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Bitcoin is being accepted for all kinds of real estate million these days. I'm sometimes involved with very large cross-border transactions and the logistics of making 147 of this size million, more often that not, a complete PITA, with timezones million banking hours getting in the way," wrote user runam0k. WorldExclusive and NeoNemesis like this. All I have to say about bitcoin is to beware. True bitcoin currency is 147 currency, but fiat bitcoin backed by a real world government carries a lot more weight and security than fiat bitcoin backed by faith and 147 and rainbows.

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Fucking jumping off willis tower "sears tower". More than four years of trash have since been dumped on top of the hard drive, meaning any salvage operation would be both costly and time-consuming. Unsurprisingly, a transaction of that size has prompted the bitcoin community to do some analysis and detective work. Wish I had mined a lot longer. Retronym , May 23, Now try to divest yourself of 72 million in bitcoin. Probably sold them all in all for less than 10k.

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Have breaking news or a bitcoin tip to send to our journalists? Bitcoin What is Bitcoin? This is how it looks on the 147. THEN transfer million amt. Forums Search Forums Recent Posts.

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“A Shit Load of Money” – $ Million Moves in One Bitcoin Transaction | Liberty Blitzkrieg

147 million bitcoin

Boy do I feel dumb. Comixbooks , May 23, When you make a bitcoin address, the public section never changes. The private section never changes. Nothing ever changes except the amount of bitcoin assigned to the address. Think of it as a mailbox if that helps. Everyone can see the mailbox, but only you can open it.

That said, a lot of people create new addresses rather than keep spending from one address, but let's stick to basics. You never store the private key in the ledger, only the public key. There is some math that can be easily checked, but not guessed, that is performed when you sign a transaction with your private key. Nobody can see your private key. Unless you do what I did earlier with the empty address and intentionally put it out there.

I'm sitting on 42 or 43 bitcoin but there is no fcking way I could get 80K for them. I also have a bunch of dogecoin as well, a lot. SixFootDuo , May 23, Jon , May 23, Fucking jumping off willis tower "sears tower". Hitti2 , May 23, May 24, Uvaman2 , May 24, Retronym , May 24, Sell Bitcoin only when necessary. I mined for a few hours one day just to see what the deal was.

THEN transfer that amt. As long as wallet holders in the affected areas had been diligent and retained their information in paper — brain — or non electronic form — they would be made whole again — as soon as they were once again able to either restore some rudimentary form of electronic communication OR if they were able to travel to an unaffected area.

This is how it looks on the Blockchain: Here are some excerpts: Jeff N Terri Greene November 23, at 9: There are definitely many reasons to be cautious about this.

Oh yeah November 24, at JS November 24, at I agree with the above comments. Alexander November 24, at 2: Thoughts on Armstrongs take http: The Bitcoin currency has been used to make some staggeringly large purchases over the years.

The anonymous transaction totaled , The buyer remains anonymous. The Tesla buyer is not alone. Bitcoin is being accepted for all kinds of real estate transactions these days. But as for people actually pulling the trigger on a Bitcoin real estate purchase, the top honor has to go to Gregory Simon. The plot of land is located in just minutes from the beach in Paradise Bay.

Simon is keeping mum about exactly how much he paid for the land in Bitcoin, but he reportedly plans to use Bitcoin to finance the construction work on the land as well. Factor in the costs of building a home from scratch, and Simon is positioned to make a serious Bitcoin investment in his new land.

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23 Nov Bitcoin internet hangouts were buzzing today after noticing someone had shifted , BTC (over $m on CoinDesk's BPI) in one transaction. The transaction, tagged "Shit Load of Money!" by its mystery originator*, appeared on wearebeachhouse.com early in the evening of 22nd. 23 Nov Early last night, a massive Bitcoin transaction went down. A transaction worth an incredible $ million with several sending addresses involved. As I have mentioned in a previous article, you can attach messages to Bitcoin transactions and tagged to this one was simply: “Shitload of Money!” The world of. 30 Nov James Howells says he has "good days and bad days" after throwing away a bitcoin fortune.

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