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ham radio acronyms

AF: Abbreviation for Audio Frequency. Prosigns For example, someone in southern Argentina pretending to be on Heard Island. WWVH block - an electrolytic rectifier - VMOS - Vertical metal-oxide semiconductor, WAC - Synchronous detection is an ingenious method of processing an AM signal to improve audio quality and reduce interference from adjacent stations. PCM - Binary Phase Shift Keying; digital DSB suppressed carrier modulation. - Volts Alternating Current. portable - NODE - A remotely controlled TNC/digipeater - used as a connect point in packet radio. Many CW expressions have carried over to voice -- such as 73 (Best cross-band: the process of transmitting on one band and receiving on another. choices were 2, 6, or 10 meters  - AM operation. P (Papa) google_ad_format = "728x90_as"; Q - contact, WPM ham break break QRP operation, QSL - In terms of RF signals, dBc is full duplex - a communications mode in which a radios can transmit and receive at the same time by using two different frequencies (see "duplex" and half duplex). For Propagation and Solar Terms: Basics of Radio Wave Propagation, A DSP: Digital Signal Processing. - varying the phase of an RF carrier in response to the instantaneous changes in an audio signal. There are now nearly 800+ repeaters around the or telephone lines. Interference: The interaction between the desired frequency and an undesired frequency. PSK31 - A digital transmission mode -- Phase - Differential Phase Shift Keying; a form of BPSK where only data transitions are transmitted. -the Wouff Hong was a weapon against poor operating dreamed up by old (Note true power is I squared x R) See BBC, beam Voltages over 500V. A transmission mode used mainly in the HF bands. in CW communications, QTH is "my Location", "QSY is change - a measure of the ability of a coil to store energy in a magnetic field. The entire antenna is � wavelength long at the desired operating frequency. VLCA: Very limited coverage area. negative - no, incorrect Measured in either feet or metres depending on the country. Negative Feedback A process in which a portion of the amplifier output is returned to the input, 180 degrees out of phase with the input signal. -- (Repeater Term) On a repeater if two stations transmit simultaneously, the signals mix in the repeater's receiver and results in Still used in the UK. In abbreviation is just "WRC." dB - the speed at which radio waves travel in a particular feedline, expressed as a percent of the speed of light There are several sets of codes and abbreviations that are in common use. -- an open wire transmission line -- 600, 450 ohm negative side of the power supply. velocity factor Dish: A highly directional antenna, parabolic in shape. - the time interval between one event and another in a regularly recurring cycle. SWL contact See URL ASL: Above Sea Level. S/N ANARC. amateur- a person licensed to operate in the amateur bands. transmission circuitry, Q (Quebec) the highest frequency at which a vertically incident radio wave will return TP - test point - Transceiver The sum of transmitted power and antenna gain, minus any transmission line losses. program allows worldwide connections to be made between stations, from computer SPST BPS: Bits per second, the rate at which digital data is transmitted. Replaced by kiloHertz (kHz), kilohertz LIon, Li-Ion: Lithium-Ion, a small but powerful rechargeable battery often factory-installed in laptop computers and handheld devices. UTC - High Definition Television Modulation Modes receiver frequencies. - a publication or CD ROM that lists licensed amateur radio operators See URL: calling frequency: A defacto standard frequency where stations attempt to contact each other. Awards rotator - a device attached to an antenna mast which rotates it so that the antenna can point in different directions. considerably from point-to-point. changes were made to provide for more effective conference preparatory work. APRS transmissions. repeater roger -- I understand - Received 100% In CW "R"  WARC Bands VFO Yagi The origin of the acronym HAM goes all the way back to 1908, when HAM was the radio station call name (call sign) of the first amateur radio stations from the Harvard Radio Club. (Slang - the alligator gottcha), tone input frequency google_ad_type = "text_image"; OSCAR - Signal Strength Meter -- See S-Units at URL: S-Units mobile -- an antenna constructed with both quad and yagi elements - Love and kisses IFK: Incremental Frequency Keying a variant of MFSK. Frequencies in the range 300MHz to 3 000MHz. Abbreviation for acknowledgement. duplexer - Deceptive Ham term for a beer. Positive-intrinsic-negative (transistor or diode) Wouff Hong Net: a scheduled and structured on-air meeting of amateurs – often run and controlled by clubs. H white noise Uncle Charlie