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Dont get me wrong, im not judging the people named here per bitcointalk. It's in the FAQ This is not down to me but it bitfunder what it is. Only then do you newspaper things into consideration before newspaper your next move. I did like that the system bitfunder open such that all assets are publicly listed bitcointalk Bitcoin address. Accounts can be protected from unauthorized access by enabling Google 2-Factor authentication.

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I guess you live in a magical castle and are used to giving decress that everyone must believe Seriously, you wonder why people comment negatively about the situation? Bid List - Cancel button for quick and easy cancel to re-post at a different price. Lawyer and I did a lot of research into this. Having followed Ukyo's work in some other projects and knowing Graet supports it makes me feel very good about the future prospects of this service! So individual's judgement calls are being made based on a lot more facts than in the gox case. Danny is owed rather more than 1 btc let's say. Why should we trust this site after so many others have failed?

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And i believe him. I'll bitfunder the first to admit bitcointalk I don't completely understand the bitcoin protocol. December 12 th [ [][] ICO ][][ ]. Ozcoin Pooled Bitfunder Pty Ltd https: Fabrizio89 on December 13, newspaper, It's bitcointalk but I understand newspaper reasons why. Fabrizio89 Hero Member Offline Activity:

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[BitFunder] Asset Exchange Marketplace + Rewritable Options Trading

Bitfunder bitcointalk newspaper

Then immediately list their assets on the production site. Full Member Offline Activity: Being fairly new to the Bitcoin share trading, but a little familiar with regular Forex trading, I thought I would give it a shot, and see how things work. I'm very pleased with how the site works. As with anything new, it takes a few runs around the site to know where everything is, but it does seem very easy to navigate. After funding my account with a little bit of coin, I went and placed some orders, and since it was close to opening day, didn't think there would be much activity, and didn't think more of it for a few days.

Went in and checked today, and looking at the front page notes, that dividends were paid out YAY! On the transactions page, it is described in full detail which asset the dividend came from, quantity of shares, and amount per share. Very nice having full descriptions of the activity! On the Assets List page, all asset holdings listing looks complete with my total of shares for each Asset listing. Listed on the https: Great job, and keep up the good work! Emmett Brown Donations welcome: Having followed Ukyo's work in some other projects and knowing Graet supports it makes me feel very good about the future prospects of this service!

Cool to see this going public. Looks nice and clean. Sandbox version did not let me do any trades but I guess this is OK at the moment. What happens when the three letter agencies are coming to knock on your door?

How are you different from https: While reading what I wrote, use the most friendliest and relaxing voice in your head. Thanks everyone for the kind words and support. Graphs now show a "D"ividend market with payout information. EskimoBob on December 11, , Thank you for the answer. Your exchange sounds goo too. I guess I have to make up my mind soon and move forward. Ukyo on December 11, , While in the process of this, I have also been working out a method to potentially further legalize BitFunder in a respectable country.

As of this point, re-checking their websites, and to the best of my knowledge, I can not find on either btct. If any entity targets you, the big question is what will happen to all of the users of the site and their data? In the previously mentioned worst case scenario, there would be no such luxury. I'm not a Coinbase fan -- I placed a buy order, they took the funds out of my account, then a week later the price went up and they canceled the buy and closed my account.

Use a different exchange. It is operated by a group of gentlemen that reside in Belize from an office in Belize City. While I hold a large stake in the company, my role is roughly that of a webmaster. I do not have access to the corporate bank account for instance, and core site operations like asset approvals, etc, are handled by the shareholders.

Lawyer and I did a lot of research into this. While not impossible, this would be an incredible feat until you have some significant revenue. The problem is that most every country I could find except for the Cook Islands already have the equivalent of an SEC and require exchanges to be registered. They're not going to approve you for trading in other than the local currencies, and will require your exchange to operate solely within their jurisdiction.

A couple of questions: In other words, what percentage of the coins owed is that btc? Up to x Leverage. Kosmatos on December 13, , Watch the price go down.

Fabrizio89 on December 13, , December 13, , Full Member Offline Activity: ElectricMucus on November 03, , Powered by SMF 1. February 01, , WeexUser Member Offline Activity: Kosmatos Member Offline Activity: SebastianJu Legendary Offline Activity: Its how they approach their judgements, is what i question.

So just relying on Danny's involvement is flawed and based on hope alone Sledge on March 05, , I need to try and return some sanity to this thread. Glendale, I'm sorry for your loss but it's tiny compared to many other people.

Some of the bigger losers know what the deal is and understand that ukyo did not steal or misuse the money. They have not taken legal action as a result. I can't reiterate this enough. Yet you keep posting every day, always using the thief line despite the fact that numerous other things could have happened and did happen according to those who know. As for conspiracy theories about pay offs, here is why that doesn't work.

If several people are owed a lot of money, and some are owed way more than I am, then there is no possible way they can be paid off. If the large creditors can be fully or even mostly repaid, the small creditors would certainly have been fully or mostly paid because the relative amount is negligible. It would also be dubious legally and expose those paid to significant risk so there is no possible way an unfair distribution of funds would happen. It would come out and all hell would break lose, let alone that I certainly wouldn't accept it morally.

It simply makes no sense. You think ukyo wants all this happening, that he wants a handful creditors posting about him every day? You think any of us want any of this? I just want us all repaid, end of story. In the end, however, we all risked our money on a third party wallet and got fucked, just like many others have.

The difference here is ukyo has promised to try and get money back, which none of the others have done. Danny and others have seen enough to be convinced that this is true.

Ukyo is black marked until he does this. He could have chosen the easy route which was to say it's all gone and that's it, as others have, but he didn't. If those people thought ukyo guilty of anything shitty he would be covered in lawyers quick time. I don't mess about here and I'm sure others don't either. I made that very clear when this started. Tat even told me off for it! Ukyo fucked up by getting into this situ so I was and am and pissed about that to say the least, but that doesn't change the situ.

Suing his arse won't either. He needs time to try and find a way to return our money. There is no alternative. As for Danny, he tried to help ukyo but it wasn't something that could be done quickly in the end. He still wishes to spend time helping out but he's currently doing 18 hours days on Neo.

Danny is owed rather more than 1 btc let's say. If anyone had cause to see the book thrown at ukyo, it's him.

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Latest News: Bitcoin Crash Report! Sunday April 14th, Following is the contract I am using for the issue of wearebeachhouse.com on BitFunder. =Issuer Detail===== = usagi wearebeachhouse.com@wearebeachhouse.com Longtime forum member =Contract====== SILVER is a company which operates a silver fund enabling investors to hold. News system. Asset images DDoS Proection Interactive Graphs Easy GLBSE Import/Claim system. Dividend management for GLBSE claims. Fully searchable trade history. (Search by date, asset, price, etc) Dividend Reinvestment Program Share Transfers Coming Soon: Trade API + Proper documentation. guys, i need ukyo's company registration paper because I am going to find a lawyer to get back our BTC back. if anyone knows,please share it with me, thanks!!! Sincerely: good luck. Please do so =) I don't personally have much hope getting my btc back but: a) it would be really satisfying to at least.

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