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Rise in year signals return to normal rates: Seriously wouldn't be surprised, they really haven't shown any shame or restrain in their bannings and censoring. Unlike kelly currencies tickers as dollars, bitcoins are issued and managed without the need for any central cnbc whatsoever. Facebook hits record high after brian. Trump goes 'unplugged' at GOP retreat. It will either be ready in time and function well enough to absorb the growth or it will bitcoin.

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The part 1 about "it making sense" is really obvious if you're an intelligent person. I figured that is how it was! Markets feeling 'a little frothy'. It's a full on orgy and all are invited. Unpacking India's latest budget. He couldn't be more wrong, says hedge-fund manager Brian Kelly. People coming in now don't care about libertarian future, they just want to become X-coin millionaires.

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Kelly was a co-founder and President cnbc MKM Partners, a brokerage firm catering bitcoin institutional investment managers. Wheels Up on Super Bowl travel: Can you wear brian to work? The Points Guy quit Morgan Stanley to travel the world. Maybe BCH will step in kelly take over, or tickers Ethereum will do so. Apple's quarter shows supercycle is dead:

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Cryptocurrency hedge fund manager. Now is the best time to invest in bitcoin, says digital currency hedge-fund manager.

Is bitcoin a bubble? This trader debates Bill Griffeth. Bitcoin's big drop looks like 'normal volatility': I don't blame people for buying into the bitcoin frenzy, but it could end badly. The bitcoin frenzy right now is like dot-com bubble in , digital currency hedge fund manager says.

Where are China markets headed? Commercially our results were good. Apple sold fewer iPhones than a year ago. Apple earnings beat, but iPhone shipments decline. Amazon earnings beat on top and bottom lines. Google parent Alphabet tanks after earnings miss. Mitt Romney to make Senate run announcement. Federal Reserve gives Janet Yellen send-off. Malls look to fitness to drive more traffic.

Guess drops as Kate Upton criticizes firm's co-founder. Pay attention to guidance in Apple earnings. Wonderful' bets big on Apple. Trump goes 'unplugged' at GOP retreat. Stocks rebound to hit session highs.

We believe in strong families and borders. What to expect from Apple earnings. Facebook hits record high after earnings. New money may outweigh rebalancing today: Overall optimism in the markets. Broadcom views Qualcomm earnings as concerning.

Aim to be undisputed partner of choice. General Motors auto sales up 1. Our country is richer because of President Trump's policies.

Countdown to Super Bowl: Facebook shares on the move despite usage decrease. Steve Wynn ultimately made the right decision to step down from RNC. Russian officials are worried locusts could ruin the World Cup. Would you buy bitcoin? Who's your favorite CEO? The Points Guy quit Morgan Stanley to travel the world. Now he has over 20 employees. What is the circular economy?

It's a brand name. There are other brands. Nitrous is the important part. I realize now I'm making a joke to the wrong audience. The logo with the heart at the bottom right makes this image look super sketchy. I assume you're trying to reach new audiences, not people who are already on board. The tether issue isn't a core-only issue. It impacts all of crypto.

The sooner you realise that the better off you'll be. Ethereum pumps do little to the whole space, BTC pumps carries on the whole space to higher levels. Im waiting for an event like that to sell my airdropped coins into for max profit.

Mine was ditching bcore for several other crypto, so much better to send bitcoin cash or even ethereum through exchanges! Oh, and ethereum has the same pairs, so what is your stone of value useful for? To pay shills or to hype useful idiots like you. I think it's going to be increasingly likely to see more people with financial and technical expertise side with Bitcoin cash because:.

The part 2 about "underdog" theory is supported by the recent evidence of people investing in "cheaper coins" like Litecoin. People coming in now don't care about libertarian future, they just want to become X-coin millionaires. And when these people look at the price of BTC right now, they will immediately filter it out because they can't possibly imagine it going up X anymore, since it's already too high Although I think this belief would be a mistake if BTC were to actually scale.

The part 1 about "it making sense" is really obvious if you're an intelligent person. So far the Bitcoin community has been somewhat of a cult surrounding a few developers who spread their own ideas of what Bitcoin is supposed to be.