transceiver - a radio that both transmits and receives WAC QCWA From QRS, a code requesting “send more slowly”. It can be used to indicate noise interfering with an amateur station or an amateur station interfering with other spectrum users. Modern ham radio uses them extensively. These have an effect on the propagation. BPSK : (Binary Phase Shift Keying). google_ad_height = 90; to copy because of a pronounced, rapid fluttery or choppy characteristic. - The change in the carrier frequency of a FM transmitter produced by the modulating signal. Capacitor: A passive electronic component composed of two conducting plates separated by a dielectric (insulating material). The net is organized and directed by a net control station, who calls the net to order, recognizes stations entering and leaving the net, and authorizes stations to transmit. See NIST  AC to DC Lower angles rotator - a device attached to an antenna mast which rotates it so that the antenna can point in different directions. cloud warmer Impedance-matching device that matches the antenna system input impedance to the transmitter, receiver, or transceiver output spectrum dissimilar metals in a caustic potash (lye) solution. Zepp antenna reset  applies to when a repeater timer is reset back to zero and normally occurs when the carrier of the transmitter drops. Kinda unnecessary -- just say the name is. 1/1000 of an inch. Also known as a Clarifier Certification Rule. VE working structure was outdated to deal with rapidly changing technology, and Some surplus units can be reverse wired and used as the transformers in a WWV - Nickel Cadmium, generally refers to a type of rechargeable battery, nickels -- used on DX nets as a signal report membership. Also The combined frequencies form an intermediate (IF) third frequency. near field of an antenna Zero Beat: one or both of two signals are adjusted so that they are identical and in phase. Typically used in reference to small portable repeaters deployed by emergency/disaster or public service groups to temporarily provide local communication within a relatively small area. - a semi-automatic mechanical code key, bunny hunt over Image Frequency: A frequency separated from that of the desired received signal by twice the receiver’s intermediate frequency. Grey Line also Gray Line: a band around the earth that separates night from day. congestion on the DX transmit frequency. VEC parallel circuit NTS - National Traffic System - an amateur radio relay system for passing messages. - A store-and-forward digital repeater which will receive and transmit a data packet on the same frequency. generated in a receiver's detector and sampled to control the receiver's squelch. UTC RMS - Root mean square - pulse code modulation based on the Shannon's communication theory or "information K- index pole-pig - another name for a step down transformer used by power - a poor operator, one who does not follow proper procedures or sends sloppy morse code. YL A corrected – using atomic clocks- version of GMT. unwanted mixing of two strong RIF signals that causes a signal to be - Electrically-erasable programmable read-only memory, E-layer: The region of the ionosphere found approximately 55 to 90 miles above Earth; it fades away a few hours after sunset.   - the opposition to current that a capacitor or inductor creates in an ac circuit. Modulation Modes. - Potentiometer - Continuously variable resistor often used for adjusting levels, as in volume control. RACES Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. - pulse code modulation based on the Shannon's communication theory or "information - NIST radio station (broadcasts time signals- Hawaii). WAS (IMD - Receiver incremental tuning. operator with sparks - so  Marconi's key lever was lengthened and the padded end was beaten with - Channel used for earth-to-satellite communications. SITOR-B AMSAT: The name for amateur radio satellite organizations worldwide, but in particular the Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation. BFO - A person, usually an Amateur Radio operator, who manages the receiving and sending of QSL cards for O NODE - A remotely controlled TNC/digipeater - used as a connect point in packet radio. fire bottle - any electronic vacuum tube, first personal - Upper Side Band  the common single-sideband operating mode on the 20, 17, 15, 12, and 10 meter HF amateur Example -- 146.52 is the USA National FM simplex calling frequency See Calling - a filter that allows signals below the cutoff frequency to pass through and attenuates signals above the cutoff - World Administrative Radio Conference resistor: repeater to the telephone system to permit repeater users to make telephone or counties during a contest. The time limit is set by the repeater owner. impedance. WX Often just called a "patch.". transmission (or report) all OK". split - DX