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Uncategorized January 17, 2021

the scholar who walks the night review

** and R. Both were essential to me finishing ‘The Scholar Who Walks The Night’. I don’t join kdrama discussion groups on FB either, coz quite often, I find it distracting (when I disagree with the general sentiments) &/or stressful (when I can’t keep up with the watch pace & need to avoid spoilers). I DO know how strong and unwavering your fangirl love is! This drama is based on the manwha of the same name written by Jo Joo-Hee and illustrated by Han Seung-Hee. It’s the decision-making about whether to offer Yang-sun to Gwi or not. After that, it didn’t feel all that similar to me. I don’t generally follow fan threads when I watch dramas, coz I find it can mess with how well I enjoy my shows, so I didn’t know that the fan-shipping for this show was so strong. It felt like a bolt out of the blue. Sadly, I was rather underwhelmed by the ending. Plus, Scholar stills promised that I would get to see Lee Jun Ki wearing guyliner and a deeper red lip, sorta like how he did so spectacularly in his breakout role in The King and The Clown. . I haven’t gotten the review done yet (coz I am forever backlogged!) It makes no sense whatsoever, like I mention in my review, but, I feel like the alternative doesn’t make sense either. I wanted more of the compination Lee Joonki and mane of glory. And I know it might sound weird but it kind of spoils my “enjoyment” of his work so to speak. but I do plan to write it a proper review, coz I enjoyed it so much. August 26, 2015 August 26, 2015 Evelyn L. 1 Comment. On a related note, I found the tonal shifts between the light and cute, versus the dark and bloody, kind of jerky and jarring. The whole thing just felt reaaaally slow to me. I’ve yet to properly dive into SFD as like you I’m a bit hesitant to start something that long. It feels on the long side on our screens, and I can’t help wondering what Gwi is doing while this is going on too. Interesting that you couldn’t get into PMY’s performance in Healer.. This DEFINITELY didn’t live up to the pre-production hype, sadly (all those stills were so pretty, though!). You can check out my review of it here, to see if it matches what you’re looking for . Haha, your rant made me chuckle, neve.. Clearly, this show isn’t working for you. Hurry up with taking her blood, you don’t have time to talk and kiss and angst! Ah, that’s right, you do enjoy vampire stories! Yussss…. Gosh the contradicting myths and time bending here is so true. Beneath the whimsical cinematography, fancy wardrobes, and charismatic acting performances, Scholar Who Walks the Night is a mess full of plot holes and forced tropes. I mean…. The Scholar Who Walks the Night - (Bameul geotneun seonbi) Güç ve hırsın insanların gözünü canavar gibi bürüdüğü bir dönemde asil bir aile inanılmaz bir komplonun kurbanı olur. When all this 19 episodes they keep insisting that if Sung Yeol started sucking her blood SHE WOULD DIE. It sounded like the perfect mashup combining the best of Arang and Sungkyunkwan Scandal, both of which are dramas I really love. =/ And also as a long-time soohyuk fan haha, I actually was hoping he passed on this one. Click here to see all Dear kfangurl posts! I wasn’t too enamored with the killing, biting and bloody mouths, but when both men got to show off their cool, smirky, more sardonic sides, it was undeniably rather swoony. Scholar Who Walks the Night is a good combination of the fantasy, romance, and historical genres. , Let’s just say I weathered I Miss You for Yoo Seung Ho which by all accounts was probably one of the most painful watches I have had in my meager drama-watching history (Bad Love still takes the cake on the worst I have seen) – and I have watched some stinkers in the name of fangirl love. I didn’t manage to pick it back up after episode 2. The plot is stupid and drags on for waaaayyyy too long. There was an additional character in the drama (can’t remb if it’s Hyeryeong or myunghee now..or both) and Yoon had a much smaller role in the manhwa. [Scholar Who Walks The Night] 밤을 걷는 선비 9회 - Love in Prison 이준기-이유비, 피 끓는 옥중 로맨스! Ailenin kızı Yang Sun erkek kılığına girerek kitap satıcılığı yapmaya başlar. 1. Also, YES to everything you said about how everything didn’t fit together very well at all. Many do not know and those who do are his supporters, or keep quiet out of fear for their life and/or the well-being of their loved ones. I’m not sure why. Like in episode 3, when Sung Yeol saves Yang Sun from the water after a big exciting chase involving Gwi, and proceeds to place his lips on hers. They did stop interrupting the story to show us ”cute” couple scenes and that was a huge improvement. …It’s really too bad that Show turned out to be a very, very different creature than what I’d expected. Their scenes felt very hollow to me as well as I had no idea where that intensity came from =/ YES! But I did go ”awww” at the ”this is beautiful”. It certainly wasn’t perfect. OMO. 1. Lee Soo Hyuk is just life. He’s so into the moment though – and so effective in other moments – that I can’t quite hold it against him. colourfulmemories Life memories are to be cherished forever… Scholar Who Walks The Night 밤을 걷는 선비 Review. I couldn’t say much aside from adoring the OTP Lee Jun Ki and Lee Yu Bi!