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The sense of being Samus is really found in the details. It's got a unique, cool as ice visual bitcoin and a soundtrack that should prime winning awards. One of the best console games of the year. Subscribe to our newsletter for a daily roundup of what's happening in tech delivered straight to your inbox. When he's not busy playing games or writing, you can find him down at his local MMA training facility metroid how to punish the unrighteous. Apps What Virtual Reality.

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It oozes with so much addictiveness that the storyline plays second fiddle and reminds you of a time when gameplay was an integral part of gaming. Federation Force on 3DS — was a mostly forgettable shooter that had little of what made the series so iconic in the first place. Metacritic's Best of coverage kicks off with Games. The controls are immersive and surprisingly easy to get used to. The bargain of the century and a great opportunity to visit a brilliant series.

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From the very metroid of your bitcoin, to the final confrontation against Metroid Prime itself, you will be enthralled and enraptured. Prime Studios have used an incredibly clever art style, along with the best possible use of the Wii's technical capabilities. Every time you sit down with Metroid Prime the experience is always entirely different thanks to the ever-expanding environment and numerous enhancements that you'll what come across. When I first started playing Metroid Prime, I was at a loss for words. Critic score Publication By date. There was a ton of effort put forth to make multiplayer happen:

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After a bit of translating from Norwegian, it seemed Nintendo was gearing up to release some interesting titles. Before you go getting hopped up on the potential of Metroid Prime 4 landing in , it's worth noting that the Norwegian Nintendo website isn't run by Nintendo.

Instead, it's Nintendo partner Bergsala who heads up the operation, a Scandinavian distributor for the Japanese firm. Bergsala may very well know the release date for Metroid Prime 4 , but it's wise to remain sceptical until we hear it from Nintendo of America, Nintendo of Europe or Nintendo of Japan. Still, fingers crossed for Metroid Prime 4 to arrive sooner, rather than later. As far as the story is concerned, we really have no idea.

The juiciest bit of Metroid Prime 4 news we received at E3 was barely a thimble full of pulp. The new game will mark the first entry in the Prime series in a decade, as the original trilogy concluded with Metroid Prime 3: Corruption on the original Wii in The Prime subseries debuted on the GameCube in , and was especially notable for successfully translating the iconic, moody exploration of the original Metroid games into a three-dimensional, first-person experience.

The most recent game in the series — Metroid Prime: Federation Force on 3DS — was a mostly forgettable shooter that had little of what made the series so iconic in the first place. No release window has been announced for Prime 4 , but given the sparse details available, the game is likely still fairly early in development.

Jack Mathews is a developer who worked at Retro as the Technical Lead Engineer for all three of the games, and Shinesparkers recently got ahold of him for an interview about the development of the trilogy. Interestingly enough, he mentioned how Metroid Prime 2: Echoes was originally supposed to be a multiplayer title, with a single player focus being decided on relatively late in production.

Well, I just feel that the game should have been either one or the other. Metroid Prime Hunters did this really well — it knew it was a multiplayer game and spent all its marbles there.

When we started development on Prime 2, multiplayer was actually going to be the focus I think we internally thought of the project as Metroid Prime 1. We were even going to have the ability to play as a Space Pirate and have things like wall grabs and such. As we moved back towards a primarily single-player focus, we should have ditched multiplayer altogether.

There was a ton of effort put forth to make multiplayer happen: Plus, as a Metroid fan, I just feel like single-player is how the IP should stay — seeing multiple people run around as Samus never felt right. Metroid Prime 2 was also supposed to have more visually distinct light and dark worlds, but the time and budget ended up hamstringing development.

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22 Jan The announcement of Metroid Prime 4 was one of the most surprising reveals at E3, and though the game is nothing more than a logo at the moment, it's still exciting that Nintendo is choosing to continue one of its most critically acclaimed series. The Metroid Prime trilogy was a major moment in Nintendo. Brand new factory sealed, 15 copies available at 25 BTC per copy. A rare, out-of- production item! Item specifics - Video Games Condition: Brand New: An item that has never been opened or removed from the manufacturer's sealing. Platform: Nintendo Wii Genre: Shooter Rating: T - Teen Format: NTSC (N. 13 Jun Take a deep breath: Nintendo is actually making a new Metroid game. At its E3 spotlight today, the company officially unveiled Metroid Prime 4, the latest entry in the beloved sci-fi exploration series. Unfortunately, outside of the name and the fact that it's coming to Nintendo Switch, we know nothing about.

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