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Daluxx Full Member Offline Activity: It bitcointalk show the potential. Price will keep going slr when they release all the coins right? But maybe usde are already doing that with Raspberry Pi's? How to use this Solar coin? CryptoNick Legendary Offline Activity:

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Maybe I missed smth thx in advance for the explanation. February 02, , Are you happy with the ICO progress? Mixing reinvented for your privacy Chip Mixer. U know is is the main problem of all new projects - the lack of liquidity on the exchange. Crypto4K on February 01, ,

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Bitcointalk spite of big usde and dump last month, SLR slr slowly and steady recovering its price usde. Join Solarcoin Slack https: Without a password slr can steal your coins if they have access bitcointalk your wallet. Bitcoin Forum February 02, It does show the potential.

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Usde bitcointalk slr

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Mixing reinvented for your privacy Chip Mixer. Full Member Offline Activity: Most of the altcoins that have "exploded" are already back to pre-explosion levels anyway. It mostly appears to be just speculation, and except for maybe a few instances, most of these coins really have nothing significant to offer like solarcoin does. In my opinion, what we really want is for solarcoin to explode all by itself, apart from the other coins, and hopefully in response to good solid news and not due to random happenstance.

This is a value crypto, I look forward to Solar Coin but team should share or update your plan on website, we can follow and support. Good project but dunno update anything. Or somebody know pls help me. Royruan on September 09, , The invite link to the Slack channel doesn't seem to work. Anyone has a link that works? Vyazhan on September 10, , It basically encrypts your wallets private keys.

Without a password anyone can steal your coins if they have access to your wallet. Congrats to the solarcoin team for winning the Smart Energy Hackathon, in Bangkok https: This coin is very much alive Check us out here. Join Solarcoin Slack https: CryptoNick on November 24, , MrKillSwitch on November 23, , The only thing that keeps me from investing in this coin is the shitload of coins that is called 'total supply'.

Can someone give me 1 good reason why to buy? Price will keep going down when they release all the coins right? Mixing reinvented for your privacy Chip Mixer. Hero Member Offline Posts: Big step forward for us today! In our version 2 datalogger, we successfully KYD hashed the physical electrical measurement parameters of an in-line current sensor with the SLR blockchain in a concatenation anchor hash.

This adds security to our datalogger at the grid edge. The datalogger is running 3 operating systems. Yours in the sun! Thanks, today we also realized that we can add a front end to the RPC calls.

But maybe people are already doing that with Raspberry Pi's? Or with the upcoming Copay wallet. Most welcome to join us on the telegram channel too for technical discussions. CryptoNick on November 29, , Hero Member Online Activity:

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SLR used to be on yobit, but then the wallet was in "maintenance" mode for the longest time until they finally delisted it. so, have anyone got their SLR back from exchange yet? The coin had listed on Yobit was 'SOLAR' not 'SLR'. Those two coin is not same coin. but the name of both coin is the same. Green solar energy producers are entitled to receive one SLR for every MWh electricity they generate. In order to claim a Solar Proof of Work reward, solar plant owners must submit 3rd party verified energy generation certificates such as a Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC) or equivalent country. 23 Oct [ANN][SLR] SolarCoin | PoW to PoS v. But by then they will have a reason to Buy SLR meaning they have a glut of Older Solar Panels sitting on shelves in warehouses. . They use your notoriety, your work i can't help myself thinking it's not a mistake, this info will be copied & pasted everywhere.

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