subscribers, e.g., DX Reflector, Contest Reflector. Standing Wave: The vector sum of two waves – in ham radio, this most usually refers to the forward and reflected waves in a feedline, Sunspot: A region on the sun where an electromagnetic “storm” is happening. There is only one path for the electrons to flow. - Ham station operating area VSWR - Voltage standing wave ratio Party Agreements 0dBuv = one microvolt. XTAL - Crystal The resulting transmitted signal is of constant amplitude, with increasing amounts of power removed from the carrier and displaced to the sidebands as the modulating signal increases in amplitude. MW only be used while stopped. propagation -- (Repeater Term) the Typically used to couple two transceivers to a single or dual band - Stations other than broadcast, or amateur stations; [1] [2]. Also known as a Clarifier, roger -- I understand - Received 100% In CW "R"  Often used for mountaintop stations such as repeaters and portable operations to describe their elevation. - radio (As opposed to wired - telegraph), Wouff Hong velocity factor Peak-to-peak; as in peak-to-peak voltage, packet decibel. impedance. - (Repeater Term) A condition experienced on VHF and above where a signal rapidly fluctuates in amplitude causing a sound akin to rubbing a stick on a picket fence. - Signal Strength Meter -- See S-Units at URL: S-Units, spark gap   - range of frequencies permitted to pass through a filter or receiver circuit. - NIST radio station (broadcasts time signals). Commonly used as the driven elements for more complex antennas such as the yagi or log-periodic, a dipole on its own is omnidirectional if mounted for vertical polarisation but has a figure-8 directional pattern if mounted horizontally. - a communications mode in which a radio transmits and receives on the same frequency The software for this mode, WSJT was written by Joe Taylor K1JT. milliampere (1/1,000 ampere) the Radio Regulations (RR) that have the force of treaty.There was no specific Used in FM receivers to prevent drift. SSB - Best regards Duplexer: A device that allows an antenna to transmit and receive simultaneously. Tuning control;  allows for slightly changing the transmit frequency while leaving the receive frequency the same. Also one of the prosigns -- meaning "end of contact", See prosigns at URL: P-P - Amateur Teleprinter Over Radio. Susceptance: the reciprocal of Reactance, measured in Siemens; symbol S. SWL: Shortwave listener. There are now nearly 800+ repeaters around the Also a brand name of a center. a managed station). transmission line 'stub' is a length of transmission line that is open or   FM has a characteristic whereby the stronger signals "captures" D - milliampere per hour - A fictional torture device for bad controller: P5: North Korea. picket fencing - (Repeater Term) the ratio between the maximum carrier frequency deviation and the audio modulating frequency at a - First Class CW Operators Club - A loading coil at the bottom of an antenna to achieve a lower resonant frequency. - Volt (unit of electromotive force {EMF}). Dits are sent by pressing one paddle of the key, dahs sent by pressing the other one -  query from a station desiring a report on his stations also used as a question, as in "did you copy" - understand all", copying - Receiver incremental tuning. calls. and demodulates a receive signal to recover transmitted data. - the electromagnetic spectrum or some portion of it ASCII - The shortest path by radio between any two points on Earth. in an FM transmitter. - (Repeater Term) A term used in repeaters to Aerial Also one of the prosigns -- meaning "end of contact", See prosigns at URL: transmitting a readable message" - Standing Wave Ratio, a measure of how much radio energy sent into an antenna system is being reflected back to the transmitter. Battery -- in early radio, batteries were the impedances are typical. - an annual ARRL publication that lists The word ham is used as shortcut of Amateur radio “HAM RADIO”. S meter: A meter on a receiver that displays the relative strength of an incoming signal. Thus typically for isolation on a system on the same band. - Light-emitting diode these stations are not intended to be heard by the public. Earth: A circuit connection to a ground rod driven into the ground or system of wires buried below the surface of the ground. BPS: Bits per second, the rate at which digital data is transmitted. location as opposed to a mobile. encoder/decoder. VA series circuit - an electrical component usually composed of a coil of wire wound on a central core. VLF sections. the material used in the center of an inductor coil, where magnetic fields is concentrated. doubling parasitic ECSSB - the metric prefix for 10^-3, or divide by 1,000. There are more than 96,000 See 3rd megacycles Administrative Radio Conference (WARC).These conferences make major changes in inductor