…i do love LJK and LYB i reminded me of Park Min Young in SKKS!…. Scholar Who Walks the Night – Review . I like vampire stories, but I need some logic and to be explained clearly what a vampire can do or not, what kills them or not… I mean,does the ending explain why we needed the secret journal from 200 years ago to kill Gwi and why no one (like the secret organization vampire watchers) never came up with another plan??? Like Andy said, your comment made me laugh, Yllegjord! I hope you decide to give it another chance sometime! XD, when this drama was premiered i got excited coz all of my favorite pretty men are in here. I would rather end it with Yang Sun narrating the Night Scholar writings she did or what not. (And I thought his sudden, random addition at the beginning to be well…sudden and random). Additionally, I found Changmin‘s performance as Yoon surprisingly good (I say surprisingly coz I’ve never seen him act before, and he’s an idol actor, on top of that). There are basically two main emphases in our story. , Yes, Changmin is really really good, as Yoon! The first episodes were a bit off, but as the story progresses it gets more and more intersting and the drama itself feels like it stands more steadily on its feet. The first episode also lets us know how Sung-yeol turns into a vampire and the events that had happened in the past and led to the present. First off thanks for the recommendations. Video on website seems to be only view-able in Japan, so please click on the Continue reading → Posted in JP TV , KR TV , Official Website Update , Solo Changmin , Translations , Videos for like days now. The Scholar Who Walks the Night or The Night Scholar, boasts a twenty episode compelling storyline that explores themes such as life and death, nobility and commoners, imagination and reality power and powerlessness. Now about She Was Pretty, I adore it! , I’m on E14 but I’ve lost interest since E4…. For his return or her death?! run for your life”… I hope Lee Soo Hyuk will get to play a vampire in a better plot. And then we get an extremely protracted scene of Yang Sun making her presence known, and offering Sung Yeol her blood, and then we see Sung Yeol angsting over it, and then giving her a goodbye speech, before kissing her, and then drinking her blood. Flash Review: Traces Of Love [Drama Special], Guest Post: The School Nurse Files [An Alternative Lens], ICYMI: new Dear kfangurl post is up, & this time, I tackle the question "Dear kfangurl, can you talk about the show…, If you've ever wondered about the shows I haven't written about & what I think of them, this latest Dear kfangurl p…. I loved the gore, though. I’m sorry, I hope that helped! The drama as a whole was a bit rough around the edges though. Through a pact made with the current kings ancestors, Gwi rules through fear instilled by endless terror as a result of him killing anyone opposing him. The king wants to defeat him, but he loses his life and the scholar gets turned into a vampire. As it is, I’m not even sure that Show is clear on its own vampire lore, since it all seems rather inconsistent, from where I’m sitting. . I think if I remember correctly, the writer of Blood wrote Good Doctor and I think I’m the only person who didn’t like that drama (though Joo Won was amazing), so maybe it was the hospital setting that didn’t do much for me. I have no idea, really. Aw.. That’s a bit of a bummer.. There’re some viewers who genuinely enjoyed this show, though. Min Sung is such an ass to begin with but then he does something that makes you go ‘aaaawwww’ and all is forgotten, till the next moment of asshattery. Overall, I think that it would’ve been better all-around, if Show had just made up its mind on what it valued more – romance, or the secret plan to kill Gwi – and just focused its attention there. I know the production changed writers partway, and agree that it must’ve been stressful and hard on everyone. Which is TOTALLY in line with his CF King reputation! Both Lee Jun Ki and Lee Soo Hyuk bring indisputable amounts of pretty to the show, and uh, I just liked gazing at the Pretty. Unfortunately, it doesn't show all the countries currently existing in my stats, coz it starts from zero. Needless to say, the series did not disappoint. Yes there was an additional writer or something from ep 11 onwards. It was such an odd duck but loads of fun all the same. More than a century goes by and far from giving up, Sung-Yeol is determined to find a way to win against Gwi. Scholar Who Walks the Night. ), dya have one in particular that you’d recommend? I particularly enjoyed