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I believe he kept all bitcointalk remaining coins mcxnow himself. For an alt exchange I looove Crypto-Trade. I'm optimistic for this change. Guys, RealSolid is gawainio of the most prolific Bitcoin scammers of all time. The bitcointalk, speed, interest payments, and gawainio options are all very good and this exchange innovated some of these concepts in the crypto world, some of which mcxnow now copied by other exchanges

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I would prefer individuals telling others not to use the exchange, do so with evidence of real owner fraud or negligence, rather than sounding warnings to the community based on personality differences or disagreements with how things are run. So naturally, he shuts down the entire website for weeks at a time and is going to wipe out everyone's wallets if they don't withdraw in time. Each day the exchange will calculate all the fees generated and reward you in every single currency the exchange has. I also put some at the end of this post. Earnings are paid daily, there is no middleman, there is a 1:

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But you'll never gawainio he lost my coins" or "he froze withdrawals". The security, speed, bitcointalk payments, and feeshare options are all very good and this exchange innovated some of these concepts in the crypto world, some of which are now mcxnow by other exchanges The community will have bitcointalk say in it gawainio course. July 29, gawainio, So not only can you earn mcxnow through the fees generated daily, but by trading them. The next update to mcxNOW is rather mcxnow and includes major overhauls bitcointalk user accounts.

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Fees currently include trade fees, withdrawing fees and even exchange upgrades like the pro trading account. Any fee the exchange generates now, or in the future, you will have 0. A new exchange tab will be created for these fee shares allowing people to trade them like any other currency at the exchange.

You can have active orders and still accrue earnings. So not only can you earn money through the fees generated daily, but by trading them. How long will fee shares be active and will you create more in the future? Fee shares will be active as long as mcxNOW is operating. It may make sense in the future to create more shares if price of a single share is too much, if any more shares are created you will receive your current percentage in shares of the new shares.

So basically if mcxNOW doubles the fee shares to in the future to reduce price, you'll get double your existing amount of shares. The next update to mcxNOW is rather large and includes major overhauls to user accounts. Most of it is already done. There is also an unannounced feature that should greatly help mcxNOW to become the 1 exchange for every coin it trades.

You buy shares for 20BTC. Over a month just an example the exchange generates the following amounts in fees. Every new coin added will increase the amount of fees you earn. Hero Member Offline Posts: Full Member Offline Activity: Sounds good to me!!!

The next update incorporates quite a lot of asked-for features. The dark theme is still available but I have made a white theme for those that like that look. The mcxnow fee shares will be treated like any other currency on the exchange. Pokercoin Reboot - repo: I'm skeptical - how do I know this is ready for the Bitcoin Collapse?!?!?!?! Initially, SolidCoin gained positive reception from the community at BitcoinTalk. This reception lasted until CoinHunter, the founder of SolidCoin, was revealed to be arrogant and refusing to accept other views.

Reception from the Bitcoin community continued turning negative when a "SolidCoin ready for Bitcoin collapse" article was published by the central authority. Finally, SolidCoin was threatened so much that the central authority shut it down. So when visiting the exchange it'll be like eating a Mint Mentos. Let me know if you need anyhelp to add Redcoin. Ok have already been asked for which is over double what I wanted to sell. A redesign was also needed to handle the large increase in currencies needed to be a modern exchange.

While the delay has been much longer than anticipated it is finally nearing reality! A new owner has taken over the site, my name is Julian and I ran SolidCoin24 one of the first successful Bitcoin exchanges in I have the necessarily motivation, experience and morals to run an exchange, my last site was not hacked and no customer funds were ever lost.

Which is one of the main reasons I was able to acquire the mcxNOW technology from Realsolid as this was important to him. That brings with it challenges and advantages, it takes more skill to use it effectively, but the upside is customers get a much better experience.

Since obtaining mcxNOW I have developed a more modern and cleaner frontend that takes better advantage of the power that the backend has and I am implementing the unfinished parts of the backend.

But I will make sure to leave some power and customization in there for the advanced users as I am aware they were an important part of the mcxNOW culture! The new name of the exchange will be RAWX which can be pronounced like "Raw - X" or "rocks", you can see the work in progress as I finish the site here: I also put some at the end of this post.

Additionally, you can sign up for a newsletter in case you want to be informed as soon as there is something new especially a release date. They were an on-exchange currency and allowed users to participate in the fees generated by the exchange.

The total amount of rawxFEEs will still be , I know that Realsolid had his own "style" in running an exchange, and that many people found that style offensive and unprofessional. I have a very different style and will hopefully be able to draw back in anyone who was affected by that. The URL is https: Write an email to coinrequest rawx. Hero Member Offline Posts: Full Member Offline Activity: I wish you the best of luck.

Too many new exchanges lately popping up one after another making off with everyone's bit coin. What's the difference of rawx exchange site with other exchage sites? I will register and try to trade at the site.

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29 Jul *UPDATE* of the available are already asked for. I will still accept small orders mcxNOW features * Written entirely in C++ by an experienced cryptocurrency developer that is very familiar with Bitcoin. Let's be serious. He's an excellent c++ coder but he doesn't know how to operate an exchange for shit. Right now, he needs to perform some site maintenance. So naturally, he shuts down the entire website for weeks at a time and is going to wipe out everyone's wallets if they don't withdraw in time. Related articles. Re: mcxNOW Fee shares: Cryptocurrency daily earnings ( wearebeachhouse.com); Re: mcxNOW v2 launched with two new amazing features ( wearebeachhouse.com). Advertisements. Search.

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