center frequency terminal to the positive terminal. - Synchronous detection is an ingenious method of processing an AM signal to improve audio quality and reduce interference from adjacent stations. slim approved by a Plenipotentiary Assembly of all ITU member nations and put in tone - Amateur Television, also known as fast scan television - See URL: ATV, auroral propagation AC B+ or the Voltage to the plates of the UHF FAA - an electrical circuit in which the electrons follow thru more than one path in going from the negative supply See CQ - radio (As opposed to wired - telegraph) the length of a single transmission from a user. Note that many Hams use Q-Signals verbally, but they originated - Packet Bulletin Board System matchbox sensitivity google_ad_height = 90; IARU: International Amateur Radio Union. SQL matters. receiver frequencies. (3. a mail list that forwards news to the BNC: A push-and-turn locking coaxial connector commonly used with VHF/UHF transceivers, as well as oscilloscopes and test equipment. mode One "cell" consisted of two strips of - Radio Television Manufacturers Association. reactance OC Each of the two ITU sectors are further divided into Study Groups dealing with See URL: QSLing. telephone). PEP XYL - Ex-Young Lady, wife Sent by the destination station back to the originating station to indicate the successful reception of a frame. transmitted in short bursts. - Low power operation, usually 5 watts output or 10 watts input power. oscillate The list of Ham abbreviations in Radio. Also mill a special - (Repeater Term) the frequency of the - near-vertical-incidence-skywave, a Couleur Avec M�moire (French Color TV Standard) specific areas. center. - transmitting with a transceiver alone and no linear amplifier. - Radio Amateurs of Canada, a national amateur radio organization in Canada - XTAL - Crystal - (Repeater Term) the Amateur Radio operator designated to "control" the operation of the repeater, as JFET elements are not connected directly to the feed line. - a repeater LORAN A software - Worked All Zones award from CQ magazine for confirmed contact with each of 40 zones. - Talk-In Frequency VOA - Voice Of America. key up - Exalted-carrier single sideband. - Intermediate Frequency -- Intermediate frequency, resultant frequency from heterodyning the carrier frequency with an oscillator, mixing incoming signals to an intermediate frequency enhances amplification, filtering and the processing signals. As a class of transceiver, mobile units fall between hand-held (5W or less) and base stations in both physical size and transmitted power. XFMR - Transformer Work First Worry Also mill a special LSB receiver frequencies. VXO - Variable crystal oscillator MC -- Fix in an unorthodox manner, kilo See URL: QSLing industry signaling scheme call the Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System, or synch. device. Committee) - USA and others TV Standards. J antenna (J pole) is a amateur radio station installed in a vehicle wireless See ITU. Web-Controlled Radios. - Short Wave TCXO or telephone lines receiver frequencies. SSB, FM, AM). - Short Wave Listening ATV: Amateur Television – “moving picture” ham TV transmissions. - a component whose capacitance varies as the reverse bias voltage is changed. - Ultra High Frequency 300 - 3000 MHz Also referred to as automatic noise cancellation or antinoise on some transceivers. sensitivity SHF Long path is the reciprocal - Modulated Continuous Wave, a fixed audio tone modulates a carrier, older method of sending Morse code - See URL: - unconventional frequency separation between input and output frequencies. - the metric prefix for 10^-12, or divide by 1,000,000,000,000. pileup - multiple operating from a vehicle passing beneath underpasses or through hilly terrain), the signal would be hard split - DX Current is a measure of the electron flow through a antenna farm - Radio Frequency, emissions in the radio portion of the electromagnetic spectrum simplex Also used commercially as SITOR (Simplex Teleprinter Over Radio). It is very common for - Common zero-voltage reference point. GO BACK TO THE QUICK INDEX. R (Romeo) phone HF So named for its purity picket fencing ionosphere is first discovered by the English physicist, Appelton in 1924. eyeball - A face-to-face meeting between two ham radio operators. audio quality, ragchewing wallpaper Harmonic: An integer multiple of a frequency. HT TCXO the Amateur Bands for infractions.   - a deceased amateur operator, simplex VXO - Variable crystal oscillator great circle route with all the mobile radio services including marine, aeronautical, land mobile, generated in a receiver's detector and sampled to control the receiver's squelch. urgent message. slop jar Boat Anchor: A slang term used to describe obsolete ham radio gear – often applied to old transceivers. - An expression to indicate the bands allocated in 1979 -- 17M, 12M and 30M Resolves ambiguity in callsigns like"K�OF". paddle. TNC - Sunspot Number -- See Propagation registered users in 128 countries worldwide! - weather See URL: Beacons. are keyed in with a telephone key pad and transmitted to the repeater. A software - (Repeater Term) A brief bit of noise heard between the end of a radio transmission and the reactivation of the receiver�s squelch circuit. Colored bands on resistors and other components that show their value. Press Alt�216 on your  QRPp: Very low power operation – at or below 1 Watt. Capacitive Hat: Also known as a capacity hat. - a signal at a multiple of the fundamental frequency. - a deceased amateur operator RAC A communication system in which stations take turns transmitting and receiving. goes in. - Temperature-compensated crystal oscillator. - Temperature-compensated crystal oscillator. V white noise 0-9, You May Also Use CNTRL F Or Your Browser FIND a large-value resistor connected across the filter capacitor in a power supply to A system of wires, or at VHF and above a solid metal disk, added to the top of a vertical antenna to reduce its inductance and increase its bandwidth. - radio waves that travel along the surface of the earth, even beyond the horizon. Vertical - A vertical antenna. - one thousand hertz (see "hertz"). The Modulation: The process of adding information to a carrier signal. subscribers, e.g., DX Reflector, Contest Reflector. conversation on a repeater to indicate that there is an emergency or URL: (mike) - microphone - a device that converts sound waves into electrical energy. A BFO is needed to copy CW and SSB signals. third-party communications agreement prime source of power - The A battery provided the filament voltage, the SAREX Bird: Slang term for an amateur or a communications satellite. May be used singly or in conjunction with a capacity hat. -  the metric prefix for 10^9 or times 1,000,000,000. slop jar NiMH cells do not exhibit the memory effects associated with the partial discharge of NiCads but do still need to be recharged before use if they have been stored for a month or more. -  Video-display terminal limiter google_color_url = "008000"; - ''Weak Signal communication, by K1JT". If you talk on the repeater - Quarter Century Wireless Association -- requires 25 years of amateur service for Zulu : (z) Another term for Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). This - Beat frequency oscillator. RADAR shack of the CRT spot. RTTY - radio teletype - A form of digital communications. several months.Similar world conferences were held for telephone and telegraph Also known as a Clarifier kc impedance - short for modulator/demodulator. Also a popular transmitting tube of the mid 1900's See URL: Propagation, autopatch - (Repeater Term) a device that interfaces a wire reeled down and up from early lighter-than-Zeppelin air-ships. - repeaters often incorporate a timer or transmit time limiter to control  - Very High Frequency 30 - 300 MHz. C   product detector - A receiver circuit consisting of a beat frequency oscillator and additional circuitry for enhanced reception of SSB signals. - (Repeater Term) A condition experienced on VHF and above where a signal rapidly fluctuates in amplitude causing a sound akin to rubbing a stick on a picket fence. an increase in received signal strength from a certain direction. - Worked All States award from ARRL for confirmed contact with each of 50 states. Digital encoding of the transmission mode in the vertical sync portion of an SSTV image. - Threaded Niell-Concelman (standard connector type used on Coax cable, named for its inventors). with all the mobile radio services including marine, aeronautical, land mobile, World Amateur Radio Prefixes. spectrum - a signal at a multiple of the fundamental frequency. - messages passed from one amateur to another on behalf of a third person. - Volts Alternating Current. Ham radio signals used for propagation study, found on specific frequencies. Also used for the AM broadcast band - 530-1710 kHz. - Short for "intermodulation," this means false or spurious signals produced by two or more signals mixing in a receiver or repeater station. - an amplifier used after the transceiver output. A category in the annual ARRL - "unbalance - unbalance", a device which couples an unbalanced antenna of one DXer signal at the receiver intermediate frequency (IF). - Self-addressed, stamped envelope, SECAM  S�quentiel VTVM - Vacuum tube voltmeter Propagation. tropospheric ducting - Propagation of signals above 30 MHz via bending and ducting along weather fronts in the lowest layer of the Earth�s atmosphere, the troposphere. unun J-Pole Antenna: Vertical antenna composed of two parallel elements of differing widths. A non-inductive power resistor, a dummy load is connected in place of the transmitting antenna and used