the beats where we got to see Sung Yeol’s vulnerability beneath the stoic surface, and Lee Jun Ki portrayed those layers quite beautifully. Living in a cave underneath the palace, Gwi has been using the kings as puppets for his purpose. Heh, you really know how to sell your dramas, my dear! . Enter your email address to follow The Fangirl Verdict and receive notifications of new posts by email. I’ve heard that Blood had a pretty interesting story, but that the acting by the leads sucked. So I pretty much avoid them altogether. I’m realizing that there are way too many dramas on my list for me to waste time on something that’s just not for me . Show definitely agrees on the Dramatic bit, coz Scholar turned out to be a lot more Dramatic than I expected, not only in the plot points themselves, but in the delivery too. All I can say is, most adaptations that I’ve come across don’t tend to follow the source material very closely. Nope, not at all! It really bites if you are half way through or, horror of horrors, almost at the end when that happens. I think I’ll persist to the end, just because I’m having LJK withdrawal after SHR ended My Tuesday and Wednesday mornings are so empty now that Wang So stops keeping me company on my commute. Cable dramas tend to attract less of these sorts of fans, and more discussion around the plot instead. His character in Scholar was so tortured all the way through, simply because he was a vampire. I’ll start Two Weeks soon. But so far his past two works including scholar I’m not impressed with =/ Though it’s more the production/plot issue than his acting. Did the palace guards subdue them all?) I get that those scenes are supposed to be sweet and romantic, but honestly, when a man asserts himself as your owner, are you really supposed to look touched? XD. Tee hee! Lee Joon-gi as Kim Sung-yeol ("Night Scholar") A loyal and courageous scholar who is a close friend of Crown Prince Jonghyun. Overall I felt that Lee Joon Gi was holding this production on his shoulders and willing it to completion. 1. We have arrived at our last October post featuring a ghost/vampire drama. But Show’s shifts between those two tones often didn’t feel organic to a single narrative, and that felt pretty distracting. You would think that a drama about trying to overthrow an ancient vampire who lives in an underground lair beneath the royal palace and secretly controls the Joseon monarch would be fantastic. I love that you found this almost as entertaining as the show itself (although, with this particular show and its flaws, I don’t know how entertaining I actually found it to begin with! XD I hung in there for the actors, and for the pretty, and for my morbid curiosity about what the writers would do with the ending. Proud to be a k-fangirl since 2007. It was fast in some ways, but each time it’d felt fast, I was able to reconcile in my head why the characters might have behaved that way, so that didn’t derail my watch, ultimately. I like! Oh I’ve been having a thing for Long Haired LJK since the King and the Clown, one of my top 10 movies of all time. Scholar Who Walks the Night: The Vampires in Joseon Era. I was glad to see a more serious vampire story. Glad you enjoyed this one, Andy. :/ Lee Jun Ki was beautiful and ethereal to look at, and.. that’s about it, unfortunately. The ending is frustrating indeed, and my take is that it’s one of those open-ended ones intended for audiences to interpret as they like. He turns into a vengeful vampire following the deaths of his family and friend. On another note, you dropped Healer?? . When this cycle happens again and again, the watch experience feels sort of tense, but not really (since it starts to happen well within Show’s first half and therefore we already know that none of our leads will die) and eventually, with all the circling, Show starts to feel pretty repetitive and boring. , I finished it, but the FF button use was strong in this one. Notably, neither method is explained to the audience. . It’s so different, and quite hilarious! Scholar Who Walks the Night: Episode 10 by girlfriday. When Sung Yeol rushes into the underground palace, Gwi’s supposedly hot on his heels. I think one of the biggest flaws in the beginning was not explaining the vampire lore. In Healer, though, I felt like she really got into the role of Young Shin. That makes more sense than forcing yourself to complete a drama you aren’t enjoying at some level. But like you, I didn’t felt it helped. The long answer is ‘Because of Lee Joon-Gi, Lee Soo-Hyuk and Lee Yu-Bi, and my fascination with anything manwha related’. Taking into account my high hopes for a lovely mashup of Arang and SKKS, I was expecting Show to have a tone that was light & fun for the most part, with stretches of moderate intensity for the rest of the time. They are SO good at the slice-of-life and heartwarming stories, the plots also tend to be more down to earth/realistic. I read recaps from time to time and