comments. Pxlcoin PXL 0 Comments. Do not confuse this with Pixelcoin, which had a very similar name and traded using the same symbol. Quatloo QTL 0 Comments. Qubitcoin Q2C 0 Comments.

Quebecoin QBC 0 Comments. Simultaneously observed trading with market cap at cryptocoinrank. The only way that can happen is if the amounts being traded are so insignificant that the coin i Radioactivecoin RAD 0 Comments.

Rapidcoin RPD 0 Comments. Rastacoin RTC 0 Comments. Realcoin REC 0 Comments. After ICO was over, twitter, website and all connections were shut down, all money stolen. Richcoin RCH 0 Comments.

Rightcoin RTC 0 Comments. Rocketcoin ROC 0 Comments. Romancoin ROM 0 Comments. Rotocoin RT2 0 Comments. It was an n-factor scrypt coin with a hal Roulettecoin RLT 0 Comments. Had a randomized mining algorithm: Royalcoin RYC 0 Comments. Royalties XRY 0 Comments. This coin traded on LTC on Cryptopia. Cryptopia closed DOGE base. Rupaycoin RUP 0 Comments. Saffroncoin SFR 0 Comments. Sapphirecoin SPH 0 Comments. Didn't follow coin distribution in white paper, people invested, started producing a ton more coins than promised.

Deleted all social media. Savecoin SPC 0 Comments. Savingcoin SAV 0 Comments. Saw SAW 0 Comments. Scamcoin SCC 0 Comments. It had what the announcement thread called an "innovative proof of scam system. Scoin SCO 0 Comments. Securecoin SRC 0 Comments. Apparently at least two different things with the name securecoin and the trading symbol SRC exist.

One is being tracked at coinmarketcap and is live. Another is being tracked at cryptocoinrank, and is dead. On 2, 6, 16, and 24 June, and Seedcoin SDC 0 Comments. Serracoin SRR 0 Comments. Sexcoin SXC 0 Comments. Sha1coin SHA 0 Comments. Apparently a pure IPO scam. Sherlockcoin SHC 0 Comments. Siamesecoin SIS 0 Comments. The developers disappeared, then some people from the community tried to salvage it from within by making a new coin, Straks. Claimed sending out a mailer that said "free money" to people in Silicon Valley would spark mass adoption.

The pitch was that someone influential would get their junkmail invitation to receive worthless coins, then head right to their c Silver bars 0 Comments. Reputedly from the same dev who brought us gold bars and platinum bars. Silvio Berluscioni is a very wealthy Italian Businessman and Politician.

His lifestyle is notoriously lavish and scandal-ridden at a time when Italy itself is going through a fierce financial contraction, so he's not well liked.

Skeincoin SKC 0 Comments. Skycoin SYC 0 Comments. This is one of at least 3 different "skycoin" that have been launched. Its announcement thread is at https: Skynet-coin SNC 0 Comments. This was initially launched with the name "skycoin". Slendercoin SNC 0 Comments. Snowcoin SNC 0 Comments. Socialcoin SOC 0 Comments.

Spaincoin SPA 0 Comments. Speedcoin SPC 0 Comments. Speedcoin appears to have started trading on 28 April and stopped trading on 22 May It was announced in https: Spodermancoin SDM 0 Comments.

StableCoin is dead, they tried to set up a fixed value cryptocurrency, and as everyone before, they failed, currency has no fixed value and only the blockchain is actually used only for the coinbase transaction. Stacycoin was apparently a fork of DRK. Although Stacycoin itself was apparently legit, it got re-announced in a second thread by 'werrty', and in 'werrty's announcement the link to the precompiled windows wallet was replaced with a link t Stalwartbucks SBX 0 Comments.

And Cryptsy wasn't an exception. Gox, Cryptorush, Mintpal, Maxx etc. It will happen again. Please use the new hardware wallets, they are cheap compared to your capital and work great. Hoboknickles I kind of liked back in the day I think its still on a exchange somewhere and klondike coin i also liked, I saw somewhere a while back you can claim certain coins from cryptsy for those who got screwed when they shut down.

The Token of Compliance I think those coins if were dead we should live them alone because market has decided for them to be dead. You can not resurrect true shitcoin This topic is so much in demand and it is interesting not only for you. Those who started from the very beginning and came across Cripsy, they are interested in the death of the coins resurrected.

But to my great regret, not everything will be as we need or want. And if nevertheless someone left the dead coins on the account, then I advise them to leave. Sometimes this can be a surprise when suddenly you go in and they are activated.

Well, they do not occupy a place, and yet this is our money. So I left it. And what will happen in the future?

Kudos to the devs who resurrected this coin, great job! Its awesome to see things like this. Check out the announce page https: Flapmin on October 30, , Being more a "dabbler" at the time I did not keep my own records I guess there are coins which have been killed also by other exchange fails, like Mintpal, Allcrypt etc. Would be nice to discover which they are. This is a great thread! Especially for those of us who lived the cryptsy, and mintpal, and gox, and Too many projects went away before they even had a chance to get going leaving many "holding the bag".

I'd like to think we aren't seeing a repeat of events, only time will tell. But for those new or newer even to crypto the safest place for your coins is in YOUR wallets. I hope to see more like this in near future, gives me warm and and fuzzy feeling. Powered by SMF 1. February 01, , Coins Killed By Cryptsy October 25, , Choosewise Full Member Offline Activity: Coins Killed By Cryptsy October 26, , StashCoin Newbie Offline Activity: Vivisector Hero Member Offline Activity: Dirgantara Hero Member Offline Activity: XbladeX Legendary Offline Activity: Coins Killed By Cryptsy October 27, , Coins Killed By Cryptsy October 29, , Coins Killed By Cryptsy October 30, ,

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16 Dec there is no cent coin exchange available on the wearebeachhouse.com any more!!!! of low volume and wearebeachhouse.com can't sell it anywhere, we're stuck with wearebeachhouse.com only BTER allowed CENT deposits I would be rich!! Unofficial Waves topic: https:// wearebeachhouse.com?topic= | My Waves address alias = magnet. 5 Feb Coin 66 on Cryptsy. any Coin What a bummer - that really sucks! Coin 66 to da MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNN NNNNN . with a value of 10, BTC I would be a rich man. More probable a 8 Oct wearebeachhouse.com?topic= Are we going for this exchange? Please no! Cryptsy never brings anything good to a coin, a pump and a dump that is it after that it is only downhill. There are . Your coins will be more worth ( you will lose KDC but the price will increase) = You get rich.

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