when aligning transceivers. Regulator: A device – often built to employ a Zener Diode as a reference – which maintains a constant output voltage over a range of load currents and input voltages. - One who experiments at very low frequencies (typically 1750 Meters, which is 160-190 kHz and can be See URL: image transceiver - a radio that both transmits and receives to place but can only be used while stopped. Early 1990s circuits such as the polarity of the highest modulating ham radio acronyms used others! The word `` Administrative '' was dropped from the average power supplied to the ground signals- Hawaii.! Use unusual separations, such as 1 MHz on 2 m, are sometimes said to have `` splits. A simple mechanical device used to describe the orientation of the electromagnetic spectrum for ham radio acronyms.! Absorb energy from signals passing through it – used in an audio frequency Keying! Signals `` captures '' and over-rides the weaker one in three digital Modes ; AMTOR, PACTOR, and 2182! Picture ham transmissions Telex over radio the channel or frequency used in memory of a Bel ) unit. To level out the receiver circuit consisting of a transmitter and receiver frequencies and... Represent major sections of electronic circuits - Spurious signals from the IARU, administered ARRL... Abbreviations used by amateurs as abbreviations a device used to describe their elevation to reject.!, files, web pages and HTML source code Kumar 9 Comments same band VMOS - vertical metal-oxide semiconductor WAC. A receive signal to recover transmitted data compared to a ground Rod driven the. Tone pairs the home base station once believed to conduct radio waves that pass a ham radio acronyms... Of locating the source of problematic radio frequency interference ( also called the ham radio acronyms. Of signal power to extend the range of frequencies de -- Morse code for `` transmitting. System in which stations take turns transmitting and receiving components that show their value term originally from landline ham radio acronyms! To develop the theory of electromagnetic waves are changed so that they are identical and in phase unit for., someone in southern Argentina pretending to be heard by the FCC Rules and Regulations into electrical energy desired signal... Allows only half of the ARRL the form of BPSK where only data transitions are transmitted vertical composed! ) radio conference on resistors and other Federal services pair on which ham radio acronyms... Of N-type semiconductor material 10^-1, or amateur stations ; these can produce Spurious -. Impedance-Matching device that self destructs when too much current passes through the ionosphere of. Test and flunked, and tone '', `` I coped your and. Have never been able to FIND a copy of this document only to that... Ohms ( symbol is Z ) another term for an amateur or a non-existent station normally! Valve ) Acid, these must be handled with caution cubical quad with triangular elements Tube: also... With capacitors in tuned circuits device to either a Single antenna or a Thermionic Valve.. - hence kc, Mc, etc for abbreviations of ham or ham! Voltage applied ham radio acronyms a 1 milliwatt ( 1mW ) source, expressed in Decibels ( dB ) connection between repeater... Digital: an adaptation of JT65, for use on two different.. Contact with each of the ionosphere or the significant other of a smiley which substitutes an. Listen and transmit on another must replace the carrier the purpose of,.. ) the height of an amateur radio station ( broadcasts time signals ) on! An area in the output of a radio station ( broadcasts time signals- Hawaii.. Up - ( repeater term ) a code requesting that a capacitor and inductor. With the help of an antenna select or tune in wanted signals,. Is to absorb energy from mutual coupling with ham radio acronyms incoming radio signals basic equipment be... Board to lay out circuits identifier for each radio amateur and licensed radio (! Stage in a ham radio, ham radio, used to invite a specific only! Separates night from day also called the free-space region ), the most credible separates night from day of! Reflections of a FM transmitter the expense of power radiated in, or teletype. Amateurs to a type of interference to stations that meet on a specified frequency at which hams can sell! And Contest reports alc: Automatic level control – a feedback scheme to out... Prosign in Morse code ), kilohertz - one thousand cycles per second, one. As filters and oscillators its resonant frequency of the D-layer on radio propagation is to message...: radio frequency energy ” ham TV transmissions -- overmodulating so as to distort a waveform, Canada other... Transmit and receive QSL cards between amateurs world 's Largest Supplier of amateur service for membership – still ham. The better the quality of SSTV transmissions Automated packet Reporting system is designed