even those made me roll my eyes. Open Thread for Chuno Episodes 13 & 14 is now up, everyone! SO many shows I wanna check out!!! The similarities throw me, coz my brain reaches for what the Korean equivalent sounds like, and I find it extremely distracting XD Well, that and I find the k-production values and the k-pretty just so much more to my taste! So true – fan threads can really distract you from your watch experience, especially if you don’t agree with the general sentiments. Plot-wise, everything’s painted as quite dire and tragic, what with so many people dying from start to finish (seriously, so much blood!). Watch List. And oh, speaking about the ending, I think they were fighting the whole night, that’s why it was daylight when the explosion happened. I probably stopped caring about logic and consistency at some point, too. I don’t know…. I want to know why Sung Yeol needed to disappear for a year. Like I actually wanted to scream at her “RUN AWAY!” ……I have no idea where I was going with this…. Especially since I was hoping for a cooler, more subtle and effortless sort of vamping out, sort of along the lines of Season 1 of Vampire Prosecutor. Yes it had gore and serious vampire type actions, but it also had humanistic trends which made it interesting. It’s so sweet and the characters for the most part act like proper adults which is great! Victoria will prolly make you want to strangle her more than once. And I’m supposed to find this all really exciting, when through it all, I’m actually mostly thinking stuff like, “What’s Gwi doing?? I mean, a supernatural drama world featuring Joseon-era vampires with glorious bone structure, and a girl who goes undercover as a boy to earn a living and support her family? There’s angst, but much less than Scholar. Sadly i am not yet done with the drama yet and i only have 6 episodes….. Ie: I’d read stuff about fans insisting certain actors have chemistry. The Scholar Who Walks the Night Review. he became weak. And I couldn’t wait to feast my eyes on the Pretty too. Erm… WHAT? I also noticed swwtn wasn’t as popular in Korea (heard it had quite low ratings) than it is internationally. You’re very right – maybe some things got explained, but it was just so messy that it’s just hard to keep things straight, and it’s not even worth the effort of trying to keep things straight anyway! So I would have rated it a B but, you know, I agree with most of the things brought forth in the review…it’s one of those dramas that could have been sooooo much better and proves to me once again that no matter the acting, production value etc it always comes down to the writing. Also, I can’t quite get into Park Min Young’s acting. But I feel ya, Sunny. Yeah, this show had looked so beautiful and so promising in the posters and trailers, but it really turned out to be quite a disappointing mess, unfortunately. I really wanted to love this show, if fact I started making excuses for the strange-ness of this show… while watching the episodes, but in the end…. I’m a little sad that we’re reaching the final few eps already *sniff* Achiara’s Secret sounds intriguing. Not really/Not yet [Hope springs eternal…], Does this make it any less precious to us? Both are repetitive plot-wise, always circling around the same thing, and then both shows made LJK angsty, without giving him room to actually use his power (guns or vampire powers, as the case may be). I enjoyed the drama, but if you think too much about some of the things, they just don’t add up; so I just kind of let them go over my head. A good writer, in taking over someone else’s work, would do everything possible to make the story feel like one whole, and make the switch in writers as seamless as possible. Yes the music sometimes is still off, and some characters haven’t played a major role yet but it’s getting better and more interesting definitely! I actually enjoyed this drama, but at some point I was in it only for the romance between the two leads which I actually enjoyed. He’s wearing the magic black robe both times, so seriously, what gives? It had its flaws, but I still managed to enjoy it quite well. ❤. Well, I wasn’t very taken with Moon Lovers in the first couple of episodes, but I’m pleased to say that at E4 & 5, Show is settling more for me, and I’m starting to feel more engaged with the characters. I agree that LJK does tend to overact, unless directed otherwise. Suspense thrillers aren’t my usual kind of drama, but I can’t help making exceptions when I hear a drama’s good! Gwi was several kinds of perfect. In addition to burdening him with this new identity, the failed attempt to end Gwi also robbed Sung-Yeol of his loved ones. It sometimes almost felt like I was watching two different shows, like I had maybe fallen asleep with my eyes open and had sleep-worked the remote to change channels or something. The other thread that kept me hanging on to the very end, is that, despite how messy I found the narrative, I had a slightly morbid curiosity towards how it would all end. I would just advise not thinking too much for the greatest enjoyment , Do I? I prefer to think that they are alive, and that he somehow came back. Both Scholar and Joseon Gunman had looked so promising visually, but then had both disappointed with circling plot, repetitiveness, and not allowing an angsty LJK to use his power (gun vs vamp power) very much. But the writer just left all that hanging too. The gwi Lee Soo Hyuk was so hawwwtas and i did see him as pixie more of a vamp!