But I believe this has only been possible because not many people have been interested in this thing. Now that Bitcoin has their attention, a lot of intelligent people will take a serious look at this "Bitcoin thing", and these intelligent people will be able to tell what's legit from what's propaganda unlike what it's been like until now, which is unfortunate but understandable since vast majority of people so far involved in Bitcoin have had no clue how the underlying technology or economics work and therefore just follow what "authorities" say.

Honestly, most trolls have no idea what they're fighting for, they only parrot what some authoritative person said. But this was only because there hasn't been enough "authoritative" people. When these people start seeing much more "authoritative" people speak sane words in mainstream media, things will change very quickly. I'm from a low income, non-English speaking country.

Two of our largest local fiat on-ramps like Coinbase have now supported BCH. Core propaganda can't reach us here because the shills i. PR workers don't speak our language. I don't want to reveal too much, look at my username. Images of the sites I mentioned: Youre not actually gullible enough to believe that post are you? Use some common sense man. I like Stellar Lumens. I am interested in Bitcoin Cash and have a little, but I like Lumens a lot more and see a lot of potential there.

It becomes more expensive as more people use it? Even if not, worst case max out the 32mb current limit and delay in limit increase for some reason is fee gets up to cents? No, mining is not more difficult with more transactions. A full block takes the same amount of energy to mine than an empty block.

It's true of course, but people like spreading fake news. Capacity will always be ahead of velocity in Bitcoin Cash. BTC chain derided from it and, thus, is doomed. But the Alts do not come from the Bitcoin genesis block and the Alts do not adhere to the Satoshi Whitepaper.

Bitcoin today is an altcoin. Also, email today is not email. That's why I'm using a mail client from They should have stayed with the whitepaper and not change anything about it, like that IMAP protocol, it's just cancer! And then they want to even encrypt the transactions, how dare they! Email got better and better such as to become more and more widely adopted so as to become a world-wide standard for communication. Email did not get sucky and slow and expensive for several years until the final glorious turnaround.

As we've seen with Bitcoin Segwit, evolving from the whitepaper isn't always a good thing. There's such a thing as improvement, and there's such a thing as throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Then there's killing the baby in its crib because fuck that baby, it might grow up to rival the powers in charge.

Perhaps you can enlighten us by telling us specifically what is the fundamental error Satoshi made in the white paper. If you really want to extend the Core analogy to email, it's more like some "engineers" decided that in order to prevent SMTP from "centralization" it was essential that every user run his own SMTP sever from home.

To facilitate this, emails will be limited to characters of plain text. Any emails larger than characters are invalid and cannot be relayed by the network. Core engineers didn't implement any limit. Instead they implemented SegWit as a first scaling solution. To facilitate this, an archaic temporary rule that limits emails to characters of plain text will be maintained indefinitely Any emails larger than characters are invalid and cannot be relayed by the network.

Far lower tx fees, faster transaction times, on-chain scaling. It aspires to be the peer to peer electronic cash that BTC was originally designed to be.

However opposition will even try and have people think it's technically not the case and that BCH is fake somehow. So to me a push against that is what I see from this thread. The only issue we have is when people say stupid shit like "Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin". Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin Cash. And no, you don't seem to have been been around very much, because that's definitely not "the only issue" you guys have had, LOL.

So the popularity thing on lasts as long as the understanding of which is better does. Did you watch the video, he says exactly what the title of the thread says. The shit is being said by you. So much opinions out of the butt here, people don't even read.

If you quote the entire statement, it's clear from the context that he is absolutely talking about from a technical perspective. Because Bitcoin Cash is effectively Bitcoin.

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4 Jan Brian Kelly announces the launch of a suite of crypto ETFs. Brian Kelly is Founder and CEO of BKCM LLC, an investment firm focused on digital currencies. He is the portfolio manager of the BKCM Digital Asset Fund. Brian is the author of "The Bitcoin Big Bang – How Alternative Currencies Are About to Change the World." Prior to BKCM LLC, Brian was Co-Founder and Managing. 29 Nov Brian Kelly breaks down how to buy bitcoin using the Coinbase app.

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