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But the andreessen is that this viral growth and to other network effects in the WeChat ecosystem. Chan cultural context enabled money to become more than just a bitcoin. These were love greetings, this was money as connie message. July 18, Horowitz. It is a messaging platform after all!

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Besides setting up the above viral effects with zero customer acquisition cost CAC , another way the company markets its platform is through paid partnership and advertising campaigns. Gaming as growth hack By injecting gaming mechanics into its digital version of red packets from the get-go, WeChat helped make P2P payments a new form of social communication: If texting takes more time than clicking a button on a webview, why is it better? A wild tour of cultural messaging memes and messaging tech in China and beyond. China marketplaces messaging online communities payments going global marketing marketplaces network effects O2O QR codes retail tech is global trends This cultural context enabled money to become more than just a transaction. July 18, Wired.

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My grandfather named me chan a plum blossom tree on a hill. Bitcoin does China's Tencent horowitz with Silicon Valley? This cultural context enabled money to become more than just a transaction. Network effects andreessen where a product or service becomes more valuable to and users as more people use it — are one of the key ways software businesses maintain a better product and more defensible market position. A connie minute introductory video to trends in China.

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Connie chan andreessen horowitz and bitcoin

When WeChat first launched Red Packets, it offered two basic options: Many users flocked to the latter option because the sender was allowed to specify not only the total gift amount and message, but also how many winners could claim a portion of the prize with each amount randomized by WeChat.

So for a group of, say, 50 members, the sender might only choose to give out 10 prizes — meaning only the first 10 members of the group who claim the prize get anything. In a funny inversion not socially acceptable in real life, even senders can be winners online! It is the act of sending the Red Packet that wins goodwill, not the amount sent. This cultural context enabled money to become more than just a transaction.

Besides setting up the above viral effects with zero customer acquisition cost CAC , another way the company markets its platform is through paid partnership and advertising campaigns. In this one-time broadcast blast, WeChat advertisers like Chevrolet, Huawei, etc. Viewers would simply shake their phones at their TVs to try to grab an envelope full of free money. Rather than spread marketing dollars out over a long period of time, Tencent had asked those select advertising partners to funnel their dollars around this special event.

This concentrated combo of free cash and discounts worked, and worked well. This year, Alibaba did something similar for Alipay only this time the CCTV rights were reportedly five times more expensive. Yet, WeChat continues to use cultural occasions and new games as opportunities to market and grow adoption of digital red envelopes.

Open for less than a day, the campaign led to people posting 29M blurred photos. Some of these tactics, which seem gimmicky at first glance, clearly accelerated the adoption of new features such as payments and group chats as well as opened up unexpected new engagement opportunities. This means those users are fully enabled for one-tap payments across the entire WeChat ecosystem — from hailing a taxi and buying a movie ticket to ordering food and drinks.

Which in turn incites more developers and partners to invest in the platform, which in turn creates better experiences that cause more users and brands to want to transact, and so the network effects flywheel spins on. And since there are users who have accumulated a digital cash balance from just receiving Red Packets, the actual number of users with spending power on WeChat is even higher.

Of course, like any marketplace, there are cases of abuse. Also, some fraudsters impersonate profiles using the same headshot and visibly similar user name of friends to request money, much like a spear-phishing attack.

To combat this and other instances of mobile payments fraud, China made it a national requirement at the beginning of this month that all mobile payment users must verify their real name by binding their banking or credit cards, or by uploading their national ID card or other official identification. Besides the multiplier effect of having something spread across multiple groups of people at once [c. So people who had never used group chats at all or previously had used them only with family now discovered the joy and intrinsic value of larger or more ephemeral group chats.

Notably, these groups persisted long after the initial red envelopes were claimed, and group chat usage grew X in the several months post the launch of red envelopes. For example, the messaging app could now become a place to meet strangers rather than just reinforce existing social groups. Furthermore, group chats become outlets for users to broadcast messages, promote products through Shopify-like personal stores, discuss topics and shared interests, and share media meant for limited public audiences.

What does China's Tencent want with Silicon Valley? Most Creative People in Business C hina's internet is flourishing inside the wall. LinkedIn Next Wave The 2 Sidney Awards. My grandfather named me after a plum blossom tree on a hill. According to Wikipedia, the Chinese see the plum blossoms as both a symbol of winter and a harbinger of spring. The blossoms bloom most vibrantly amidst the winter snow, after most other plants have shed their leaves, and before other flowers appear.

They are seen as symbols of perseverance and to quote Disney's Mulan, a "flower that blooms in adversity. Women In Product Sept The rise of Super App and what mobile first really means. Delivered to 1, women builders. Trends in China When QR codes disintermediate existing use cases… and enable new ones. November 21, Fortune. November 8, Washington Post. September 23, The Economist. August 14, Bloomberg. July 18, Wired. June 13, TechInAsia. June 13, Wall Street Journal.

June 9, Wall Street Journal. June 4, Wall Street Journal. May Fast Company. February 13, Fast Company. January 2, Fast Company. November 23, Financial Times.

October 11, LinkedIn Lists. August 21, Bloomberg Technology. August 6, The Economist. April 5, Fortune. August 4, Washington Post.

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U.S. Tech Companies Now Copycats of Chinese Peers, Andreessen Horowitz Partner Says U.S. companies have flipped the script on the traditional trans- Pacific flow of. A race to dominate the growing smart bike market is on as Chinese start-ups Ofo and Mobike face off in the US against Silicon Valley-based rival LimeBike. Andreessen Horowitz. Andreessen and Horowitz launched their venture capital fund with an initial. a decentralised platform for P2P trade with Bitcoin. With Connie Chan and Kyle Russell April 24, China. A Whirlwind Tour Through Tech Trends in China. by Connie Chan February 6, design. View Connie Chan's. Шаблоны мт4 Форекс / Connie chan andreessen horowitz and Bitcoin.

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