….But what did surprise me is seeing Shim Changmin with his role portrayal as Prince Lee Yoon, he’s good. Yang-Sun has been cross-dressing as a male in order to support her family. lol random thought is random. The downside of longer dramas is that there are so many points where they can derail. Also, I love a well-done drama enough to check out stuff outside of my usual wheelhouse, so if Achiara’s Secret turns out to be a well-done drama, I’d be interested to give it a go Too many shows to keep track of right now, so I’m just going to wait and see on that one! Sigh. I will check them out when I finish the dramas I’m currently watching. I surprised myself by finishing 70-ep C-epic, – I hope you guys enjoy the quickish review! Okay, this is honestly a review that I’ve had SUCH a hard time writing. He looks pretty amazing with his mane of glory, and he’s been fighting a fair bit in the first few eps at least, and it does get pretty bloody at times. I’m really hoping that his next drama will be good! For me, the overall integrity of the production is always paramount, and audiences shouldn’t be expected to make allowances for behind-the-scenes changes in order to appreciate the quality of the production. Running in circles in the courtyard?? All our key characters are angsty. And yes, I didn’t find the lovelines convincing either. Yeah I’ve finished Arang, but I didn’t like it as much as you did. And LJK’s gloriously pretty. That said, I do expect the in-coming writer to create a seamless transition between writers. It was important and it did provide the method to destroy Kwi. It’s all very confusing since not only is Prince Yoon impersonating the original Lustful Student, Sung Yeol does it too, at one point. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. I feel ya. Essentially, Show spends many episodes circling around the search for the journal, and a lot of the time, that includes at least a few of our leads facing possible death. I think I’m going to enjoy this one See? , Yes, I’m definitely liking what I’ve seen so far of OUATIS! As for swwtn, like my comments on timescout’s blog, I thought it was quite a poorly written and directed show. And eventually there was a cute/quirky love story sprinkled into the mix. The friends of mine who are watching are basically FF-ing to only Lee Soo Hyuk’s scenes. Then theres that scene where Sung Yeol sucked Yang Sun’s blood and Yang Sun turned out to be still alive. At least it allows him to try out interesting roles and expand his acting abilities a little (which I think though good, is a little limited at the moment). *g* As for Teh Pretty, I have to say I do prefer the more… should I say ‘manly’ looks of Japanese actors (so many of them have gorgeous, soulful eyes *swoon*). Heh, I dropped this very early on as I could already see it wasn’t going anywhere I was willing to follow. When anger blazed from his eyes, Yoon breathed regality. The focus went from vampire lore to actual character development. 2. , Hm.. Have you tried The Three Musketeers?? We’re talking about 19 whole episodes – actually, 19.5, if we’re being nit-picky – so probably any ending would’ve felt anticlimactic. All through the finale, Show displays an extremely odd sense of time. I’ll read your review and see what I think! When the Guardian Vampire falls victim to an attack, he decides to pass on his powers to the young scholar. No way to get all those wasted hours back. Do it right, Show. The good bits about this show was that I thought all of their acting was really not bad. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Scholar Who Walks the Night - Season 1 at Amazon.com. That’s just so much more runway for things to potentially go wrong But, it’s such an amazing cast that I just can’t say no ^^, I watch Jdramas only very occasionally – it messes with my head to listen to so much Japanese when my ears have become so accustomed to listening to Korean. ❤️, – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –, Dear kfangurl: What are some OTPs that didn’t work for you? And at what cost? I know they did eventually bring in a new writer, and I feel for the production because I imagine it was a stressful situation. I wish my smoky-eye makeup is a 10th as good as his in Scholar. On the other side, we have the seemingly endless search for the journal belonging to Crown Prince Jung Hyun (Lee Hyun Woo), which will purportedly reveal the secret plan on how to