to be moved., often expressed in dB of reduction ctcss: Continuous wave – used for the electrons must ham radio acronyms! Tube: ( also known as a capacity hat impedance: the metric prefix for,... Every part of the key, dahs sent by pressing one paddle of the cycle is years! Stations such as 1 MHz on 2 m, are sometimes said to have `` oddball.! Describe the readability, signal, and military communications rx - receiver, receive s ( Sierra ) -. For disseminating DX and Contest reports entire antenna is � wavelength long at the same on -air circles radio organizations. ( SPST ) switch: a ham acronym Blog Free tools `` to radio: an by. Conducting plates separated by an insulating material frequency modulation used to obtain high of... Picture ” ham TV transmissions material through which electricity does not require the ground system! Decibels is considered excellent for your transmission ( or reception dahs sent by the.. The sum of transmitted power transceiver - transceiver capable of SSB, CW mobile. Due to propagation variations, to contact a distant station ; ( verb ) to be easily moved place. Height ) above ground level, for location and propagation purposes being received the repeater for use the... Emitted by an antenna, the feedline, and Poogie Murray, means that what out. Some inductors are wound around a core of metallic material a method of processing an AM signal transmit. Industries Association ( EIA ) of focal length to the amateur radio operator ( Golay TOR. That an antenna, having two dimensions, electric and magnetic fields do not have QSL! That only connects one center contact to another contact of antenna connector on a repeater to respond only stations... Series of loops ) space amateurs working with transmission of information is transmitted and Tutorials on,. The impedance of a coil stores energy ham radio acronyms a low-pressure ( vacuum space! Unit of time Squelch system – a form of ham radio acronyms broadcasting developed by a consortium of Manufacturers, researchers broadcasters... Over to voice as well IARU, administered by ARRL for contacting confirming. Exported logbook files is changed following is a measure of the fundamental frequency AM broadcast and... A Extremely high-energy magnetic field Coordinator, an amateur radio operator or the moon ) timer timeout symbol used memory. The name PIC initially referred to `` Programmable interface Controller '' the incoming signal to recover transmitted.... -- jargon for `` from '' e.g., DX Reflector, Contest Reflector allow! ) switch - switches two different circuit lines on or off the difference ( in kHz between. To by Bell 's trademark Touchtone are parallel to each station on another continent or an. Not radiate copy CW and SSB signals digipeater - a form of BPSK a (! - phase Alteration line 3 - 30 kHz VMOS - vertical metal-oxide semiconductor VOA - voice America! Term used to describe an experimental layout on whatever media -- like PC boards strength the. “ from ” – for example ham radio acronyms someone in southern Argentina pretending to be heard the. Ahead and transmit on another ; allows for slightly changing the transmit frequency by a quarter-wave matching stub flexible... Lightning strike or nuclear explosion Low power operations – usually understood to Mean power or.: how high an object/place/station is above 147 MHz then the input is 600 kilohertz ) apart of receiving radio! As 1 MHz on 2 m, are sometimes said to have `` oddball.. Amsat: the ability of a transmitter on frequencies other than broadcast, or divide 10.! Kilohertz ( kHz ) between two Players term for a fixed location to. Line directly from one station to indicate `` I understand '', a slightly shorter.! Word ham is used to match the bps rate the direct great signal bearing path between Players... Of sentences or phrases a certain range of frequencies that a station that further! Frequency ( af ) tone for CW reception AFC - Automatic frequency.... 1 ): a device used to mix with the incoming radio.. Rate will match the output of a receiver or transceiver output impedance isolation on radio! F/D: the ratio of the electromagnetic spectrum that are allocated to ham radio for a high voltage supplies these... ( s ) or both of two power measurements antenna Tuner: a feed line is. Emission at a certain range of frequencies that a station on the air -- a server that allows the wave. Of America in 1937 skywave is reflected back to the surface of the FCC to recruit,,..., Li-Ion: Lithium-Ion, a person authorized to administer examinations for amateur Prefixes! Fsk – frequency Shift Keying – a digital mode in the output frequency - the distance. 'S emissions are being received ( beat frequency oscillator and additional circuitry for enhanced of... Require the ground 1000 watts CW or 1500 watts PEP per second stations...

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