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Hmmmmm, may be hope for this bitcointalk ShXnot on December 20, Dynamic scrypt yacoin was annexes dreamwatcher wanted to bitcointalk some time ago, I am sure he would be happy to yacoin to his explorer collections. Good to hear, Wind. YACoin is the fairest coin annexes. Thirtybird on December 10,

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So, is 'N' based on block number in some way, or does it vary with hash rate? Sunny King Legendary Offline Activity: Release in 24 hours. Vorksholk on May 05, , Pools are critical for more widespread adoption, and right now the choices seem somewhat slim. Keeping an eye on Bitcoin mining.

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I'd like to help develop Yacoin further. It would be much easier to see annexes through the block explorer bitcointalk the wallet. Powered by SMF 1. Sahtor on December 19, I can get some translations done yacoin.

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Yacoin bitcointalk annexes

Or which transactions are 'ready' to mint? Right have a have a massive excel sheet tracking which transactions have and haven't been minted. It would be much easier to see this through the block explorer or the wallet. Does something like this already exist? I have an interesting point to Yacoin's popular criticism.

People have accepted Peercoin as valid distribution and stable store of value. I agree with those people. Myth 3 - Peercoin PPC was insta-mined. In the first few days of any publicly released cryptocurrency the mintage is going to be relatively high because difficulty is low and lots of miners would like to participate, causing blocks to be generated much faster than usual and resulting in high mintage per day. Unlike most other altcoins, we already tried to mitigate this by starting difficulty at higher initial value of and also further reducing the number of low difficulty blocks via continuous difficulty adjustment.

Sahtor on December 19, , Beave on December 19, , YACoin is the fairest coin ever. People are able to mine it even now with a higher reward per block than the early adopters. I guess the best criticism of YACoin is that it really screwed the early adopters--particularly compared to other coins.

Sign a message and get some YAC: ShXnot on December 19, , ShXnot on December 20, , Thirtybird on December 20, , Marinowner on December 23, , Hey Thirtybird I tried to mine with your cpuminer,I have intel i7 and I use minerd corei7!

Thinking ahead to the next N-increase, how difficult would it be to change the units on the cpu miner from khash to hash?

So instead of showing Code:. I can get some translations done tho. I'd like to help develop Yacoin further. Do you use IRC? Good to hear, Wind. You seem like a sharp guy, so I'm looking forward to the development. I don't have any programming skills but I'd definitely contribute to any bounties collected for whatever might be needed. I'm not rich by any means but I'd contribute. I'll post it over in the bounty thread. May 16, , Good job mate, at some time I've found it strange that you were posting some things considering that you hold lot of coins but I'm glad you stepped up and decided to do stuff to protect your investment mine too, haha and you obviously know your stuff.

YAC is definitely most interesting coin from all recently made and as much as original creator disappeared he at least had put some work in it and added some innovation. I'm shit and complete noob in anything tech related but if you need some hard labour help, just shoot me pm.

Really also hoping some of the current YAC pool operators may be willing to share the modifications they made to get YAC working with the standard tools or perhaps I missed it. Pools are critical for more widespread adoption, and right now the choices seem somewhat slim.

In addition can be paid out in any of: Full Member Offline Activity: Hmmmmm, may be hope for this yet Good thing I bought a shit ton of them,.

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15 Dec Yeah, the old wearebeachhouse.com format is incompatible with this wallet version. You can delete it and run yacoin with '-reindex', should fix it. If not, try the loadblocks method - see the info here wearebeachhouse.com?topic= Hello! This is a formal announce of yacoin: yet another coin based on novacoin sources. Hash algo is changed from scrypt(, 1, 1) to scrypt(N, 1, 1). Parameter N increases over time making HW or GPU implementation more and more impractical (but yet possible). Using scrypt(N, 1, 1) means that only. If you have ideas for the remaining BTC, see here for Bitcoin Transaction Fee Booster Just that my account on Bitcointalk is part of the betcoin. Investisseurs Particuliers Internet Radio Yacoin Bitcointalk Cryptsy. Fri, 22 Nov Iwiva: scs l hg o n f m wearebeachhouse.com 0x0faf4. Ethereum Price Hits All Time High of 0 Following.

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