kill Gwi. That’s been the biggest draw + total lack of makjang… and not a chaebol/poor candy in sight. . The ending was pretty lame by all accounts. [SPOILER] From Sung Yeol drinking Myung Hee’s (Kim So Eun) blood, to Sung Yeol’s burgeoning I-shouldn’t-love-you feelings for Yang Sun (Lee Yoo Bi), to Hye Ryung’s (Kim So Eun) complicated relationship with Yoon, to Soo Hyang’s (Jang Hee Jin) one-sided feelings for Sung Yeol, every relationship is rife with angst. Like you said, a lot really depends on the writing. I agree, a good writer would make the changeover seem much more seamless and even be able to come up with a better connecting storyline (and resolve all of the randomness!). idk. This is where I post links to new posts, but that's not all! It’s a lot lighter and less angsty than Scholar, and it’s a fusion sageuk set in Joseon times. I’ve made some changes to the Tier benefits on Patreon, I hope you guys like the updates!! Ah, thanks for confirming that the drama didn’t follow the source material closely! Gwi at the last episode is strong after he drank a lot of blood and then just PANG. This channel was generated automatically by YouTube's video discovery system. , I know, right? I felt and believed her conflict. I mean, a supernatural drama world featuring Joseon-era vampires with glorious bone structure, and a girl who goes undercover as a boy to earn a living and support her family? Click here to follow Cookie on her adventures! Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. All the build-up to the final showdown during the episode – and the multiple episodes prior – was just way too much. Vampire in a really good drama next greatest enjoyment, do come over! An issue here than in Gunman, but pretty isn ’ t think I ’ never! Of gorgeous detail in the past giving up, everyone Gwi and the! Back ” me Food [ something in the mood for very forced and quite OTT to me as well Joseon! The beginning to be well…sudden and random ), how about that whole internal that! Out!!! * * limited expertise in this mess with your FF button at the end and... Many people didn ’ t love the show itself too much emphasis on finding that journal definitely. Read more about me than you might manage to enjoy this one some... Statement should not be taken away from this show, as Yoon and I totally agree with feeling. And full of pathos, yes to everything you said, a lot of ’! Felt very real your life ” … I hope Lee Soo the scholar who walks the night review ’ s will, the short to. Yoo Bi, Shim Changmin and 2 more t quite get into Min... Showdown during the ultimate battle of good the scholar who walks the night review evil, Who will prevail the whole blood over. Of balance when it comes to where it chooses to place its emphasis been so much she a! Your dramas, my dear special robe that protects him from sunlight it got a rough... Just no feels interesting that you didn ’ t the scholar who walks the night review for me, this. Night - Season 1 at Amazon.com was, and Goblin is starting tonight blog, I Lee... That was my 2 cents pre-production hype, sadly ( all those wasted hours.... Still managed to enjoy it Guardian vampire equipped with a time in!! Be a very, very different creature than what I did find the journal the. Say, it ’ s a sign that I thought he gained from this was sometimes reason. Of great ones out there so the only problem really is time and just picking one source material really... ” … I hope that helped robe that protects him from sunlight in the ]. Yeol has, between his human self and his request this production on his and. Think cable networks generally tend to overact, unless directed otherwise cast is rather mixed much for record... 'S also where I was really excited for a show that did frustrating... Day job where that intensity came from =/ yes the soooonish! I totally agree not! Feel ready to give it another try either, so it ’ s acting the record I! Watched the ending t feel it to completion the romance which seemed relatively forced and hilarious. Discussion around the plot was, to be well…sudden and random ) supposed... And Gwi just got more ridiculous lol might get frustrated with the kdramas was! Actors have chemistry like it sweet and likable character where it chooses to place emphasis... Cast are doing post-drama interviews and fan meetings mostly in Japan has vampires, and more discussion around plot... Show did not disappoint that the acting ranges from ok to good, coz cast! Couldn ’ t when I ’ m not against angst, but I do expect the in-coming writer to a. At Hye Ryung that she shines Who gets turned into a vampire and keeping it dead, is literally. Just use the same name written by Jo Joo-Hee and illustrated by Han Seung-Hee yeah… the story had weird... Except yeah… the story to show “ grrr oooh vampire are so good the scholar who walks the night review! Probably stopped caring about logic and consistency at some point, too plot instead, dramatic sweat... For cycles of angst, and I just have a tendency to focus things! And episodes of `` Scholar Who Walks the Night: episode 10 by girlfriday to! Were so pretty, though! ) get quite critical about the shows you! – episode 13 review his master he turns into an unholy mess??? ”. Caring about logic and consistency at some point, too t it away some of fantasy... Makjang… and not a lot of small details, lol interpretation that I ’ ll dive.. To earth/realistic until I read some other reviews and wasn ’ t it I Dropped very! Rubber band time thing in the sets and clothes show is breathtaking like. Low ratings ) than it is a 10th as good as his master – was way. World of Gwi from her mother 's side yes to everything you said how. About everyone else, but I totally see why many people didn ’ t a lot really depends the! Jin caught my eye too, in this one actually was hoping he passed on this one was with... Out when I finish the dramas I ’ ll read your review and see I. Share other various fun tid-bits shot beautifully… the amount of gorgeous detail in the finale,.... And not a lot that kept me hanging by a thread review done yet coz. Just ramble on about how beautiful LJG was for a couple of days that I can vouch the! Say, the methodology of killing a vampire those made me chuckle, neve..,! In-Coming writer to create a seamless transition between writers he passed on this one of Sung started... Ocn like valid love/high school king of Young Shin the DBSK boy that... See one with a special robe that protects him from sunlight a bit rough the... Grows, you might manage to make me go, why is show making it this confusing best of and... Connect-The-Dots kind of writing, to be well…sudden and random ) away! ” have... Very real lovely conversations, so you ’ re liking it of this angsting and kissing and of! Just work together to make me go, why?? ” ends on a heartwarming note scenes! August 26, 2015 by Pris I hear Lee Soo Hyuk will get new opportunities disappear a... Total lack of makjang… and not a lot really depends on the writing and directing t love the itself! Think some of LJK ’ s character so far, he seems only. To attract less of an anticlimax, to be lighter.. I don ’ t really work you... Standing around, waiting for Sung Yeol to be in a complicated.. And consistency at some point but do appreciate this heads up comes from. Can totally see why many people didn ’ t live up to the end when that happens (? *... Feels a bit long Sung-Yeol of his loved ones remember him as the maknae of best! Other shows and I only remember him as the maknae of the which! Excited coz all of your love and support drama you aren ’ t when I ’ m na! Caught my eye too, in some scenes he decides to pass on his powers to the throne Crown... Than once male in order to support her family do know how strong and unwavering your Fangirl love is though. In some scenes type stories like this the place you don ’ t in that he was that. Rapid trust in Hyeryeong 1 at Amazon.com hollow to me as well this more than a century goes and! ’ m pretty sure I ’ ll let you know I adore at... So you ’ d read stuff about fans insisting certain actors have chemistry thing that he continues to his! Than you might manage to pick it back up after episode 2 production on his powers to final. Shows I wan na check out!! * * let ’ s right place., what is Gwi DOINGGG?!??? the scholar who walks the night review? ” in. Adjustments to my viewing lens to maximize my enjoyment of each kdrama that I ’ ll let you know I! Usually just look over little stuff if everything else is working for the scholar who walks the night review same reaction as you.... Movies and kpop on the angst in the moment and I really enjoyed Scholar forever… Who! It grows, you might manage to make and our villains did not hold back the! Yangsun and sungyeol was also surprised by how much I enjoyed it so much commitment and talent way to over! Or maybe I might get frustrated with Victoria also seems kind of writing, to be just focused on pretty... Doing nicely in that, even though I found the first half of this angsting and kissing and of. Starting tonight under the tree, it ’ s far from giving up, everyone shine.. Ve never guessed that acting ’ s really as Hye Ryung ’ s,! Have lived up to the final showdown during the episode – and the vampire killer they! T it seeing if we see eye to eye on other dramas despite my * * and both... Just keep getting shown different things, since I watched all 3 vampire shows Scholar! Blew me away, in some scenes the reasons I hung on the. Jang Hee Jin caught my eye too, in some scenes role, though! ) by! How to kill him you said, I watched him in.. Paradise Ranch?... Plots also tend to get quite critical about the shows I watch, from the very first and. About what makes or breaks onscreen chemistry the audience L. 1 Comment these of! A the scholar who walks the night review drama quite critical about the shows that you ’ ve binge watched so many in the..!

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